Bachelor Pad 2 in the Works!!!

"We're coming back, bitches!" (Well not all of us...just the interesting ones!)

The Ashley has heard from a very good source (someone who was actually offered the chance to be on the show) that Bachelor Pad is coming back for another season! No word yet as to who is going to be on the show.

Apparently, on February 5th they are having a cocktail party that will be aired during the “Women tell all” episode for this season’s Bachelor. Once they see who is the most camera-worthy and exciting, they will then choose the cast of the Bachelor Pad 2.

Although I have no idea who will actually be on the show, I’d put my money on the following: Jake, Weatherman, Natalie (because every show needs a ho), Michelle Money (crazy Michelle from this season…’cause there’s no way that chick is getting picked by Brad), Craig R. (from Ali’s season), Gia (who now hates Wes, just FYI) and maybe even Vienna! OMG! How great would it be having them both on the show?! I doubt they would ever let that happen but The Ashley would sure like to see the fur fly!!

More details coming soon…

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