Cast of Next Real World/Road Rules ‘Challenge’ Promises to be Wildest Yet…Who’s Mug Will We Be Seeing?!

Paula's face in this photo mimics exactly how I feel inside after watching this crappy show.

We all know that we love the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. (Now fashionably shortened to “The Challenge.” I don’t like it. I also didn’t like when Beverages & More became Bev-Mo. Or Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC. I’m just sayin…)

Anyway, The Ashley came across this great little website that is trying to guess the new cast based on the cryptic clues on the Facebook and Twitters of former Challengers.

Who does The Ashley want to see? She has her fingers crossed that Derek and Diem will appear again (although both of them are too classy for this show and have always been). She also wouldn’t mind seeing Casey (because she’s young, dumb and stupid), Coral (because she’s loud and stupid) and Tyler (because he’s actually witty and funny and makes fun of people who are too stupid to know it.)

Who does The Ashley hope is not there? For starters, Tonya. Her white-trash antics are long past funny and are just plain sad. I’m sick of looking at her rough and tired looking face. She also could do without Paula, who spends the whole Challenge complaining about how her “boys” (who always talk shit about her every season) have once again betrayed her. Also, please excommunicate Kenny. That dude gets on my nerves sooo bad.

So who is speculated to be appearing on this season? (BTW- the cast left on Wednesday to start filming I believe. From what the rumors say, it will take place somewhere out of the country.)

According to this site, here are some of the cast members that are believed to be on the next Challenge:

Cara Maria: the creepy-haired girl who spent last Challenge boning Abe. She mentioned that she was getting immunizations and will be going on Twitter-hiatus.

Jenn: Um…because isn’t she always there? Has there even been a Challenge in the last 3 years that didn’t include Jenn? She also told her Facebook friends that she was having a going-away party.

Aneesa: ‘Member her? She hasn’t been on a Challenge for a while. She has stated that she will be “on vacation” during the filming time.


 Nehamiah: He posted on his Facebook that he will be out of the country for an unspecified period of time. Either he’s going to compete on a Challenge or he’s becoming a CIA agent. Judging from the fact that he seems pretty stupid, I’d guess it’s the first option.

Wes: Tweeted that he was in Miami on 2/1. (Miami seems to be where the entire cast is meeting up and then flying to wherever the Challenge will take place.) Groan…The Ashley can’t STAND Wes.

Kenny: (groan again.)

Theresa: (the slutty girl from 2 seasons ago that hooked up with two or three guys…oh, wait. I’ll have to be more specific.) She made a Facebook post about catching up “when she gets back” after she “wins it all.” She also disabled her Facebook wall.

Who’s not going to be on the show this time around? Don’t count on Beth, Katie, Abe, Tori, Johanna, Rachel, Vinnie, Luke, Noor or Trishelle to appear anytime soon!

It’s also very unlikely that TJ Lavin will be back to host this season of The Challenge. (If you remember, TJ suffered a horrific BMX accident last fall. You can read about that here and here.) No word who they will be getting to replace him?

We shall see!

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