Teen Pregnancy is Contagious! Which ‘Teen Mom’ Has a Best Friend That’s Knocked Up?


chelsea houska best friend
Good thing the Forever 21 has a maternity line! Geez…

The Ashley is starting to think that teen pregnancy really is a germ you catch. (You have an especially good chance of catching it if you’re irresponsible and don’t use condoms.)

It turns out that Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska isnt’ the only one of her friends to catch the teen pregnancy germ. First, her friend Tiffany got pregnant around the same time Chelsea did. Her friend Laura is due to pop any day and now…Megan (Chelsea’s look-a-like roommate) is pregnant too!

OMG. Seriously, this school’s sex education teacher needs to be fired.

Megan has confirmed her pregnancy on her Facebook Fan Page and was even nice enough to post photos of her big ol’ belly. She is no longer living with Chelsea, because she moved in with her baby-daddy. She is due in July.

Come on gals, let’s try to avoid having the opportunity to celebrate your daughter’s 15th birthday and your 30th birthday together.


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