"16 & Pregnant” is Just a Series of Set-Ups, Says One Former Participant

Isiah and Christinna
“We faked it!”

Say it ain’t so! The Ashley is quite happy living in her bubble, believing that 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom are both completely realistic portrayals of these girls’ lives.

However, I think we all know that’s not the case.

The Ashley found this super-cool interview floating around the internet that Ology.com did with the grandmother of one of the Season 2 girls, Christinna. (‘Member her? She was the one dating the guy that gave up his football scholarship to marry her before she had the baby? ‘Member the grandma was the one that was demanding Christinna have a DNA test? )

According to Kathleen Green (aka “Get a DNA Test Grandma”), most of what we saw on this episode was fabricated, set-up or edited to portray a certain idea. Kathleen has even contemplated suing MTV over their “devious editing.”

So what’s real and what’s not? Kathleen breaks it down for us fans here in excerpts from the Ology.com interview. First, she addresses why she wanted Christinna to get the DNA test so badly.

According to Kathleen, “The fact is, she did sleep with somebody. And since she has left here, a lot of people have come forward saying ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is true.’ When [Isiah] first found out that she slept with somebody, he said, ‘OK, we’re going to have a DNA test when Destiny is born’ and Christinna [wanted that] too. They said they were going to bring it to me and they were going to slap me in the face with it. And then when her mother came here, when she had the baby, they decided not to have the test. They said, ‘Oh, we talked about it and we decided not to have the test.’”

Kathleen went on to claim that Christinna went to New York, slept with someone and then came back and told her grandson that she was pregnant. She also says that MTV actually had some incriminating footage of Christinna that they edited out for selfish reasons. Read below:

“OK, this is it. At the end, when you hear me say, ‘I don’t want to air your dirty laundry on TV.’ That’s why I said that. Right after that, she says, ‘Yeah, but [there] was no penetration.’They edited that out. Let me tell you why I think they edited it out. After that happened and Christinna left and went to New York, she threatened not to complete the show. You know the talking part of the show [where] she has [to] narrate? They had the footage, but they didn’t have the talking part. She threatened not to do that. She left and went to New York. MTV threatened to sue her and Isiah for a million dollars.

I think she threatened to not finish the show and the only way she was going to finish the show was for them to make her look right. That’s how I feel. They wanted her to go to New York to do it. She didn’t do it like that. She did it over the phone. Isiah told us that.”

Holy crap! Jerry! Jerry!

Kathleen also states that MTV set-up scenes, sometimes even tricking the baby-daddy into looking bad on camera. I know that sounds like “a likely story,” but from the sounds of it, MTV producers did their best to make the baby-daddy, Isaiah look like a creep.

‘Member the scene where it looks like Isaiah has foolishly spent $300 on “pipes” for his car instead of buying things that the couple needs for their baby? Yeah, not true at all, says Kathleen.

“Now let me tell you how tricky MTV is. If you notice the scene where he’s going out the door, he’s got on a short-sleeved shirt, but when he’s handing the money to the guy, he’s got on a long-sleeved shirt. That was one of MTV’s cameramen. He was giving him the change back because they gave him money for gas. The speakers that he got — he did not buy them. My daughter’s husband gave them to him. He did not have $300. He only made $240 a week. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff they did. I just couldn’t believe it.”

Does that mean the show is scripted? Sort of, according to Kathleen.

“They didn’t have really a script. They would just tell us what they needed us to say. They would say stuff like, ‘Talk about this’ or ‘Talk about that.'”

Kathleen also address why Christinna’s mom didn’t appear on the episode. Apparently, she took MTV through the ringer!!

16 & pregnant christinna grandma
“All of us got a man!”

“MTV tried to get her to sign a release. They went to New York to talk to her. MTV got her hair, nails and a facial done. Then the woman wouldn’t sign the release. This is how MTV got her though. She came here because Christinna was having the baby. She was still at Christinna and Isiah’s house, so she drove here. She was at the hospital when she had the baby. You can see her. She’s the one in green. They blocked her out, but you could still see her.”

This quote has nothing to do with anything, but I just find it hysterical…get it girl!

 “We don’t want anything to do with Christinna, her mother, none of them. What we do want is for him to be happy. People are saying, “They are so bitter because they don’t have any men in their life.Please. The men in our family decided they didn’t want to be on the show. All of us got a man. Please. Some of us got two or three. I’m just keeping it real. We got men.”

Can MTV please just give Kathleen her own show?!


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  1. I understand that MTV does do a whole bunch of editing however I believe that the way they were treating that girl was very uncalled for. In my opinion, they came at her because of the color of her skin and how pretty she was. They felt because she was an attractive young lady, that she could not possibly be faithful to Isaiah. This so called “grand mom” had a terrible attitude to Christinna throughout the entire episode! I don’t think that was made up. I honestly believed Christinna when she said Isaiah was her first. She didn’t strike me as a girl who would lie about that. His family also couldn’t accept the fact that he gave up his football scholarship and married Christinna. It was apparent that they were jealous because neither of the women ( the grand mom, the mother and the sister) have ever been married or asked to get married a day in their lives. So when Isaiah married Christinna they were livid! They wanted Isaiah to make Christinna just a baby mama, not a wife because they themselves were never married.Being an African-American woman of light skin complexion, I see how certain (not all) women of dark skin complexion treat us. I saw from the beginning that as soon as this “grand mom” started talking about Christinna, I knew it was something deeper than Christinna and Isaiah getting married and having a baby or him giving up his scholarship. I believe that it was a level of jealousy coming from those women towards Christinna. They just tried not to show it but winded up failing miserably. Sometimes your family can be the ones bringing more harm than good. However, I do wish Christinna and Isaiah the best along with their beautiful child Destiny.
    P.S. Anyone can tell that that baby was Isaiah’s!

    1. This grandmother is highly upset that he gave up that scholarship to support her, the mom and the sister, while they spend their time with their ‘men’. He was their income and now that he got married,they are jealous. The grandmother is a bitter old woman who needs to realize that not all men just want to make girls a ‘baby mama’ and that some men want to take responsibility. She now wants to sue MTV for money since Isaiah now has his own family to support. His family is all about money and his sister needs to change her man looking features and maybe then someone will treat her how Isaiah is treating his wife!

  2. Yep, Kris, I did the same thing! Granny’s making stuff up. He has the same shirt on the whole time.

    1. No, I’m watching it right now. I’ve rewound it back and rewatched about 8 times. When he walked out of the house, he had a baggy white tee with short sleeves, but because it was so baggy, they hung around his elbows. He also had on a nylon net on his head. During the money exchange, he’s got on a tight white tee and a backwards baseball cap.

      1. just checked it out again, I see what you are saying about the sleeves of the tee shirt…but I paused it and slowed down when he handed the guy the money, and if you watch real close there are at least 2 one hundred dollar bills he hands the guy and a few other bills that you cant tell what they are….so if as the gma says, and this was change from “gas money” I seriously doubt he would be handing him 200 plus which more than likely was the 300, 0r 380. If you watch when his sister and wife were sitting on the couch chatting, the wife says he only has 300 left outa his check after he pays bills.. then the guy he hands the money too says they agreed on 380…sooooo that either he don’t tell his wife how much money he has on him, or he didn’t pay the bills she thought he was going to pay…shurgs..who knows, it could all be a set up, or gma trying not to make them look bad, I don’t know….but I do think its odd his wife didn’t do the dna test…seems to me, if she has nothing to hide she would just do it and prove to them. just sayin…something isn’t right about that even if they didn’t put it on tv

    2. yes, he sure did!! a white tee shirt and grey sweat pants and when he was walking in from the outside he had his sweat pants hanging down where his black boxers were hanging out smh, but ya, it was the SAME outfit…

      1. Lol I have no life cause I watched it a few times too, and despite him wearing a white shirt the whole time, they are different. One is snug and the other is baggy, plus his hair net turns into a baseball cap. I think someone did give him the speakers because when they went to see them, after they were installed, he had his hairnet back on. That money transaction was for something else and edited to look bad. So many other episodes do the same thing, and it cracks me up when the girls have dyed their hair so that makes the scenes look fake. I am not saying Isaiah was completely innocent though.

        Did anyone else get the feeling Isaiah might have been looking for a way out of that scholarship? I don’t believe he really wanted to go until he realized making subs all day sucked.

        Isaiah’s fam were too much, though, not sure I would give them the satisfaction of a paternity test either.
        Did his grandmother remind anyone else of the aunt on an old show called, “The Fresh Prince of Bell-air”? (Aunt Helen)

  3. MTV edits the shows to make it seem really bad to have a child as a teen, obviously to help prevent teen pregnancies. Common people.

  4. I went back and watched this episode just to see if this lady was telling the truth. And NO she wasn’t. Isaiah had on a short sleeve shirt when he handed the guy money and when he was looking at the speakers. SMH.

    1. Actually she was telling the truth cause before he walked out he had one chain and his sleeves were up to his elbow but he handed thr mkney he had on a tight tee and sleeve was on up near his shoulders and he had about four chains on thrn he salked back in with the sleeve up to his elbow and only hsd on one chain

    2. I voted thumbs down, and then went back and watched the show I have dvr’d and you are RIGHT!! he had on a white shirt and grey sweat pants the WHOLE time!! But when his wife and twin sister were sitting there chatting his wife said after paying bills he only had 300 dollars, but yet when he paid the guy, the guy said they agreed on 380!! SO ol dude was prolly lieing to his wife about how much money he had on him, either that, or he didn’t pay the bills he was supposed too that they were talking about!!

  5. It is so funny how this website and everybody else is ready to jump on the side of “DNA GRANNY” when she is one of the worst possible sources of info seeing that she never liked this girl and is still bitter about that boy giving up his scholarship. The show did not make Isiah look bad his family and his lack of a backbone when it came to his family made him look bad. He looked like a young man that sacraficed a lot to try and step up and be a man but still had the mind of a teenager. I mean his granny really is the pot calling the kettle black with words from her own mouth about how many men her and her family have. If the story was so untrue then where is the lawsuite, if he questions that baby so much then where is the court ordered DNA test?

  6. Some of us even got 2 or 3, lmfao.

    Realmom34, great comment! Very interesting to consider the “amnesia” of the first few months of infancy. Haha I’ve gotta ask my mom about it.

  7. While I don’t agree the idea of “smoke and mirrors” from MTV, I gotta say that what you see IS reality… at least from the point of real-life situations any first time parent has to deal with. So, I guess I’m ok with however MTV has to get their footage to get the point across that having a baby changes your life like you could never imagine – and I DO NOT necessarily mean in that in a I-am-so-head-over-heals-in-love-with-you-and-cannot-imagine-my-life-without-you way. I say this as a 34 year-old mom of a 5 yr. old and 3 yr. old., a college grad with plenty of grad classes to boot, married for 9 1/2 years, and whose children were both well planned, desired, and are well-loved. HAVING the baby is NOT, I repeat NOT (wish I could bold that and make it larger for even more emphasis) the most difficult part about having children. Neither is it the most painful part. Those first few days are out-of-control. I’d feel very comfortable saying I viewed it as hell and I had my husband home to help me for 4 weeks with the first and 6 weeks with our second. The lack of sleep and lack of control and crazy changes to your body along with the responsibility of caring for someone else who is totally brand new to the world (read: virgin to all of the worlds problems, health problems, psychological screw ups, etc)… it is undescribable. I’ve heard women say you forget all about the pain of labor and pushing and whatnot. I have a different version… I guess I totally forgot how hellish those first 3-4 months were until I was about 8 months pregnant with my second. As soon as that realization hit me it was “WTF were you thinking?????? How, HOW, are you going to do this again?” and “How do I get out of this?” I figured given my scheduled c-section (which I do not recommend, BTW) I’d have about weeks to work on that and make it manageable but wouldn’t you know 2 weeks later #2 was born almost 6 weeks early. And that set up a whole new set of CHAOS in our lives. EVERY thing you do after having a kid revolves around how it will affect the kid/family and you can easily TOTALLY lose yourself, even if you promise yourself that you won’t… and even if you have excellent support and breaks from this 24/7 high-stress job. There is very little about having children that is EASY.

    So, if they have to set-up some of the issues to make it more real… I guess in this case I’ll take it. Because, I just don’t see having children as being glamorous (perhaps many times fun, but not glamorous)… and children (which you really are at 16) shouldn’t have children. Not that you should be partying it up because “by God that’s my right as a teenager” but because you need everything you’ve got to get through school and start (just start) to figure out the world, or at least the area of the world that you’ll be living in.

  8. Oh my gosh that was the funniest thing I have ever readied I knew MTV was shady with their teen mom and 16 and pregnant it is all smoke and mirror they only make you see what they want you to see. I find it so funny how MTV edited badly in teen mom to make Ryan look like such a jerk to Maci when in fact Maci cheated on Ryan when Bentley was 4 months old and Maci was dating Ryan and Kyle at the same time and in reality Maci has been dating Kyle from season one of teen mom since she move out of the house she share with Ryan. But because MTV wants all the girls to seem innocent and make all the guys look bad when in fact some of the guys are not that bad . Also find it as a Dis respect to viewers when MTV try to make it seem like the girls from these series are struggling when in fact the teen mom and teen mom 2 get 250,000 how is that real and 16 and pregnant also get paid its out of control MTV is rewarding bad behavior but yet their refuse to put Lauren Conrad new show which is about goals and her career.

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