The Ashley Attends the Teen Mom 2 Finale Taping!!

The Ashley stuck out a grueling 12 hour day at the Teen Mom 2 finale special taping yesterday. The horrible backache and  neck ache I received from sitting in an uncomfortable chair that long (hey, what can I say, I’m old!) was worth it because The Ashley now has the scoop on everything that’s going to happen on the Teen Mom2.

Lucikily, The Ashley didn’t sign a confidentiality agreement….however,  I don’t want to spoil the rest of the season for y’all so I won’t tell you everything I heard and saw!

I can also tell you that Kailyn is super nice (and talkative.) The Cousin (who went with The Ashley) ran into her in the bathroom and Kailyn was more than happy to talk about everything. The Cousin reports that she was super nice and in love with LA!

Leah was also extremely nice. Corey and Leah seemed so happy, even off camera (This was a relief for me to see. I was worried that they were only playing “happy family” because they were being filmed.) However, that was not that case at all. All of the other girls could learn a few things about relationships from Corey and Leah.

Chelsea was nice too; however she didn’t interact with the audience as much. She seems like a very good mom though. Her dad was there and was so cute, snapping photos of his grandbaby on the set. I heart him. As for Adam….if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…therefore, I won’t say anything at all.

Jenelle seemed very unhappy to be there the whole time (except when she was outside smoking). Since I can’t say anything about the taping, I will tell you what Jenelle herself tweeted to Dr. Drew this morning and let you figure it out yourself:

“@drdrew sry I spazed out on stage at everyone lol I was mad

Let’s just say this made for some good TV…too bad they won’t air most of it. Good thing Jenelle is really terrible about keeping her mouth shut so as soon as she mentions why she was so mad on her Twitter (which is inevitable), I’ll tell you guys!

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  1. I was also there and I totally agree the seats were very uncomfortable and I got really cheap seats.My boyfriend and I sat all the way in the back but in between segments we switched seats..I totally agree about girls with awful hair extensions.LOL.anywho I wish I would have gotten better seats.The closest I was, was when I was next to a big girl..and half her ass cheek was on me..lmfao.but i agree it was totally worth it..We got to see a lot of things people wont see on tv.

    1. Blanca–OMG I totally know the girl you were talking about! My cousin & I even commented that we felt bad for the girl sitting next to her because she looked so squished! Maybe that was you, poor thing!! Did they make you sign a confidentiality agreement or did you leave early?

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