Do We Really Need a “Sister Sister” Reality Show? Seriously, Must This Happen?

No word yet if the fashionable floppy hats are coming too.

You children of the 1990s surely remember the loveable twin duo of Tia and Tamara Mowry from the “comedy” show Sister Sister, right? I use the term “comedy” generously because it was rarely, if ever, funny. Except for their ridiculous hats. Those were kind of funny. But this was the era of “Blossom” so it was to be expected.

Anyway, some network idiot decided that the ‘Sister Sister’ duo had not annoyed us sufficiently throughout the ‘90s and decided to give them their own freaking reality show to allow them to do so again. Ugh.

Tia & Tamara Take Two will premiere on the Style Network late this summer (and will continue to haunt your dreams well into the fall.) The show is going to take a glimpse into the lives of the former teen stars, who are now married and popping out babies. Or something. Anyway, here’s an article describing this trainwreck of a show.  Will there still be floppy hats? If not I’m not watching.

“We’re coming for ya!”

Tia & Tamara’s show is just the latest in the line of weird, 1990s sensations that have been giving a reality show. Toni Braxton and her sisters will also be getting one. Braxton Family Values will premiere on Bravo and will follow Toni as she tries to help her sister Traci, Towanda (seriously, that’s really her name), Trina and Tamar break into show business.

All I’m going to say about this is…um…who even cares enough about Toni’s life to watch this show, let alone endure the warbly voices of all four of her sisters. Also, shouldn’t Toni be focused on breaking into show business herself ‘cause I haven’t seen anything new from that chick since Bill Clinton was in office. Just sayin’.

We all know Toni went belly-up bankrupt a few years back. I don’t blame her for jumping at any chance of a career rejuvenation. That appearance on Dancing With the Stars didn’t seem to help her music sell any better (I mean, really, how many copies of “Unbreak my Heart” can a person buy?)

Oh yeah. And that’s not all. Sinbad is getting his own show too. This is the work of the devil, I tell you. Let this 1990s stars rest in peace.

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