The Ashley Hasn’t Bought a CD in Over Four Years But…

Put down the Miley Cyrus album and buy some real music, kiddies…

…she did spend her valuable money on Crystal Bowersox‘s CD, “Farmer’s Daughter.” I know I’ve been all about The Bowersox the last few days, but I must stress to all of you out there how good this CD really is.

The Ashley loved Crystal on last year’s American Idoland did a little research and found some of her pre-Idol songs. She loved them and has been happily listening (and singing badly) to them for months. I’m happy to report that many of those songs are on “Farmer’s Daughter,” only now they’re all fancy and sounding even better!

Like I said, I haven’t spent the money to buy a CD in over four years. (Except to buyGlambert‘s CD! But I had a gift card so I guess that doesn’t count.) Until recently there were some free places to get music (waa, I miss you Limewire). However, I want to see Crystal’s CD succeed and she is worth the money so I plopped down the money over at the and purchased it.

Please support artists that worked hard to get where they are. Crystal used to play in subway stations in Chicago for money. (Click here  to see the neat-o vintage footage of that.) She continues to work to promote diabetes awareness and seems like a nice, genuine person. This is the kind of person that deserves your money…don’t support creepy, crappy people like Kesha (I refuse to put that stupid dollar sign in her name, sorry.)

I’ll get off my soapbox. But if you want quality music, go fetch Crystal’s CD. It’s amaaaaazing!!!

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