Behind the Scenes of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Finale Taping: What You Won’t See on Camera!

The Ashley endured physical agony (hey, sitting in a folding chair for 12 hours counts as physical agony) to attend the Teen Mom 2 Season 1 finale taping. It was worth it, because she got to see (and hear) a TON of great stuff that you won’t see on film when you watch the actual finale special!teen-mom-2-cast_524x367Luckily for you, she’s willing to tell you a lot of the stuff she saw!!!!

Early Morning:

The Ashley arrived at the studio (it was filmed in Glendale, not Hollywood, FYI…not very glamorous!) and saw Jenelle outside smoking with her friend (not sure of her name, but she has some pretty horrible bows tattooed on the backs of her calves….those are NOT going to be cute when she gets old and fat!)

The Ashley is surprised that Jenelle is just a little pip-squeak of a thing…much smaller than she appears on TV.

The Ashley got her first glimpse of the rest of the cast when they came into the audience holding room to raid the snack table.

Here are my impressions:

** Leah: Was also much, much smaller in person than you would expect. She is totally pocket-sized. She appears to have hit the AMBO self-tanner hard before she came to the reunion show.

** Chelsea: The first thing I thought when I saw Chelsea was, “Giiiirlll…that hair needs to GO.” Seriously. Worst.extensions.Ever.  It looks like a creepy bleached blond Little Mermaid wig.

** Joe (Kail’s Baby-Daddy): Seemed like a very tense person. He also seemed like he didn’t want to be there. Being around him too much would make me nervous because he’s so intense.

** Jordan (Kail’s Boyfriend): This guy is like 8 feet tall. You can’t tell from TV but he is huge! He was sporting some bright neon yellow Nikes during taping. They blinded me, but they were pretty awesome.

** Corey: Poor Corey seems a little overwhelmed by all this fame. He always had this look on his face that was like “I can’t believe these people all want to hear what I have to say.” He seemed like a really nice guy, and as I said in the other post, you can tell just by looking at him that he is completely, utterly in love with Leah. Sooo cute. (Oh, and he was not wearing the “coon hunter” shirt or any camouflaged attire, just so you know. The Ashley was disappointed by this. She wanted to get a picture with the coon hunter shirt.)

Anyway, here’s some stuff that you will NOT be seeing when the Teen Mom 2 finale airs:

  • Dr. Drew telling the audience that he keeps in touch with many of the Teen Moms, and that Farrah and Catelynn call him all the time. Of course, The Ashley had to ask him what he thinks about AMBO and he just shook his head and said, “Amber. Poor Amber.” LOL!! He was very professional though, saying that she has a lot of resources available to her if she wants to use them. AMBO does not call Dr. Drew.
  • Leah getting very upset when the producers insisted that she talk about Baby Ali’s medical problems. She asked several times if it was really necessary. I felt bad for her.
  • Chelsea and Kail leaving the set after taping the opening segment and immediately asking for their phones! Those chicks are Twitter-crazy I guess!
  • Leah wore super-cute heels on-set, but apparently they were killing her feet and she limped off stage after each segment and ended up going barefoot!
  • The feeling in the room totally changed when Jenelle‘s mom Barbara came on set…you could cut the tension with a knife. In fact, Jenelle asked to stop filming and threatened to walk off the set a few times!
  • Barbara‘s accent is just as strange in person as it is on TV. That makes The Ashley happy.
  • Barbara and Jenelle were pretty much wearing matching outfits: tight black jeans, boots and stretchy floral tops. Maybe they’re more alike than they thought, eh?
  • Dr. Drew having deep discussions with each girl during commercial breaks. He seemed genuinely concerned with each girl’s situation. I seriously heart him even more now.
  • Kail said she hated the picture they had chosen for the blown-up picture for the set because it made her nose look weird. (They did choose a very unflattering photo of her, which I don’t understand.)
  • Baby Aubree was almost kicked off set at the end because she was screaming. She wasn’t being bad, she just wanted to be with her “boyfriend” Baby Jace. (At one point, the producer was like, “We have to lose this kid.”)
  • Leah & Corey’s girls sitting quietly in their parents’ laps…those little girls are angels! I never heard a peep out of either one of them, despite the hot lights, the audience and the other screaming babies.
  • Chelsea’s dad, Randy, barely able to look at Adam in the break room. There is a ton of tension there, it’s not just for the camera, believe me.
  • Joe saying he’s never met Kail‘s new boyfriend, Jordan. I find that hard to believe because they were both in the green room for long periods of time.
  • Dr. Drew telling Adam that he really f**ked up the situation with Chelsea. I found that funny. Dr. Drew cusses a lot, but I think it’s to get the people on stage talking. Some of them were dead fish….

  1. Dr. Drew is a punk – I stopped watching these reunion shows from the 2nd season because he never asks or says what needs to be said and almost sympathizes with these deadbeat assholes! Like the segment with Kailyn, how many times did he say she “betrayed” him, as if to justify that shitwad verbally abusing her over and over. And he’s a doctor??? If that’s the kind of therapy he gives out, he’s an idiot if he thinks any of those poor girls would want to go to therapy again. He grills the girls and then lets the boys slide out practically scott-free. This network is just crap.

  2. um, first of all “the ashley” that sounds fucking retarted you should probably come up with a better name for yourself of just use your own considering in the video you show yourself. second i might add obviously you know nothing about “hollywood” if you think its anywhere near glamourous, glendale is nicer. and everything you said about the girls just makes you sound like a jealous 16 year old bitch. my boyfriend and i were there that day as well, and everything you said was highly over exggerrated, get your facts straight sweetheart before you put all of your shit talking on blast. id watch out, heard you can get in some big trouble for posting stupid shit like this, especially the video showing who you are lol. who knows maybe you’ll get your “15 seconds of fame” and see you on the news 😉

    1. @SarahChris. At first I was going to delete your comment because it was just very angry, but I decided to respond. Thanks for mentioning the video, I re-watched it and decided it to take it down because it was super annoying. The Cousin has been bugging me for weeks to take it down because she hated it, so I finally did.
      In regards to what I wrote, nothing is a lie and nothing is exaggerated. Kail herself read the article and confirmed it. I am not “InTouch Weekly,” I don’t write anything that isn’t true (unless I say in the post that it’s a rumor). I remember a few girls with their boyfriends, so maybe I saw you there. Either way, thanks for reading The Roundup!

  3. I cant wait to see the reunion. I really wish Chelsea would wise up and leave that loser. I love Leah! Her and Corey are so cute together. Jenelle needs a reality check. But her mom is no good, I cant stand hearin her talk and yell all the time. Poor Jace doesnt need that. And Kail, I just want her to be happy. I know how that feels. I have been there. Good luck to all the girls!

  4. I’m in love with the show all of my sisters were teen moms too so this stuff was very common in my house but lucky for me I graduated and going to college. Besides that, why hasn’t dr drew asked jennelle about her biological dad? I meam a firm man in her life could have prevented alot of stuff from happening. Also I get that kail wants to be independent but to not even tell the father of her child the wearaboutes of baby Isaac is horrible and cruel. And chelsea needs to get through her head that adam has completely ruined her life he’s no good , he’s a bottom feeder bum. Leah is probably the most sane of all the girls. She had a great support system and is a great mother ( don’t get me wrong all of the moms are great moms,exvept for jenelle in my opinion) she has so much good goung for her!

  5. I love all of your gossip! I totally love Dr. Drew to! I have a huge crush! Glad to know he is such a good guy off camera too 🙂

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