Breaking News! ‘Idol’ Scotty McCreery Does Know Other Songs!

American Idol hopeful Scotty McCreery has been cracking The Ashley up all week long. The baby-faced baritone boy is sohappy to wheel out his signature tune, Josh Turner’s “Your Man” to anyone who asks. (Did anyone else notice how during Group Week when they were choosing groups, a kid asked him to sing something so he could hear his voice, and Scotty’s eyes just lit up because it gave him another chance to bust out “Your Man?”)

The Ashley found this footage of Scotty busting out his bass voice at a hilbilly fest. Shockingly, he was actually singing a different song and he sounded great. Why the hell didn’t you sing that last night?!

Scotty nailed it with “his” song at his audition, so when it came time for his first Hollywood Week solo sing, he figured, “by golly, I’m gonna sing it again!” And he did. And again. And then AGAIN. Love it.

Last night Scotty was forced to sing something else, and unfortunately chose a horribly high LeAnne Womack song and messed up the words, rambling something about valuing nuts or something.

Scotty will totally make the top 24. And I have a feeling I know what song he’s going to be singing….

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