The True Star of ‘Teen Mom2’: This Season in Barbara-isms!

Teen Mom 2
"Ya know ya love me!"

In honor of the end of the first season of Teen Mom 2, The Ashley would like to take this moment to honor the true star of the show: Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s mom.

Barbara has put up with a lot from her daughter over the last year and a half: from dealing with Jenelle’s multiple arrests (click here for info on the latest one), to repeatedly kicking her out of the house. Underneath all the anger and hurt, The Ashley truly believes that Bahhhhrbara loves her daughter.

Enough with the sappy stuff! We must honor this woman for the HIGH-lariously strange things she’s said throughout the season, all in a very strange, screeching New England/North Carolina/other worldy accent!

Barbara’s quotes are seriously reason enough to watch this show. The Ashley brings you her top “Barbara-isms” from this season of Teen Mom 2. I’ve done my best to preserve all of the Bahhhrbara flavor in the quotes. I do my best to incorporate one of these into a sentence each day.

  • “High. High. Ya both HIGH! Ya nothin’ but a damn lyin’ hus-a-ler!”(Barbara tells Kieffer after she catches him and Jenelle smoking pot on her porch.)
  • “Juuuuhnelle….stay home and take care of ya kid.” (Um..she says this like every episode.)
  • “While you and Kief-uhr are out having a la-di-da time I’m bustin’ my balls trying to survive and you steal my credit caaaahrds.”(She said this as she scolded Jenelle for stealing her credit cards to have a la-di-da time in New Jersey.)
  • “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” (For explanation on this one, you MUST watch this clip. This is pretty much the best Babs appearance ever. Scroll to the 1:35 mark to see the best part, although the whole thing is pretty funny!)
  • “I don’t want you two causin’ a ruckus around heerah.” (Babs laid the ground rules before she lets Jenelle and Creepy Kieffer move in. In the end, a ruckus was caused.)
  • “Jace, ya mutha is a bad girl. A bad, bad girl.” (This Bab-ism could be applicable at any time really.)
  • “Ya betta find a way to get a lawya!” (Barbara cackled this at Jenelle when she was going to sue her for custody of Jace.)
  • “You think you can pay for ya boyfriend cause he’s HUNGRY?! I don’t caaare about Kieffa!” (Babs was fighting mad when she found out Jenelle stole her credit cards in order to feed Kieffer. I merged these quotes together to make it more fun.)
  • “Don’t you laugh at me at my house, Mr. Disrespectful!” (Barbara tells Kieffer in one of her most classic lines yet.)
  • “Look at ya damn neck all those hickeys all over ya freakin’ neck!” (There were hickeys all over the neck.)

If you’re a true Babs fan, you’ll enjoy this Barbara Evans fanpage over on the Facebook.

"Oh, mommmm!"

It certainly brings the LOLs!

8 Responses

  1. I just want to thank you for making this post. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  2. Great article. Jenelle kills me. If I didn’t know any better I would think that she was getting mtv money to act like a complete moron. Like they pay her to be the AMBO on steroids of Teen Mom 2. AMBO is an honors student compared to her. Is there any way anyone could be this retarded? Keifer might the worst catch in the history of tv. No car, no job? Jenelle u can do better. Yikes…

  3. Jenelle is white trash. Her mother deserves way better. She should have given Jace up for adoption, so she could wash her hands of this horrible daughter.

    1. Janelle is not trash. She has bi polar disorder and she just needs someone to talk to who isn’t going to judge her. She needs therapy and medication and a positive home environment.

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