Faux Hawks & Bad Clothes: It’s Makeover Time on Idol!

"Sometimes I'm glad I can't see what they did to me in hair & makeup!"

(Note from The Ashley: this was originally written about this time last year. However, I felt it was appropriate to repost it again now, as most of you probably didn’t know The Roundup existed back then. Enjoy!)

Well, we are down to the Top 11, and traditionally this is the week where the style team from American Idol grabs the contestants, sucks all that hometown, Walmart-ness out of them and turns them into bona fide stars. Well…sort of.

Remember Alexis Grace from Season 8? (Probably not, but working with me here.) She auditioned looking like a faithful K-Mart shopper (right down to the Jaclyn Smith ‘Mom’ jeans and tank ensemble).

alexis grace american idol

One week with the Idol stylists and they had turned her into a child prostitute…seriously, I felt like someone’s dirty Uncle just watching her on TV looking like this!

Or how about what the did to poor Mandisa from Season 3? She came to her audition looking classy, sassy and gorgeous…so why did they change her into THIS monstrosity? 

american idol

Gelled up Miss Piggy hair? Check. Large-patterned dress that makes you look like a house? Check. Tight bangle bracelet to make arm fat stand out even more? Check and check.

And what happened here? Um…..

That style team used Sanjaya as their little doll, ironing his hair, giving him a Mike Brady perm..and don’t even get me started on that creepy ponytail mohawk. Children  ran screaming from their living rooms as Sanjaya took the stage that night.

Style team, I will give you credit for one incredible makeover. Remember Kimberley Locke of Season 2?  

At her audition she looked like the scary lady you would see wandering the streets of San Francisco at 2 in the morning….

Over the course of the season, she turned into this! (Yes, I swear it’s the same person!)

I can’t wait to see this season’s crop of bad hairstyles and mismatched clothing!!

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