‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle’s Catfight Spurs an Arrest-a-Polooza!

Teen Mom

The Ashley recently posted that Teen Mom 2 star  Jenelle Evans apologized to her beat-down victim, Britany Truett earlier this week via the Facebook. At the time, Britany wasn’t going to press charges and it appeared that everything was settled.

Apparently, Brittany changed her mind (probably after someone tipped her off to the fact that she could totally score 15 minutes of fame from this) and pressed charges, causing Jenelle to get arrested for assault late last night. (TMZ broke the story. You can read about it here.)

“I’m huuuungry!”

The arrests didn’t end there! New Brunswick police went to Jenelle’s house to arrest her and guess what they found? Creepy Kieffer! Surely, he was there looking for food, pot or Band-Aids to mooch and the cops picked him up and threw him in the car on an outstanding cocaine warrant! (Hopefully they hosed him off first!)

Jenelle’s victim Brittany didn’t have long to gloat about getting Jenelle arrested. Soon after, the police came knocking at her door to arrest her as well! (She did participate in the fight, at least in the beginning, so it’s only fair that she was arrested too.)

The girl that pushed Jenelle into Brittany was also arrested. Her name is Brittany Maggard. She’s had several previous arrests, one of which was for “Simple Assault” back in 2010. The other is for harassment. Here’s her North Carolina criminal record.

These girls seem to have forgotten that once you turn 18, you can’t do this kind of stuff anymore without there being legal consequences!


  1. Is it just me or is that the same sweater she was wearing the last time she got arrested? Pathetic that I noticed that.

  2. I just have to say that Jenelle needs to grow up. She is a mother now. It was her fault for having the baby, so she needs to grow up, and take care of him. She can’t think about herself anymore she has a son. And at first watching the show. I thought her mom was a B****. But now i know why she is so hard on her, and doesnt want her around her OWN son. Witch is sad, Because they baby doesnt have a dad and now is losing his mom. It’s sad, bcause its not his fault his mom is f***ing up, and now he has to pay for it too.

  3. I hope the money was worth it at I first I thought that maybe the girl was really over the fight and that she and Janelle move on they are friends again. But I do believe that Brittany had the intentions all along to press charges and make some money off the tape the sad part is that Brittney and Janelle both have kids . And instead of better themselves they are getting in fights with each other all over this dirty gross druggie, probably has a couple of std’s Kieffer. I think that Kieffer and all of the people involved set up Janelle so they can make some money this is not the first time Kieffer or Janelle so called friends sold her out for money. Instead of MTV Paying any of the girls they should of really had them sign a contact with Morality clause in it and stating that if they step out line they would be kick off the show and not paid. I still think the fight was not that big of deal that the money that the county is wasting on Janelle and her friends fighting in a video should be use for something like arresting a murder instead. MTV should step in get all the girls counseling parent classes and help them with school instead of throwing money and fame at them. Its like putting lipstick on a pig with some of these girls .

    1. Jenelle move of her mother house and she is living with a roomate also I find it funny how Jenelle and Kailyn were crying how they are broke and basically homeless. But Jenelle has money to post 500 dollars bail for herself I think that Mtv love to spin the story that these girls are struggling with money so viewers can feel sorry for them. And tune in to the show Ashley can you please do a story about the teen mom and teen mom 2 series where does the money go does it go to into a trust fund for the kids. Because all I see is all the girls spend their money on themselves and their boyfriend and friends not the babies .

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