What Caused ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle’s Brutal Beat Down?!

"Ok, ok...I'm sorry"
"It happens..."

Apparently, all is well again in Teen Mom-ville. Jenelle Evans has officially retracted her cat claws. (For now, at least.)

If you’re a semi-decent Teen Mom2 fan, you’ve probably already seen the footage of Jenelle beating the Be-Jesus out of her friend, Britany Truett. (If you’ve been living under a rock all weekend, I’ll save you the Google search. The footage can be seen here.)

Jenelle’s friends seemed to have set her up to fight Britany so that they could capture it on video and sell it to the tabloids. And thank goodness for that!

All's good in the hood.

The girls made up via Facebook earlier this week (as you can see from this photo at left). Britany says that she will not press charges and that she takes responsibility for the fight, along with Jenelle.

Britany apparently started the whole thing by taunting Jenelle on the Facebook.  Weeks before the fight, Britany posted this poorly spelled taunt on her Facebook, aiming it at Jenelle (although it seems like it would be applicable to herself as well?)

“Hahahaha i love how inmature girls are around brunswick county especially the girls that are mothers. This girl wants to run her mouth and fight me cuz i told her the truth about her man and took up for her. Dude f**lthat im done with this nonscense.”

She also posted this little ditty on Jenelle’s Facebook:

“She deserves everything she gets and maybe an asswhopping might help her straighten up…shes a piece of s**t mom that doesnt give a flying f**k about anyone but her self. But its okay cuz her son will be old enough soon to realize how worthless his mother is.”

"This wonderful hunk of man is all mine, ladies! Back off!"

Britany was also trying to hook up with Creepy Kiefer, Jenelle’s on-again-off-again mooching ex-boyfriend. Of course, Jenelle couldn’t risk losing such a great guy, so she had to fight to defend him. Or something.

We also find out that Britany is also a Teen Mom. Seriously?! Are all the kids in this part of North Carolina like Jenelle? Are they all immature creepnuggets who would rather start trouble than take care of their children? Dr. Drew needs to do an entire city intervention on the youth of Brunswick County! (If you live in Brunswick County and are a normal person, please email me. I’d love to hear that there is at least one sane person living there!)

Update Monday, 3/28: Britany must have changed her mind and pressed charges after all, as Jenelle was arrested late last night for assault!!! Guess who else got hauled into jail with her?! More on this story coming soon…..

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