‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Beats the Be-Jesus Out of Her Former Friend

Jenelle Evans really is the trashy gift that keeps on giving.

Earlier this week the Teen Mom 2 trainwreck was involved in a brutal catfight with one of her friends.

Luckily, one of the many fight watchers had the insight to turn their cell phone camera on and capture it on video. They then sold it to TMZ.

You can watch the brutal fight video by clicking here!

The beat-down reportedly started when Jenelle thought her Band Aid-covered ex, Kieffer Delp, made a pass at Brittany Truett while they were all hanging out. First Jenelle screams at her “friend” and then some random chick comes from behind and pushes Jenelle into Brittany.

After that, things get really brutal. Jenelle socks the girl in the face. At first Brittany defends herself, but after literally 20 to 30 blows to the face and head, she pretty much just lays there.

According to updates on various websites, the New Brunswick police have launched an investigation into the incident, even though Jenelle’s victim said she won’t press charges. Because both girls are over 18, things are much more serious than if they were both teens.

Stay tuned…

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  1. so sad that she makes teen mothers look extremely bad!…but ALL teen mothers are NOT like that mabe 2 out of 2000 but hey we are still included in being stupid and lazy!!!?!?! not fair! i myself got pregnant at 16 had my first baby boy aidyn then i got pregnant again while 17 and had another handsome boy sylus :)yes! i made dumb mistakes but my kids are my world and i know for a fact that alot of OLDER mothers out there that act the same way some dumb young teen mothers do soooo its not the age that makes a mother!! its how you take about your responsibilities!!!!…and very proud to say i graduated high school 4 months early and now working at american state bank and doing very great with my two boys and their father my husband.so before you speak about teen mothers mabe you would like to single them out and dont include ALL teen mothers in your nonscense!

  2. They need to pull the plug on the Teen Mom shows. All of them. Paying one cent to these stupid, uneducated teenagers, whose baby daddy’s leave them high and dry, and they pass the unwanted kid to their overburdened parents. Enough of this glamorization of the dregs of society. In no other society are these type of girls anything but condemned. Other girls are emulating these trash teens for the bucks they are pulling in being stupid and breeding even more at risk kids.

  3. Oh yeah, I also felt sick just thinking about the fact that she has a baby. I don’t know if she was abused herself growing up or what, but MTV really needs to help her instead of exploiting her family problems on TV. Get her some therapy and counseling, and MTV HELP THAT BABY!!

    Love the last line you wrote though:)

  4. So gross. I hope that MTV takes her of the show. It’s just sooo wrong that she behaves this way and then get PAID to be on TV. How is she really ever going to get hired as an editor if she has this reputation? I’d be scared she’d hit me if I was a director/producer.

  5. It clear janelle has anger issues but if MTV decide to take her off the show which I highly doubt it. They need to take off amber and gary too the fight is not a big deal it’s fight but the fact that she is on teen mom that’s why the fight is news. The people that she hangs around are people that are going to sell her out for money like that creep of boyfriend did and her former friend did.

  6. Nevermind…I’d like to rescind my previous comment haha. It’s pretty obvious they set that girl up to get her ass beat and that’s just shameful. They should ALL get arrested.

  7. I can’t see the video (but I plan on trying to find it 🙂 ) BUT if someone pushed her into the girl…what are the chances that they were setting her up on purpose? It happens ALL the time. Don’t get me wrong…Jenelle is a real piece of work and that poor baby needs to go to a stable home faaaar away from these nutty folks.

    1. yup i completely agree. i saw the video, her “friend” clearly pushed her into britney. lame. although janelle chose to then take it further.

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