Five Things You Didn’t See on ‘American Idol’ Tonight

"You can thank me later, Fox, for that great TV moment!"

The Ashley was on set tonight at the American Idol result show taping! Tonight was a completely wacky episode of ‘Idol,’ with a TON of odd guests and unplanned events shaking things up.

Of course, you all saw the shocking results: fan (and judge) favorite Casey Abrams was voted off the show, only to be saved immediately by the judges! It was awesome. Plus, we heard that Casey will join the Top 10 on the American Idol summer tour!!! The Ashley was so happy to hear this, only because she thinks it’s really messed up not to take everyone.

Anyone, here’s what you didn’t see on tonight’s broadcast:

  • Casey Abrams scared the CRAP out of the producers tonight with his reaction to finding out that he was being saved by the judges. When Casey dropped the mike, and started to fall to his knees, everyone in the studio thought he was having a seizure or something. Ryan didn’t know what to do and you could tell he was trying to figure out if Casey was seriously ill or if he was just surprised. On the sidelines, all of the producers ran out and the stage manager looked like she was about to run out there and call the medics. It was super intense!!
  • Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson had their makeup reapplied and their hair redone after every single segment. I’m not exaggerating; each of them had a beauty team armed with a powder puff and a comb that charged out to the stage to make them over during each commercial break. Um…I understand why J-Lo wants them, but why the hell does Randy need a hairstylist? He has no hair?! And Steven’s hair always looks like a stringy Halloween wig. I think I’d fire his hair stylist.
  • There was a  middle-aged sweaty women in the back row of the balcony that was screaming “I Love You Scotty” during each commercial break. Seriously, this creeped me out more than anything else….she was super loud and forceful with her screams. Finally, Scotty waved at her, probably just to shut her up. She scared me.
  • J-Lo and Steven Tyler have a bodyguard shadowing their every move. You can’t miss Steven’s bodyguard; he’s the ginormous wall of man sitting to the right of Steven. J-Lo’s is much more subtle and svelte. He wears an all-black suit and hovers behind the judges table. If J-Lo moved to the right an inch, he moved with her. He’s like James Bond.
  • Sugarland pulled a lame-ass move and pre-taped their performance. We sat there watching a video of them. At least we were spared having to see the lead singer’s horrific Jazzercise-esque outfit in person.
"I'm baaaack, bitches!"

And yah, apparently no one listened to The Ashley’s advice last night. Not only did they sing MORE Stevie Wonder songs, but they literally wheeled him out and had him sing one of the songs I begged them not to sing on this season. When I saw Stevie being carted out, I started to crack up. It was like they did it just to spite me!

The highlight of The Ashley’s night was seeing former Idol  George Huff singing backup for Jennifer Hudson! I love that guy!!

The Ashley wishes to thank her friend who took her to the show tonight!


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