Spencer Pratt Asks Ryan Seacrest to Hook Him Up With a Job

"What can I say....I need a job, braaah!"

Spencer Pratt called into Ryan Seacrest‘s Los Angeles radio show to ask for a job.

No, seriously.

Spencer said he wants to intern for Ryan for about a month in order to “change his image.” He also said he has nothing to do during the day now that his wife, Heidi Montag, is off shooting some mystery creepy reality show for VH-1. (Her costars? Some scary lady from one of the Real Housewives shows and Jake Pavelka, the passive-aggressive, Vienna-hating Bachelor! Here’s more on that show if you care.)

"Good one, Spence...please tell me your kidding..."

Anyway, Spencer wants to work for Ryan because he says Ryan’s one of the most well-liked men in America. While Spencer was on vacation for nine months and hanging out on a beach, he realized that he needs to do an image overhaul. (I did notice that reading my US Weekly had become a much more enjoyable experience without Spencer and Heidi’s creepy douchebag faces littering every other page. Please go on vacation again!)

Naturally, Ryan assumed that Spencer’s motives were unpure and that he was undoubtedly trying to sell the experience as a reality show, but Spencer insisted that he was just bored and wanted a job.

Hey Spencer, just FYI– usually interns don’t get paid. You and Heidi will have to go back to setting up holiday-themed photoshoots for the paparazzi if you want to make some money.

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