’16 & Pregnant’ Season 3’s Jennifer Del Rio Faces Domestic Violence & Her Son’s Health Issues

16 and pregnant
Jenn and the twins

She’s not even “famous” yet and she’s already made it onto TMZ!

Jennifer Del Rio, a mother to be featured on the upcoming 16 & Pregnant Season 3, has had a lot thrown at her in the last two months: first, her baby-daddy was arrested for threatening her, and now she’s found out that there’s something wrong with one of her twin babies!

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the story on TMZ about Jen’s boyfriend being arrested. If not, allow me to recap for you:

Last month Jennifer (who The Ashley introduced you to weeks ago as the mother of twin boys) filed for a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and baby-daddy Josh Smith after he was allegedly “harassing and threatening her and saying he would have her raped.”

Of course, this is all according to Jennifer, mind you. Who knows how much is actually true.

From TMZ.com

Anyway, according to the TMZ story, Jennifer’s police report claimed that Josh had attempted to kidnap the children and that, due to his violence, she is “frightened for her life and children’s life.”

Josh was also arrested back in November for domestic violence against Jennifer. We’ll get to see that on their 16 & Pregnant episode. That’s the part we saw on the trailer where Jennifer screams, “Say goodbye to your kids, Josh. You’ll never see them again.”

Jennifer, who’s currently in Los Angeles to tape the 16 & Pregnant Season 3 reunion special this weekend, took to her Facebook to clear up what’s going on with Josh since then.

“So I’ve been updated on everything about Josh and I all over the internet. Just wanna clear things up… Josh and I have made mistakes. They are in the past now. Things have been worked out. Thank you.”

According to Josh, he and Jennifer are currently working on their relationship at this point.

Adding to Jennifer’s problems is the health of one of her twin boys. Her son, Noah, was recently in the hospital and has since been diagnosed with having two enlarged ventricles in his head, as well as a hole in his heart. Poor little thing. Jennifer stated that these health problems shouldn’t cause Noah any issues, but he is currently being monitored and has to go back for more tests in three months.

The Ashley can’t imagine having to go through all of this (while being a mom to twins!) at any age, but certainly not at age 17. It’s just unimaginable. I have a feeling more info on this girl will be coming to The Roundup readers very soon….


  1. I myself am a teen mom and I do agree that it is hard to raise a child. My husband and I struggle to raise our son, but we aren’t bad people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen parent or an adult, age does not signify whether you’re a good parent. My mom had me at 39 and she is a horrible mother. She abuses drugs, is homeless, doesn’t have a job or even a car. I see so much scrutiny about teen moms, what about the fully grown moms who abandon, abuse and neglect their children? Just because we are young does not mean we are bad parents.

  2. Where are the camera crew why did they not step in and help while the fight was going on. They should help her this is why I feel MTV is exploited these girls the show is more about rating and shock value then actually helping these girls out . This show is not the real world or jersey shore this why MTV has so much negative feedback on the show because of this scene and many others. All they care about is rating and not the safety and welfare of the girls and babies so tired of people saying this is real life but yet MTV does nothing to protect these girls . MTV should provide the girls with counselor,parenting classes,support group,helping these girls not make the same poor decisions again. MTV always seem to pick out girls who have unstable relationships or home life there are actually teen mom out there that have health relationship but MTV choose to seek out the negative ones for rating and shock value. That is my problem with this show and teen mom series. How are girls that made poor decision in their life famous and have fan pages ? why are people idolize these girls ? they have done nothing in life beside create a baby . Some people make these girls out to be role models when in fact that are not they are young girls who made a poor decisions in life.

    1. How I see it is MTV is showing everyone the ups and downs of a teen pregnancy. I don’t think “THEY” seek out these young girls, they contact MTV themselves. We’ve all made the decision to have sex, some just younger than others! I can relate to just about every young mother on all the “16 and pregnant” and “Teen Mom” shows. I’ve been there, I may have not been 16 but I was 18 and that is still young. Teens are always going to do what they want no matter what, you can’t stop it. I don’t think Dr. Drew would want these shows to keep going if it wasn’t to show other young people out there that having a baby is as easy as they think. Nobody knows what happens after the cameras stop rolling. We don’t know if the girls go into parenting classes, some parenting classes are just a joke. Some are only an hour long and don’t really teach or help with anything. (I’ve been there) I think people should stop bashing what MTV is or “isn’t” doing and see the shows as a positive thing because I do. MTV can’t really step into arguments and stop them just look back on Amber and Gary! I’m sure they would if the situation was really bad though. I myself try to help young girls who are having sex, I try to explain to them that if you get pregnant it’s not easy, it’s really hard! My son is now 5yrs old and I’m still learning as I go. I think what MTV is doing is a good thing. Teens don’t listen to adults 99% of the time so showing them other teens they may be able to relate to on other levels going through a pregnancy and showing the struggles they are having, can help others. Keep up the good work MTV, you have supporters behind “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom”!

    2. You actually believe that most teen moms have healthy relationships? In what universe? The odds are that if you are a teen mom the father of your child will never marry you or support your child long term, you will never graduate from college and you will never raise above what is considered the “poverty level”.
      Yes, some women rise above this “Teen Mom Quagmire” but they are usually supported by a stable family that has the money to enable them to succeed.
      The saddest fact is that these children of children are likely to reenact this depressing scenario as they become teens.

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