Introducing More of the “16 & Pregnant” Season 3 Girls!

From left is Izabella, Allie, Taylor and Jaime

With the premiere of the third season of 16 & Pregnant right around the corner, The Ashley thought ya’ll would enjoy getting to know more of the new girls! She’s already introduced you to Jennifer, Jordan, Danielle and Kayla (if you missed that post you can read it here.) According to reports, there will be 10 girls total this season. Jordan’s episode will be shown first, on April 19, just FYI.

After much Internet searching and research (to mention spending way more time on these girls’ “official” Facebook pages than anyone over the age of 21 should!), The Ashley has found info on all 10 of the new 16 & Pregnant girls!

Anyway, let’s meet Izabella from Utah…She gave birth to her son Enrique in late 2010 and is currently engaged to the baby’s father, Jairo (no clue in hell how to pronounce that name, sorry.) She’s currently in 10th grade and is still attending school (yay!) In fact, she’s on the honor roll! That’s pretty impressive, considering a lot of teen moms drop out all together. She’s really pretty, too!

Next up is Taylor, who is the youngest of the girls at 15. (She looks like a little kid…I can’t imagine her having a baby!) She gave birth to a little girl  named Aubri in November of 2010. Her baby-daddy’s name is Nathan (Thanks to Roundup friend Renee for that info!) Nathan is 16 and is currently still with Taylor. I believe they are from the Cinncinatti, Ohio, area.


The next girl we will meet is Kianna Randall from Dallas, Texas, who gave birth to a baby baby named Kay’den. She is still with the baby’s father, Zak. (Here’s her formspring if you want to follow her:

Next up is Jaime from North Carolina, who has a daughter named Miah. (She’s one of the only ones with a baby girl this season! There’s so many boys!)

According to her Facebook page, she is no longer with her baby-daddy, Ryan, and I think we know why. She’s the one in the trailer who says “Who cheats on their pregnant girlfriend?” She’s still in high school and will graduate with her class in June. She plans to go to college in the fall.

Allie looks like she will have one of the most talked about episodes of the season. She’s the one who is being screamed at by her baby-daddy’s mom in the trailer. Here’s what we know: Allie is from Texas and gave birth to a baby boy named Aiden. She is no longer with the baby’s father.



Cleondra Carter from Mississippi will also be on Season 3. She has a baby girl named Kylee and is still with her baby’s dad, Mario. According to her Fanpage, they have been together for three years. Cleondra sounds like she has her life together: she works full-time and is going to graduate high school in May. Jenelle could learn a thing or two from this girl!

All of these girls have fanpages on the Facebook already Is this disturbing to anyone else? Their episodes haven’t even aired yet, but some of them already have thousands of fans.

The Ashley is very surprised that MTV is allowing the girls to put all of their information online. You would think that they would want to keep everything hush-hush before the season starts, especially in regards to relationship statuses, etc.

Anyway, enjoy! Don’t forget, Jordan’s episode will kick off the season on April 19! All of the girls were in Los Angeles last weekend filming the reunion special. They were filming at the same studio at the original Teen Mom girls, and even got to meet-and-greet with them!

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  1. Just throwing this out there, many (or at least the girls I talk to) have fan pages because even though their episode hasn’t aired yet, the obsessed “fans” continue to try to add their personal accounts. Their fan pages are to deter people from doing so by giving them a place where they can talk to them, and see a few pictures. I know one girl who has 1,000+ friend requests waiting for her since the commercial aired. So maybe, if you think about it, they didn’t create a fanoage because they think theyre famous, but because they wanto keep their personal accounts private, and “fans” won’t leave them alone. And if you don’t want them to feel like they’re “famous” why are you writing articles about them, and giving them that attention? You’re feeding the supposed flame. But overall, these girls are normal young mothers, unfortunately common around the u.s., and just because they put an hour of their lives on tv, doesn’t mean they’re big-headed and think they’re celebrities. And people who assume they are fame whores are ignorant, and obviously have never gotten to know any of them personally. Yes,there are people like maci and farrah who feed from the fame they got from this show, that doesn’t mean every girl that has been on 16 and pregnant does, manyof them return to their normal lives afterwards, and the show doesn’t effect them.

      1. Credit where credit is due, girl! BTW– I’ve actually been to your hometown. Horn Lake is where Elvis Presley’s ranch used to be,,, I’ve visited!

  2. this is cleondra. i wasnt forced to quit my dance team because i got pregnant. my sponsor, ashley emerson, fired my coach, mandy shelby-little so we all quit && it jusy so happened i got pregnant. 🙂

        1. you are awesome cleondra how is kylee sue she is so adorable u are so lucky to have a baby girl i lovvvvee baby girls

    1. I thought at least one of the girls, maybe from season 2 or 1, was from PA.
      Im a former Bergen County Jersey resident , glad no one has surfaced up on this show from there (yet). It would truly be an embarrassment. I rather deal with the RHONJ table flippers then this nonsense!
      I remember when Maury used to have the girls on the show who would have sex with anyone, try and get pregnant and be proud of it…the Audience would completely boo their butts and then the army guy would come out and tell them how it really is. Nowadays, this ridiculousness is glorified, celebified, and glamourized. Its disgusting to read the handful of comments I have unfortanetly come across on girls stating that they are 14 and pregnant and love it.
      I’m 26, I want to get into my career, be selfish with my hubbie and save money…I’m thinking 30 is when I’ll be ready to try and get pregnant.
      Teen Girls: ENOUGH ALREADY, it’s NOT cool!

  3. Ashley I complete agree with you these young girls are no celebrity they have no right to act in that matter they just famous for having a baby in there teens there is no reason for any normal person with a brain to actually be on there fanpage the fact that these girls have fan page it”s just crazy and sick anyone who is on there fanpage hype them up to make them think they are famous should have there head examine . last time I check you actually have to have a talent and make a baby before you even have a drive license it not talent it just a poor decision . These girls in sixteen and pregant love to spin the story that the want to help another girls from making the same mistake they did but you want to help why do you have to be on tv why can you still help girls but without the MTV paychecks and time tv I came to the conclude that these girls didn”t want actually help they all want to have that 15 mins of fame I hope that MTV stop with series and the teen mom series too because there message is not getting through MTV is just creating little fAme monster

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