File Under ‘Ironic’: Corey Simms Reads About His Divorce in Magazine

" least I still have my camo hat."

Seriously, OK! Magazine staffers must have wet themselves when the paparazzi captured this photo.

The daddy in the middle of all the Teen Mom 2 divorce drama was caught thumbing through the rag mag this weekend, reading about collapse of his marriage.

It must be such a trip to see your face (and your familys’ faces) plastered on every magazine at the check out of the grocery store, liquor store, etc.

I’m surprised OK! didn’t do an “exclusive interview” with the lady at the checkout counter of Safeway who sold him the magazine.

I feel bad for Corey. And Leah. And the twins.  I don’t care why they’re divorcing or whose fault it was. I feel bad for everyone.

Get used to the attention, Corey. You won’t be able to do anything in private for the next few months.


  1. They are both too greedy for the tabloids to “lay off”. Here is a sample of one of the three tabloid covers they are on this week, AGAIN, saying their “marriage” was purely to be kept on Teen Mom 2:

    “Their article (OK magazine) is based on “insiders” who say that Leah and Corey’s marriage was basically for show so they could be on Teen Mom 2 and that they fought constantly “about their home, housekeeping, how to spend their money and relationships with their exes.” On a positive note, the magazine’s sources all seem to concur that Leah and Corey both love their twin daughters.

    According to the article, the straw that broke the camel’s back for Corey was a party Leah attended on March 25. Leah left Corey with the twins to go to the party, which was being held at the house of a guy named Logan who apparently busted up Corey’s eye in a fight in 2009.

    “Not only did Leah betray Corey by hanging out with the guy who put him in the hospital, she also spent the night partying, playing beer pong and complaing about Corey!” says the Leah insider. “When it came out that she had been partying with Logan, Corey saw red. He was officially done with her. There would be no more apologies or excuses – he didn’t want to hear it.”

  2. Well, no matter what is going on, I still feel sorry for their little girls. They shouldn’t have to go through this. They didn’t ask to be born.

  3. If they would have wanted privacy, you wouldn’t have read about this first in the tabloids. They didn’t have to tell anyone they were getting a divorce, but it just “happened” to be in the tabloids, who pay for information first. They are selling stories to the tabloids, and have been for months.

  4. For those of you commenting on the smile… how do you even know that in this picture, he’s reading the divorce article? Maybe he’s reading a different one. Just a thought!!

  5. Wow, Jennifer. Think maybe you’re a little obsessed? Looks like you’ve spent quite a bit of time on this. You probably just want to get with Corey yourself or something. It’s THEIR lives and no matter what is going on with them right now (which none of us know), they need their privacy.

    On a side note: I recall Leah, Amy and others say that @CoreySimms is definitely a fake twitter. Settles that. And also, that truck he is standing in front of looks like the same exact one he was trying to sell about a month ago on Leah’s Fanpage. It’s the same exact color and make. Anyway, I’m getting so sick of this story. Leave these poor people alone. They’re human beings. Get your own life.

  6. I expect this hillbilly teen fame’s quest to go nowhere, just like Kate Gosselin’s futile quest did – no man, no career, no fame. Neither one of them have one ounce of talent, except having kids as a teen or multiple births. America became disgusted with Kate Gosselin for passing all her kids on to others to raise while she tried to become famous – and it didn’t work, and it won’t work for an even less talented teen with zero talent.

  7. And just because she has a ” special needs” child doesn’t mean she can’t or won’t find another man. You people are so freaking ignorant. What a stupid mean IGNORANT thing to say.

  8. If you think she’s such trash then why do you read stuff about her? None of you know her to say she’s money hungry and all that. Grow up.

  9. That Twitter that people said was a fake Corey, that is now LOCKED, also said that Corey USED TO BE on Teen Mom 2 and 16 and Pregnant, not that he is now or will be again. This divorce coincides with her staying on the show FOR FAME, and him leaving the show, because he’s a redneck and he got out of the show what he wanted: a truck. It’s the same thing we saw with Jon and Kate Gosselin. Fame went straight to her head, she hit the tanning salons and makeup like Leah, but she couldn’t parlay her “fame” into anything but a dancing with the stars gig. I expect the same from Leah, unless she finds a rich man that wants to marry her and take care of a special needs kid (not likely).

  10. Here’s the story. Don’t be crying over these hillbilly con artists, who each got what they wanted out of their FAKE MARRIAGE:

    Messer has signed on for two more seasons of Teen Mom 2 — and insiders tell OK! magazine that Leah is “more into the fame than he is” and that Corey “just wanted to live his life — he’s just a redneck.”

  11. I really dont know what to think about this smile… but if he really was talkin to some other girl on fb then he is disgusting and a total hypocrite because He left Leah after she cheated and treated her like shit all that time. I kinda feel like he went back to her because she wanted him so bad and Ali’s medical issues. I kinda felt like their whole relationship was forced by MTV and him on the show by pretty well telling telling Leah that they had to get married or not be together at all. It left her no room for option so here she is now getting this divorce after only six months because Corey decided to talk to this girl Jordan. Its sick and sad and I feel horrible for Leah but mostly for the twins. Has No One thought of what they are going to think after seeing their first couple years of life all over media all over the world? Who knows what they will think or how they will feel. If it was me I would be so angry at my parents for it.
    Main Point: I think this whole situation is F****D. Period.

  12. Here’s another, overlooked story from OK magazine, which correctly predicted they were splitting up, and that Corey is reading, saying their whole romance is a fake story line cooked up by MTV:

    Report: Teen Mom 2′s Leah And Corey Forced To Marry
    MTV’s hit show Teen Mom 2 is almost over, but the drama is just beginning.

    Leah Messer and Corey Simms were married on October 17th – which will be shown on a future episode – but now Leah’s friends are revealing to OK! Magazine that the couple’s romance isn’t real.

    “The reason that Leah married Corey was because the show made them,” a friend says. “She told me that if they didn’t get back together, they wouldn’t have been asked to be on Teen Mom 2.”

    And what’s the motivating factor? The same friend reveals: “Leah told me she got paid to be on Teen Mom 2. So there’s money on the line for her and Corey to do what they’re told to do.”

  13. He’s not reading “any” magazine about his divorce. He’s reading the one that said HE DUMPED HER, and he was happy living without her. First he gets paid for the story, then the picture of him reading about the story he leaked to them. No wonder he’s laughing in front of his new truck. These hillbillies have really rooked the public. It’s been an MTV story scam all along.

  14. He’s probably smiling because the story is so ridiculous. Nobody knows what’s happening between them what so ever. Nobody knows why or even if they are getting divorced. He doesn’t look mean or cold hearted. Everyone has their rude opinions of Corey and Leah but unless you know them personally you shouldn’t say bad things about them. When they want the world to know their business we will.End of story.

  15. I was thinking the same thing about the smile. Maybe the smile is a “they got everything wrong, we’re still in love smile”. One can hope atleast!

  16. Yeah, that smile on his face just looks cold. Disturbing. If he was really in love with Leah, he wouldn’t be smiling about getting a divorce. Sad.

  17. Why does he have a smile on his face like its funny?? Is he really that happy to be getting divorced after a whole 6 months?

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