Guys Definitely Have the Advantage on ‘Idol,’ Says Paul McDonald

"I'm so happy I'm not a chick!"

Oh, Paul. In this, the first week without you on American Idol, we will miss you blindingly white teeth (he uses Crest Advanced Vivid White toothpaste, by the way, in case you care). We will miss your amazing rock star suits. But most of all we will miss your insanely unique voice!

As you ‘Idol’ fans know, Paul was the first guy to get the boot out of this year’s Idol Top 13. Week after week, we’ve watched the ladies, many of them very talented, get the ax, so that only Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart are left. Jennifer Lopez practically begged viewers not to send one of the girls home last week, saying that the guys had the advantage.

This whole scenario has regurgitated something that has been said many times in Idol’s past: the men have the advantage over the women in the competition, mainly because most of the show’s viewers are women.

Even Paul admitted this in his official exit interview last week.

“Oh I definitely do [think the men have the advantage,” he said. “It’s funny, because whenever you’re in the audience it’s like the teenage girls are the—it feels like to me—are the ones that watch the show the most.”

He said that even just judging by the studio audience, it’s clear that the boys are the ones getting all the love from fans.

Crest, you better grab him before Colgate does!

“I remember walking out on stage and I would look around and people out in the audience have their posters and signs made,” he said. “I was like oh man there’s like one poster over there that says Paul and then there’s like a thousand screaming 14-year old girls that have Scotty McCreery posters.  So I think the guys definitely have an advantage.”

I feel bad for the girls! It would suck to come out onto the stage and look out into the audience and see a ton of glittery signs for your competition, but barely any for you.

Paul agreed.

“It’s a shame for the girls, because they’re so talented,” he said. “I don’t know too many guys that watch the show; I think it’s mostly girls. I mean tons of guys do watch the show, but I think the guys definitely have an advantage.”

Guys watch the show, but most are watching it with their girlfriends or wives, and they’re certainly not going to grab the cell phone and dial 150 times so that Lauren Aliana can stay on the show for another week. Women will totally do that to support cute little Scotty, though. That’s the difference.

Ladies, The Ashley is asking you to please vote for Lauren and Haley this week! We haven’t had a female ‘Idol’ in years, and both of these girls are really, really talented.

There’s even rumors that ‘Idol’ execs may tweak the voting system to balance out the boy bias.

What else did Paul reveal in the exit interview?

Not much, except that he’s also dating Twilight’s Nikki Reid. Yeah, that’s officially happening.

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