“16 & Pregnant” Star Valerie Fairman Arrested for Assault on Her Mother

Look, she already has her hands ready for handcuffs! 

16 & Pregnant Season 2 alum Valerie Fairman is the latest gal from the show to be arrested for assault.

According to her local newspaper, Valerie is facing charges in Juvenile Court for assaulting her mother Janice during a fight at the family’s home earlier this month, according to authorities. She was detained at the county Youth Center for several days.

According to the article, Valerie allegedly punched her mother and pushed her to the floor on Tuesday, April 5. According to the reports, she hurt her mother pretty bad, allegedly causing Janice to suffer a broken vertebra. Damn girl!

Valerie was one of the only girls from her season of ’16 and Pregnant’ who wasn’t chosen to be on Teen Mom 2. Valerie, mother to Nevaeh, was adopted by her parents and didn’t want to give her baby up for adoption, despite the fact that the father, Matt Pryce, denied that the baby was his. (Who could forget the classic line that Valerie screamed to Matt on the phone: “It’s your baby! We had a lot of sex and didn’t use protection!”)

Last Friday, a judged released Valerie from the detention center and ordered her to be held on house arrest until her next hearing. (Um…isn’t it kind of weird to order her to stay in the house of the woman she beat up? Just sayin’….)

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  1. Its not the fact that they were too stupid to not make the same mistakes that their parents make but the fact that they can’t break the generational curse. Most people can’t do it. Whether its being obese, smoking, drink, cancer or anything else you could name. Its very tough to break the cycle. You have to be really determined and have a great support group which most of these teen moms never had since their moms where teen moms. One day the cycle will be broken. Hopefully its with the Bentley, Leah, Sophia etc. generation.

  2. And you messed up the “infamous” Matt line, just sayin. It was “We had sex a lot and it was unprotected!”

  3. You contradict yourself in this article. First you say season 2 alum Valerie and then later on you say that Valerie was on season 1 of 16 & Pregnant. You were right in your first sentence. Valerie was on season 2 with Chelsea & Leah and all those girls. Season 1 featured Maci, Farrah, Ebony, Amber, Whitney & Catelynn.

    1. I became a mother at age 15, because a) I was a really naïve kid who knew nothing about sex (I had never before been sexually active) and b) once the older boy in question was doing stuff to me, I was both too scared and too embarrased to even move.
      I had my baby girl and I went on to graduate from High School early, and then I acquired my degree in Linguistics and Neurolinguistics, and I got my PH.D. , all the while holding a job teaching languages privately since I found out I was
      pregnant. Now I work as a professor in my old University, quite a prestigious one.
      I’m married now to a Consul and we have three little ones, apart from my 17-yr-old girl, who was adopted by my husband.
      We had “THE TALK” very soon, in her pre-teen years. We’ve always been best friends, so I felt I owed her that much. We talked about the Pill, condoms, injections, implants…
      She said it was too soon as she was not being sexually active.
      A year ago she was sexually assaulted by the trusted husband of a family friend, who is now in prison for a loooong time. When my daughter found out she was pregnant, she struggled for a while, but in the end decided to keep her baby. I have recently become a grandmother ( as well as a mother to my third son) at 31 years old…We are all quite pleased with the new arrivals and my daughter is being an exemplary mum while continuing school and working. We do have help in the Consulate as part of my husband’s job description. In our case, we have, amongst other staff, a live-in nanny, but if we had to do it alone, we could as well.
      Now, in my case, I was ignorant of what was happening and
      didn’t even know that was how babies were made! And in my daughter’s case, she was sexually assaulted. Neither of us made any choices or had much say in what happened. I didn’t
      stop the boy ( I wasn’t even dating him!) because of
      intimidation, embarrasement and fear. My daughter couldn’t
      stop her attacker because of the knife he was carrying.
      But in the end, we both feel we have been very lucky it all has worked out well in the end, and our babies are both healthy.
      Although we are in a privileged position now, neither my husband nor me come from rich families. What we have has been achieved by a lot of study hours and hard work.
      We are raising our elder boys (7 & 5) to love and above all respect women. This will be our policy with the new babies. That is as important as having “THE TALK” later on.
      To all the girls out there who think it’s “cool” or “fun” to get pregnant without having finished you degree we have this advice: It’s not necessarily always as horrible as portrayed by “Teen Mom”, but almost always, it is. If you do have a baby or are pregnant, please work hard to finish college, because you will have access to a lot of highly-payed jobs which will give your child a better chance of a good life. All your hard work will pay off, if you mean it.
      If you’re not pregnant-don’t get there!! Don’t let any boys coerce you into it, and if you’re sexually active by choice, then please remember your birth control! And if it happens, don’t panic and remember you have options in those cases too: Day-after pill if the condom breaks, abortion, adoption, or parenting:
      it’s your choice! But you should work to succeed if you’re not pregnant, and to excel if you are.
      Aleks and her daughter Avalon.

  4. Team Maci? Who met with a hail of protests trying to parlay her unwed teenage mother status into a PREDICTABLE gig on Dancing with the Stars, to become famous. NO ONE was supporting it, or her. It’s a transparent attempt to use her TV “fame” on the most dubious reality show on TV to become “Hollywood” famous.

  5. I notice these boneheaded teens can’t escape the vicious cycle of doing the same thing their mothers did – have a kid as a teen, Kailin, Leah, etc. They were too stupid to learn from their own mothers, gives them no hope except to learn the hard way now. And their kids will either be in prison or teen mom’s themselves also. Why do you think the underclass stays that way?

  6. Lol yeah the first thing I thought of too was her calling her mom a retard. The girls they’ve been showing have been getting progressively worse. The first seasons’ batch were okay. (well until AMBO began Teen Mom and revealed herself to be a boyfriend beating psycho) Season 2 had a couple of trainwrecks and a whole bunch douchebag baby daddies. It looks like we have at least one couple that beats the hell out of each other for season 3. Yeah by season 4 they’ll all be criminals.

  7. Wowzers. I can’t imagine hitting my mother but then again I can’t imagine being 16 and preggo either so I guess until I walk a mile in their maternity shoes, I shouldn’t judge. Oh maternity shoes don’t exist? Well neither do condoms or common sense in these young mother’s world so there. Who am I kidding, this is so ridiculous but totally predictable. MTV knows how to pick em. This series would have been axed after season 1 if it featured the Bristol Palins and Jamie Lynn Spears of the teen mom world. Bravo Music Television. Bravo! Hey Andy Cohen.

  8. This is not a shock to me do you not remember the way she was scream at her mother when she was in labor calling her retard. Let be honest all the girls on the show have issues

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