“Teen Mom” Jenelle: Kieffer-Less & In California For Rehab

"Peace out bitches!"

They tried to make her go to rehab and she said……um, OK.

The Gods have finally swatted some sense into Teen Mom 2 troublemaker Jenelle Evans’ head! She has decided to go to rehab for what some media outlets are reporting as “stress issues.” However, according to several sources Jenelle is already clean and has been for several weeks.

 From what The Ashley can tell, she was not court-ordered or forced to go. She apparently checked into a facility in Malibu, California, on May 7. No doubt she is at the rehab center called Promises, which is the old rehab stomping ground of Lindsay Lohan and many other celebrities.

Not only that but she seems to have officially ditched the Master Moocher, Kieffer, for good!

Now, as snarky and catty as The Ashley can be at times, especially in regards to Jenelle, she would never make fun of somebody for trying to do something positive in their life and right some of their wrongs. In fact, The Ashley is applauding Jenelle for trying to take control of her life and get away from all the negative influences of her la vida loca back in North Carolina.

I know it’s surprising to hear The Ashley say this, but she does feel bad for Jenelle at times. Her life is one insane ball of violence, media drama and MTV cameras. Now, true, she asked for all of that stuff herself, but what most people seem to forget is that this girl is only 18. The Ashley thinks back to when she was 18 (back in the Stone Ages, of course), and remembers all of the poor choices she made that can only be written off now as being young and dumb. Thank goodness there wasn’t a cameraperson there to capture it all on video and throw it up on the Internet (not that it exsisted back then!)

"Good job, Juuhnelle!"

Anyway, Jenelle is going to be in rehab for the next 45 days and The Ashley is happy to hear it. One person who’s not happy to hear it? Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh Evans Wilson. According to this story, Ashley took to her Facebook to verbally tar and feather the “friend” of Jenelle’s who squealed to OK! Magazine about Jenelle’s rehab vacation.

She posted this on her Facebook:

“Great the media and paparazzi found out where my sister is. My sister can’t even have one friend without them using her for money and making up rumors and selling her out.”

[Here’s where she gets all “Sopranos” on this guy’s ass.]

“The next person who stirs up stuff will be done! I have connections all over the east coast and you have another thing coming! Her whereabouts were supposed to be private, and no one was supposed to know! I am so sick of people.”

Um…are her “connections” going to go to this guy’s house and beat him up? And if so, is that really the kind of thing you should be posting on the Facebook? Just saying.

Anyway, with Jenelle out of the picture for the next 45 days (her “release” date should be around mid-June, provided she doesn’t leave early), things should be pretty quiet in “Teen Mom” Land….but you never know!


  1. I’m happy to hear Jenelle is going to get the help that she needs. I feel Jenelle mother needs to get some help to because she can be really toxic towards Jenelle that being said she probably had deal with alot with Jenelle. But that does not give her the right to tell Jenelle she is unloveable which was so cruel and heartless. Jenelle is going to have stay away from alot of her friends and dump all the hangers on and Barbara is going to have to be more support of Jenelle. Jenelle is going to need a great support system I hope she make it for Jace and herself.

  2. Just what she needs to be free of kieffer and her head on straight!! And take care of that baby she is lucky to have her mom taking care of him!!

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