Corey Simms is Dating Another ‘Teen Mom!’ Here’s the Story in a Nutshell…

new girlfriend
Amber Scaggs, the Yoko Ono of “Teen Mom 2”

File this under “rumor,” kids….

Starcasm broke some bad news to millions of teenage (and not so teenage) girls: the Teen Mom 2 wondercouple, Leah and Corey are officially kaput. Why? Supposedly Corey has a new girlfriend– and has for months! This is a sad day for all of us fans who were hoping that the couple would work out their differences and get back together.

According to Starcasm, Corey’s new girlfriend is Amber Scaggs, a former West Virginian girl who now lives in Texas. (Her family lives near Corey’s.) Like Leah, Amber’s a teen mom herself: she got pregnant with her daughter in 2009 at age 19. She’s now 21.

The article claims Corey began texting and talking on the phone to Amber, sometimes for hours at a time, a few weeks before Easter. Amber came to visit her family last month and apparently spent a lot of time with Corey (he supposedly even picked her up at the airport!)

The Ashley did some checking herself, kids, and it looks like this story is legit.

Amber seems to be “special friends” with Corey. They do currently live in different states, which would make it hard for them to be officially together, although things might change if Amber were to come back to West Virginia. She has not denied the fact that she’s dating Corey, and has been freaking out on her Facebook page about all the Teen Mom 2 fans that are ‘attacking’ her since the story broke this morning.

“Ya’ll like my camo hat and lime green shirt?”

One thing that’s odd? She’s a Teen Mom 2 fan, even posting this one her Facebook page on April 5:

Teen Mom makes me sad every time I watch it.

Maybe she’s sad because she wants to jump Corey’s bones and that wedding ring he was wearing makes it hard? Just kidding.

Here’s The Ashley’s take on this whole shenanigan: Corey and Leah have filed for legal separation. Most people who do this are on the road to divorce and do not get back together.

Although we all wanted to see them happy together in the end, perhaps breaking up and moving on is the best thing for them both. It’s better that they realized the marriage wasn’t going to work and took care of it early on, rather than drag those little girls through years of an unhappy home life, only to divorce later on. They are both young and will likely find another mate that is more suited for them.



One person has had it even worse since the story broke: Leah. She seems to be devastated that Corey could not only move on, but do so this fast. She posted this on her Twitter today:

I can’t believe this…If that day really meant something to you, you would’ve never did this..

Poor thing, I feel so bad for everyone involved in this mess! (I won’t even correct her poor grammar.) It’s never easy to see someone you loved moving on, especially the father of your children.

Leah’s best friend, Amy, added her two-cents to the situation, via the Twitter:

Its funny how when u go back to TX all this stuff surfaces..scared much? Come back and play with us WV girls sweetheart..

Retract your claws, ladies!

22 Responses

  1. oh and if no one actually keeps up she moved on and is getting married and trying for another kid you dont see him doing that.

  2. I think he should move on with amber unless your a teen parent going through the same situation no one would understand.leah cheated twice she is the home wrecker he never did that. i had a baby with a person just like leah, he cheated and i was 17 and i left him and found some1 who treats me better and corey deserves the same.just cause you moved on doesnt mean he doesnt take care of his girls.leah screwed up the marriage not him.

  3. All of the parties in the group are out to experience sex where ever and when ever they can. They had best remember that they have children that can follow in their footsteps. How sad they have to have these people for parents. It makes me cringe.

  4. As much as I appreciate the sweet and salty snark of your site, let’s remember that one cannot make oneself pregnant. It takes two to tango…and to have sex. Let’s not get slut-shamey all up in here.

  5. I know the Amber girl in real life, and she is probably one of the SWEETEST girls in the world. Y’all don’t know her, so shut your mouths. Who the fuck cares if someone else’s marriage gets is over? Get a life people.

  6. I think amber is nothing but a homewrecking hoe and corey should focus on his marriage and his 2 kids he has with leah instead of opting for a eazy piece of ass when you decide 2 commit yourself 2 someone it should be taking seriously..this is why kids should not be having kids# justsaying

  7. Honestly, people only care because its on MTV. If you knew Amber, you wouldn’t think this is a big deal. People date all the time when they are separated. There is nothing illegal about it.

    1. No, there isn’t. But he is technically still married. It doesn’t make either of them, Corey OR Amber, look good. Yes, Leah may have “cheated” in the past, but she was 17 years old (still growing up and getting used to the culture shock of motherhood) and unmarried at the time. It looks much worse if you cheat when you’re married–especially since Corey is the one who pushed the wedding so much. And only after six months of marriage–no excuse.

      1. me too…looks like some scary over use of latisse or something. they’re so long they’re not even attractive…just…scary, as you guys said lol

  8. Just for the info, Amber did not have a baby at 18 last year. she is 21! CORRECTION! and as for Leah, she filed for the divorce AND she cheated on corey in the past, thats her fault. and as for this AMY chick, Amber is an original WV GIRL, so maybe you DO know what your up against.. No one knows us Texas girls!

  9. Who wouldn’t jump his bones? bahaha and I agree that she shouldn’t be attacked via FB but I would hate be remembered in my 15 minutes of fame as a home wrecking hoe from texass:)

  10. Yeah, but if he has been seeing *multiple* girls for over a month, I can’t say I blame her. But then again, I guess none of us really know the whole story. However, thus far, it does seem that Corey is the one at fault and Leah seems genuinely hurt. Hope everything is/turns out okay with both parties, though.

  11. I don’t want to sound harsh but Leah is the one that got the divorced going . She could try to go to counselor with Corey to fight for the marriage if the marriage meant anything to her to get that she is hurt but she cant blame Corey for trying to move on and be happy.

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