You Must Watch This Video! Scotty Predicted His ‘Idol’ Future!

This video is kind of chilling and creepy!

It was shot back in January by finalist Tim Halperin (‘member him?) He captured on video the few moments before Scotty McCreery went out to sing to get into the American Idol Top 40.

In the video, Scotty talks about how whatever he does in the next couple of moments could change his whole life (it did.) He says that if he “goes out there and sucks” he’ll be back sitting on his couch the next day! Oh, Scotty, why are you so gosh dern adorable?!

Tim makes the comment that when he posts this video on YouTube a few months from then, it will be incredible because it is the exact moment that Scotty realized what his future could hold and essentially predicted his future! Everything Tim says eventually came true for Scotty, which is kind of cool!

One other thing to note: why the hell is Haley Reinhart totally spazzing out in the background? I’m pretty sure that’s her in the front row gyrating like a crazy person!

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