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The Ashley was interviewed for a news story today regarding the story she broke this afternoon about 16 & Pregnant star Jordan Ward‘s second pregnancy!

You can read the story here:

‘16 & Pregnant’ Girl Expecting Baby Number 2
by Sean Daly

Jordan Ward – the St. Louis teen featured last month on the season three premiere of “16 & Pregnant” – is having another baby.

The news was confirmed today in a social media post by her identical twin sister Jessica, who also appeared on the episode.

“Lol yes its true:],” Jessica posted on her official Formspring page. “People need to realize Jordan is married and they are about to have their own house in august. They really really LOve each other!!”
Jordan – who currently lives in her grandparent’s basement with husband Brian Finder and their 10 month old son Noah – is expecting a girl, Jessica says: “Her doctor did an early ultrasound for them since Brian is leaving soon for basic training!:)”

The couple will be relocating next month to southern California when Finder begins his service in the US Air Force.

“It is not uncommon for an 18 or 19 year old girl to have one or two kids in a military family,” says blogger The Ashley, who broke the story on her website Thursday.

“Of all the girls this could have happened to, she has the most level head, she has a supportive family. And she is married to a good guy. They are both acting like adults.”

Jordan was approximately 9 weeks pregnant at the season 3 reunion special, which was filmed in April. “MTV told doctor drew not to talk about it,” Jessica says.

Both sisters had dropped out of high school to pursue careers in modeling, but changed their plans after Jordan became pregnant with Noah in 2009.

Jordan, now 17, is not the first girl featured on the show to become pregnant again.

Last fall, the network produced a special episode when Season Two participant Markai Durham elected to have an abortion.

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