EXCLUSIVE: ’16 & Pregnant’ Star Jordan Ward is Pregnant Again!

It’s Baby #2 for Jordan!

Oh baby! 16 & Pregnant Season 3 star Jordan Ward is pregnant again!

Jordan and her husband, Brian, are expecting a little girl in November, Jordan’s sister (and fan favorite) Jessica Ward has confirmed.

In fact, she was pregnant back in March when she taped the 16 & Pregnant Reunion Special. However, MTV asked Dr. Drew not to discuss it and they didn’t. There will be no mention of it at the reunion.

Why has she kept quiet so long? According to this blog:

“Jordan has kept this quiet because she knew how disappointed people would be. Not only that but she wanted to be able to enjoy the life she created and be excited about it before having the wonderful world of tabloids rain on her parade.” 

The blog also states that Jordan does not want viewers to emulate her actions.

“If there’s anything Jordan wants people to know it’s that being on birth control would have been the responsible thing to do. She was not trying to conceive but it happened and now they are welcoming a new addition to the family.”

It’s true kids!

Jordan married Brian, and he’s going into the Air Force and they are getting a house in August (according to Jessica’s Formspring.)

According to Jessica, Jordan’s grandmother was happy for the couple, who plans to move to California next month. 

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  1. Although it is not the ideal time for them to have another baby, it is excellent that her husband can step up to the plate as a MAN should & provide. So many young fathers walk out on young mothers, & the mothers must raise the child on their own just because the father can’t handle the responsibility or grow up. As a proud young mother and Air Force Wife myself, I am so proud of these two for taking on a difficult responsibility yet again. It’s better to give a baby a chance at life then to just “get rid of” it. Growing up & making adult choices starts at conception, & unexpected pregnancy can happen to anyone .. it happened to me, but it’s the best thing that has forever changed mine & my husband’s lives. The road is going to be tough for these two, especially with the military in the mix (I know all too well), but as long as they stay strong as a couple & work together it is very possible that they will make it! Best of luck guys!

    1. The disturbing part to me is that Jordan admits she wasn’t trying to get pregnant, yet she was having sex and not protecting herself…didn’t she learn from her first “oops??” Lets have more goals for ourselves than popping a kid out every year while daddy goes off to war, mmmmkay??

      1. Terry, well put! I had to laugh at the last line or two of your statement. =)

        Having kids is no joke. I just hope they can keep all of their heads above water. I have been with my husband for almost ten years and it took us more than five years to get pregnant with our baby girl. Reading things like this sometimes infuriates me, but what can I do? We would love to have another one; but so far, it is not in the cards for us yet.

        Anyway, motherhood is very hard~ to all the teens out there: don’t let MTV fool you into thinking anything but. Yes, they show some of the struggles on T.V.; but one can never truly know how it feels until one has been through it. Good luck!!

  2. If you’re looking for an excuse to justify her pregnancy or make it seem okay (i.e. “They’re married” or “She seems mature”) then that’s a clear sign of the fact that something’s wrong with the situation.

    I wish her the best, as I do with anyone who is expecting a child, but it’s really disturbing and irresponsible to see people acting as if it’s some great decision. Really the whole “Well they’re mature and responsible” thing is basically a fangirl excuse. People are looking for reasons just because they liked Jordan for her episode, because if she wasn’t a reality star and was some girl from your neighborhood you wouldn’t be jumping through hoops to make excuses.

    I hope things work out for her and her kids but people need to stop applauding her and acting like her getting pregnant again wasn’t stupid and irresponsible.

  3. i think she should be on the next teen mom bc this does happen in life and she would be good on it cause this is also what teens get for acting in rebeless ways

  4. I think it’s great. Little Noah will have a playmate, and both Jordan and Brian seem to have good relationship and some financial stability. Jordan will have a lot of time ahead to get her education and profession, but she already will have her kids growing too. Congratulations!

  5. I’m not saying it’s impossible, crazy or wrong. Just that it requires a certain amount of independence. And that planning that far ahead is difficult in the military. Otherwise, I’m sure if all goes as planned with his military career, they will be just fine…as a couple and as parents.

  6. Its not unusual to me, im happy for them both. Will be hard but also every girl who has had a child within the past year takes a risk of getting pregnant again every time they have sex. Hell im proud of them both that they actually are taking responsibility for their actions like mature adults. It happens all too often and that’s probably why im not that disappointed in them for getting pregnant again. Everyone jus freaks out too much when this happens all too often and not with jus teens. Anyways good luck and best wished to jordan, brian, and Noah =)

  7. How is Jordan going to go to school and get and education after highschool and get a job that she likes. How is brian going to get a job that he wants and not just going to join the air force for the mistake they made in geting pregnant again. I’m disappointed in you Jordan, I though u would want better for u and noah, but what is done is done. Wish u the best and i will be praying for u and ur family. Hope everything goes well. I’m sure Noah is going to love is baby sister.

  8. I was a big fan of Jordan’s and Jessica since her episode aired, but I am disappointed to hear that Jordan is pregnant again with her second child. Can’t people learn from their mistakes especially when their mistakes are life changing. I understand that she is married, but now days marriages don’t last that long and end up in a divorce. I wish Jordan the best and I’m not trying to be rude but I just wanted to express my opinion. As Jordan would say “God won’t give me something that I can’t handle.”

  9. so disappointment!!! on these days people think is easy to have kids and is not fear they will be living of our taxes because a bet anything they have to be on welfare and MTV paying so much money because you got pregnant ??? like are you for real? where is DR DREW ? i wonder what he is thinking ?

  10. I would have to agree with madi for the most part I am a teen mom I just turned 21 years old and currently on my 3rd baby I am due november 1st they will all be 2 years apart my husband is army he just got back january from his first deployment and we have been together for 9 years. Emotionaly when they are gone and you have no family or friends around to help its very hard I ended up moving back to family for help emotionaly and financialy and it was still so hard running after 2 kids and worry about your husband when you don’t hear from him for days on end. The best resource I found is acs (army community services) they helped me with everything my post partum depression budgeting day care finding out other resources to help me. I wish you all the luck but situations like what me and you have is not impossible alot of people take one look and say “oh there young that’s not gonna last” ignore it keep your head up and focus souly on you your beautiful kids and your marriage. Never be afraid to ask for help I was afraid what others thought if I would ask for help then one day I didn’t care anymore its your life and god has a plan for you. With the military you can’t really plan a week ahead cuz things change daily with them I been planning on a trip home for 2 months and since my husband is being promoted he has all this stuff to do it keeps getting canceld.

    Good luck with everything I send you my best wishes and congrats on the new baby.

  11. I don’t really think the timing on his Basic Training and the new house and California makes any sense at all. As a military wife, I can say that’s it’s impossible to plan that far ahead of time, especially plan a specific area, nevermind a state. Even more so when he hasn’t even left for Basic Training yet…anything can happen the day he enters. But…hopefully they know that. Anyway…she’s definitely got a long hard road ahead of her and I hope that she becomes more comfortable being alone because she’s going to be doing a lot of it by herself while he’s in the Air Force. Fortunately, they will have an easier time of it financially then most young couples with children…so that’s good at least. And they do seem like level headed young people, so that’s even better for the kiddies.

  12. I am actually disappointed. I don’t care how “responsible” she is. It is both financially, physically and emotionally hard to have two babies that aren’t even 18 months apart for anyone- let alone an 18 year old girl! Birth control is so much easier and cheaper than supporting a child.

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