It’s Mugshot Time for ‘Teen Mom’ Star Gary Shirley!

TMZ always gets the mugshot!

Teen Mom star Gary Shirley was arrested yesterday! Apparently, he was feeling left out, what with all the other 16 & Pregnant stars getting their mugshots posted on TMZ, and yearned to have a mugshot of his own on the site– mission accomplished, GarBear!

So what happened?

According to the official arrest report (and the corresponding Starcasm story) an officer approached Gary’s car around 1:30 a.m. after he noticed a man and woman fighting. (Any guesses as to who that woman was? I’ll give you hint: she has an orange face and a record of domestic violence!) The officer asked for identification, which Gary handed over.

Unfortunately for GarBear, he was driving on a suspended license, which means Gary got an all expenses paid trip to the Madison County, Indiana jail! His license had been revoked in November due to too many unpaid parking tickets (at least that’s what Gary has said.)  

The report also claims that Gary made a point to tell the officer that they were celebrities, perhaps in hopes that they would be let go? (Gary said on Twitter that he did this because AMBO wasn’t carrying identification.)

The Ashley would have loved to have been within earshot of that conversation.

"Officer, what do you say I sing you a song and make it all better?"

“Hey Officer. ‘Member us? Gary and Amber, the poster kids for domestic violence from ‘Teen Mom?’ What do you say we got get a dozen donuts and talk this out?”

The officer slapped the handcuffs on Gary’s girthy paws  (it took two pairs due to his size, said the report!)

Gary claims that he and AMBO weren’t actually fighting and that she was actually angry at someone else. This may be true, we know that AMBO likes to take her aggression out on our poor little GarBear!

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  1. With all the money he makes on teen mom he didn’t think maybe I should pay my unpaid tickets so I can have my license renew but instead he spends his money on crap and trips to Vegas and he the one the courts trust to take care of Leah.

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