Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson made a big splash during last night’s Dancing With the Stars performance finale. (The winner will be announced tonight!)

The Ashley‘s Sister was in the audience to cheer on Hines. (The Ashley’s family is from Pennsylvania and are huge Steeler fans. It cracks The Ashley up to watch The Dad scurry into the living room to watch Hines dance. The moment you realize your father is watching ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is kind of a Twilight Zone moment.)

Anyway, The Sister got this great video of Hines and Kym discussing their freestyle dance. Kym must have known that she and Hines would make it to the finale because she started planning for their finale freestyle way back in week five! (Sorry, the video is a little hard to hear in the beginning, but tough it out and it will get better!)

“We were at a football game in Atlanta and the drummers came out during halftime and I looked at Hines and said ‘oh my God! This is what we’re going to do for the freestyle!” Kym said. “He was like ‘Um…what’s a freestyle!'”

The pair watched the movie “Drumline” for inspiration, and even hired the Crenshaw High School drummers (straight outta South Los Angeles!) for the performance.

“With her vision, [I knew] that it would be a freestyle that everyone would remember,” Hines said.

The Ashley wishes Hines and Kym the best of luck! They totally deserve to win!

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