‘Downsized’ Star Laura Bruce Clears Up Misconceptions About Her Family

Expect the unexpected for Season 2, Laura told The Ashley.

The Ashley sat down with Laura Bruce, star of WE TV’s hit show Downsized to talk about show’s second season (which premiered Tuesday night), and discuss how she and her family have dealt with the criticism that has come their way because of the show.

The Ashley:  How did your family get chosen to be on the TV show?

Laura Bruce: One day our entire family was in the van and Bailey [Laura’s daughter] kept saying that we should have a reality show because our family is so entertaining. I dismissed her comments as a joke but when we got home she and some of the other kids got on the Internet and looked at some casting calls on a reality website. She asked if she could submit an application and a photo and I agreed, since I figured we would never hear from anyone. Three days later, Pie Town Productions called us and the rest is history…

The Ashley: How have your friends and families reacted to seeing you on the show?

Laura Bruce: My dad really struggles to watch the show because he doesn’t like to see us suffer. His wife, my stepmom, Ann, screens each episode and warns him so he can be ready. Our friends and family have been ultra-supportive. We couldn’t have done it without them.

The Ashley: How have you dealt with the criticism you’ve gotten from the media and from strangers because of the show?

Laura Bruce: Honestly, I’ve dealt with the negative comments horribly! I have cried many times over some of the negative comments because I was so naïve going into this. I never used social media and I had no clue how easy it could be to bash someone [online]. I am very sensitive but I think this experience forced me to become stronger in that regard. Thank God for my kids! They have really calmed me down and helped me to look past the negativity.

The Ashley: What’s one misconception about your family that you’d like to clear up?

Laura Bruce: That we have made a ton of money from the show! Non-celebrities make peanuts! The other [thing] that bothers us the most is when people say we don’t have it so bad and we should stop complaining. We just wanted to share our story and we never professed to be the worst off or destitute. The show is called ‘Downsized’ not ‘Homeless.’ The definition of ‘Downsized’ is to reduce or make smaller.

The family hit New York in October to appear on the Rachel Ray Show!

The Ashley:  Why did your family decide to do a second season of the show?

Laura Bruce: We debated as to whether or not to do Season 2. This season will be different from Season 1 for the simple reason that when you have a large family there is never a boring moment! Our lives, since the day Todd and I met, have been non-stop.

The Ashley: What can viewers expect to see this season?

Laura Bruce: I can say that very unexpected things happened in the short 10 weeks that we filmed. Situations that were new to us that we had no idea how to handle. You will be watching some very heavy topics that unfold on national TV.

The Ashley: If you could go back in time, would you still do the show?

Laura Bruce: Although it has been difficult at times, I am very thankful for the opportunity to be on ‘Downsized.’ My favorite part is relating with people around the world. I truly feel a strong connection with the viewers.

The Ashley: What’s been the biggest perk of being on the show?

Laura Bruce: Having the opportunity to travel and do talk shows with the family! I think the experience has been invaluable for the kids especially. I think they will be able to handle themselves in interviews and social setting s with more confidence after speaking on live television.

The Ashley loves ‘Downsized!’ If you haven’t watched the show yet, you can watch it on Tuesday nights on WE TV! Here’s the official website for the show, which has lots of goodies for the fans!

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  1. if I had some money I would bring downsize back and fix Laura Mercedes Benz that her father gave her it needed some repairs done

  2. the show was excellent whatever happend to Laura’s Mercedes Benz thatneed some repairs Laura recieved from her dad if I had some I would bring the show back some people don’t know what downsized means Bruce needs to get a job either at a Walmart or Mcdonalds something to contribute the family

  3. I watched this show when it first ran. I just happened to turn on FYI channel and caught it again. I liked this show. I wasn’t aware of a second season. The kids were very normal kids. Laura had a job as a teacher and Tod a general contractor. Both are good jobs.. When the economy tanked it wasn’t any fault of theirs i am sure they are a bit better now 3 years down the road.

  4. I’m watching this show for the first time, 2014 reruns. I’m finding this show very helpful. Many American’s need to downsize and many have blended families as well. We’ve been living slightly beyond our means for several years and it’s beginning to add up. I’m in the middle of reworking our finances, going back to school to get ready to re-enter the workforce after being a stay at home for years. This family is giving me ideas and I appreciate it!

  5. Todd is an idiot. He uses Laura’s good credit for everything. What is an inteligent fox like Laura doing with Todd any way? What was she thinking. Twice divorced. Two other women threw him out, and she married him any way. These people really screwed up their lives. They thought they were entitled to everything.

  6. I loved the show!! Yes, it does show how larger families survive, I am one of six kids. I felt their family dynamics were believable. They have the whole world seeing their shortcomings and were brutally honest. We saw raw emotions and real life teen angst, many people are uncomfortable with “real” reality. There will ALWAYS be someone better as well as worse off than we. It would be refreshing for a network to do what is right for their target audience instead of just their bottom line. WE TV needs to re-think their decision for number 3.

  7. I think this is one of the best shows on tv. It’s real and something a lot of people can relate too. It’ s a lot better than watching people run around getting trashed and having sex with everything and anything and getting rich for it. They have real problems and issues not who they are going to sleep with or what bar to party at . I def. hope there is a season three. I’d like to see the accomplishments they have made and if their lives are getting easier.

  8. Personally I am sick and tired of seeing people like the soccer mommy and bruce, cry about all what they don’t have, I see them as people with there hands out, Try being a single mom, 2 kids, on disablity, Yea, I have MS too, atleast she has her husband and now all the pitty of america, Yea, I went to college, graduated from a university, and there home would be my dream home, yea, i live in a house that half of it was a old mining home 100 years old, and was only 500 square feet for a long time, my kids were enbarrest, my parents felt bad and added on for me, one room and a bedroom, Yea bruce, your show don’t mean your homeless, but you sure are not this sad little family with the stuff i am going thru alone.. so boo woo, put your big boy paints on and quite your winning I was sad too see you even got another season, your wifes voice sends me too the roof. You don’t know what bad is.. your kids dress better than most around here. I am so so sorry they had too give up cheer, or dance really??? thats the big issues, OMG.

    1. Whaa whaa Michelle…looks like you have money for a TV and a computer…Don’t be so mean and jealous. You claim to have gone to a university but, can’t spell embarrased. Why are you taking your time to blog ? They aren’t saying they are homeless you halfwit. This show is the only family that shows what goes on in a real family where the kids communicate with their parents and are very respectful to everyone. We love Laura ,Todd and the kids ….look forward to another season..muhhhh

    2. JUST DON’T WATCH!! GEEZ, BET U CAN’T TAKE A JOKE EITHER…You can’t watch anything on t.v. where there isn’t ALWAYS something worse!!! Cancer is getting the better of me, but its lessons learned, entertaining, & keeps ones mind off of ones self!! Come on lighten up..life is what it is!

    3. I don’t believe you went to college and if you did you should get your money back. You misspelled so many words and your grammar is horrible.

      It’s embarrassed, not enbarrest
      It’s you’re, not your
      The correct way to say “your show don’t mean your homeless” is “your show doesn’t mean you’re homeless”.

  9. I love how Todd sits around @ nite and tells the kids what to do while Laura with the health condition works 2 jobs. He doesn’t deserve her. Thanks, Todd, for getting your family into this mess. You should work @ Wal-Mart or anything you can legally do to support your family and give Laura a break.


  11. I enjoy this show tremendously! Its honestly taught me a lot about saving and “downsizing”. If Laura reads this : I wish you and your family much love, health and prosperity as you continue to learn & grow together. Much love from Nj…

  12. Im new to your site and I love it so far. I love watching Downsized and I actually found your site searching for more info on the show. I was trying to find out where the kids dad is and why he is not in their lives. But, I have been reading all your Teen Mom and other post and Im addicted to your hilarious sarcasm.

  13. please..in a year theyll have a new show called upgrading…they’ll be making more money than us all pretty soon.

  14. I love Downsized its the best reality show on tv I hope there is a season 3 . Bailey and Rex are my favorite

    1. I loved that show! So sad to see it go, they are a real family dealing with the struggles of a family living check to check, trying to pay bills, having to say no to your kids when they want something,having in the bank to pay your mortgage/rent, figuring out what bills to pay and not to pay, this is real life for alot of families, like mine. Let’s hope WE comes to their senses and brings their show back!

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