Farrah Abraham’s Ex to Explain Why They Split on TV Tonight!

What happened?!

As you know, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently went public with a new romance with club promoter Daniel Alvarez, only to get dumped days after the news broke.

Tonight, E! is interviewing Daniel about his relationship with Farrah and what went wrong!

As you Roundupers know, Daniel spoke with The Ashley right after the breakup and gave her some insight about the breakup. (You can read that interview here!)

While they were dating, Farrah told Life & Style, “I couldn’t ask for a better guy to come into my life.” He’s even good with baby Sophia. It’s like a perfect little family.”

Things have obviously changed since then!

If you want to watch the interview (you know The Ashley totally does!) tune into E! tonight at 7pm Eastern time. The Ashley is dying to know how Daniel put up with Farrah’s terrible attitude and general selfishness for as long as he did! The man must be a saint!

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  1. Good for him! Farrah is such an obnoxious, ungrateful witch. She has supportive parents & is always so nasty with them. Then when she does her ugly cry, please I don’t feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for your daughter who has to grow up with you. She’s a cute baby. Try brushing her hair once in a while.

    1. Omg! Almost every picture on Farrahs fb, sophia’s hair isnt even done! I even commented on it saying that Farrah should try do ok ng,Sophia’s hair and my comment was deleted! Even on the show, her hair is never put up! Sophia is cute, but she looks homely with her,hair a mess all the,time! She is little girl, farrah! Do her hair!

  2. I met Farrah in person as I was casted to be on 5 of last seasons Teen Mom after shows. Behind the scenes she was far from a diva in between breaks to film the next after show. On top of that we all had lunch together and I sat next to Farrah with out her not knowing me and I started talking to her thinking she’d ignore me or give simple answers and she was nothing but nice and talkative and talked to me like a friend and not a fan. I think its with like every one it really goes on the type of mood a person is in. I know when I’m in a bad mood or something just bad happened I tend to snap at people. Not hating on your post or anything just that things might just be going behind the scenes on which she might of acted out like that at times or also things might get exaggerated at times. xo

    1. You meet her once Daniel actually dated her so he knows her better than you and then one encounter you had. So I believe daniel when he said these things about farrah farrah only sister said that Farrah is really has bad as she is protray on tv. So im not trying to be mean but your one encounter with her is just one encounter Farrah has a had this diva behavior. Since 16 and pregrant and she continue to act like this did you not hear what she said about Demi lovato. Not trying to sound like bitch but because Farrah was nice one day that does not excuse on behavior because 99 percent of time Farrah is a raging bitch. Not just her family but to everyone

  3. I’m a big fan of your blog and I think you’re hilarious! I am definitely not Farrah’s biggest fan myself, but I don’t understand your utter hatred of her. She may be bratty, but she’s obviously been through a lot, her mother is no treat, and most importantly, she’s great with Sophia. She never takes a bad tone with her, she plays with her, and Sophia is happy and healthy and responsive, which is saying something. It’s Leah I worry about… Amber ignores her, beats her father, yells at her and tells her to shut up when she cries, and Leah is already showing signs of behavioral problems at that young age. That poor child barely has a chance. Again, I’m not Farrah’s biggest fan but she is a good mom and I find it strange that you condemn her and laugh up Amber’s awful parenting/neglect of her child! Especially when you usually have a much more sympathetic approach than other gossip sites. Boo 🙁

    1. Very true about Leah…I do worry a lot about her a lot. She has no positive role models around her (with the possible exception of Gary’s mom). However..I agree that Farrah is a good mom (for the most part). I have no problem with her parenting skills. It’s her attitude towards other people, especially her parents who are helping her raise her daughter, that makes me disgusted. She treats everyone like they’re second class, not to mention in “real life” she’s a real treat, trust me…

  4. Daniel said that Farrah was bossy, demanding,belittle and rude to his friends and family. He said that Farrah has a huge ego that she thinks everyone is jealous of her and Daniel said that Farrah told him. That in high school she was the hottest girl in school and all the girls were jealous of her and the real reason why she does not have any friends. Is because Farrah claim that girls are too jealous of her and Daniel also said that Farrah being on Teen mom has given her a power trip. And that she thinks she is celebrity So Ashley everything you said about Farrah is true

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