Maci Bookout Speaks About Her Life As a ‘Teen Mom’ at College Campus

Photo: Clarion Call

There’s no doubt about it: Maci Bookout is a full-fledged star, appearing on numerous magazine covers and talk shows. Viewers are dying to get any info they can about their favorite Teen Mom. (She really is the favorite. She trumped the other Moms in The Ashley‘s recent favorite ‘Teen Mom’ star poll. Roundupers love them some Maci!)

Anyway, students at Clarion University in Pennsylvania were treated to some face-to-face time with their favorite ‘Teen Mom’ star on Monday night. Maci gave a lecture to the over 500 students that attended.

Who wasn’t invited? The paparazzi, those photo-hungry hounds who can be seen snapping away at Maci and the other ‘Teen Moms’ on a daily basis. In fact, to prevent this Clarion University posted security on site to keep Maci’s speech private and safe.

According to Tyler Shearer, one of two students who helped organize the event, Maci’s speech sold out in only two days! (See, I told you she was popular!)

“I wanted someone with a clever story who would have a great impact on college students,” Tyler told The Ashley. “I wanted [Maci to speak] because she’s very popular right now…I think [our students] related to her, because Maci was the same age as most of us college students and people look up to her if they are in a similar situation.”

Maci poses with fans after her speech. The Ashley's jealous!

During her speech Maci (who has been doing these speaking engagements off and on for about three years now) told the story about how she told her mother she was pregnant (in a text message!) She also dished about her current life with Kyle King and Bentley.

“She talked a lot about the show and how she and Bentley really have gotten used to it,” Tyler told The Ashley. “She also said that Bentley thinks that having cameras around all the time is normal!”

According to the Clarion Call News, at one point Maci asked the audience if any of them made at least $1,000 a month. When only a few students raised their hands, Maci told them “ya’ll would be screwed [if you were to have a child right now].

“She talked about how important it is that pregnancy shouldn’t stop someone from going back to school,” said Tyler. “She really touched my heart with her story and her amazing personality.”

Tyler said that he was surprised to find that Maci was down-to-earth and friendly. (This makes The Ashley happy! I hate it when I hear that TV stars are douche nuggets in person!) He was given the honor of picking her up and dropping her off at the airport. During that time they spoke about life, family and played games, he said.

“Maci Bookout is hands-down the strongest woman I’ve ever met,” Tyler said.

Being a teen mom, and no doubt being on ‘Teen Mom’ has changed Maci’s life 100 percent.

“It’s the best and worst thing that ever happened to me. It gave me a purpose,” she said during the speech.

She also confirmed what us ‘Teen Mom’ fans have been hearing (and hoping is not true): that the show’s fourth season (which is currently filming) will likely be Maci’s last. (Waaaaa!)

The Ashley thinks it’s cool that Maci does these speeches (even if she does get paid for them). College kids are more likely to listen to another college kid, so it’s likely that Maci has helped numerous people by telling her story and advising people against teen parenthood!

Wanna see a cool video of Maci being interview after the speech? Click here.

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7 Responses

  1. She really doesnt know how hard it really is to be a teen mom, when she is making over $65,000 a season. Thats more than most teen moms make in a 3 year period. Mentally it may be exhausting for her, but she really is my least favorite teen mom. She is in the tabloids fairly often, and although she isn’t getting as much negative publicity as some of the teen moms, she is still constantly in the limelight. People need to stop looking to her as a role model. Since watching the show, she has moved at least 3 times, has driven at least 2 different cars, and I really stopped liking her when she dropped out of College to spend “more time with Bentley” than literally started looking for daycares.

    1. I agree with you I don’t understand why young kids look up to maci she not a role model . She has complete changed since the show first started she gone all Hollywood now if it wasn’t not for MTV maci would not have all she has now. The cars the brand new apartment .

    2. I agree about her not knowing the realities of teen parenthood, and there are a lot of things she has done that I disagree with (like not being able to complete semesters in college in spite of the fact that she is making more money than my mom makes to support my entire family!). I do appreciate her attempts to maintain the original intent of the show, albeit her life is not really the cautionary tale it would have been without her appearing on Teen Mom.

      Teen Mom should have just been one season. Once they received their checks and started living the good life, the series lost what little reality it conveyed.

  2. It seems like Maci is trying to hold onto the original message of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom – not the drama, not the “entertainment,” not the tabloid bombshells, but the fact that having a child when you are still basically a child yourself will be the greatest challenge of your life!

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