Spoiler Alert! Check Out the Cast of the Upcoming MTV’s ‘The Challenge’

“I’m like herpes…I just keep coming back!”

It’s that time again, kiddies. MTV is rolling out yet another season of The Challenge, a show that’s so bad, it makes even The Ashley feel guilty for watching it. (Don’t judge me, I have no life!)

The Ashley has been stalking the Twitters and Facebooks of the typical ‘Challenge’ contestants to see who is saying that they will be “unavailable” or “off the grid” for the next few weeks. (How mysterious…I wonder where they could be going? Perhaps they’re getting real jobs? Now I’m just being silly!)

According to The Ashley’s Internet sleuthing, she’s pretty sure she knows at least most of the cast for the upcoming ‘Challenge.’ Of course, this is not 100% confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt.

The new season will feature many of the ‘usual suspects,’ (come on, what else is Paula going to do?) Filming for the new season started yesterday, and the gang all headed to Miami Airport. From there, they flew to some exotic location that The Ashley wasn’t able to determine– YET! 

The Ashley was surprised/pleased to find out that many of the old ‘Challengers’ are coming out of retirement to take part in the next ‘Challenge!’ This is good news, as the cast is getting quite stale after being regurgitated each season.

Here’s who we can expect to see next season:

Mark Long: Yes, he “officially” retired from Challenges a few years back, but you know these people can’t stay out of the the MTV limelight for that long. I’m actually surprised Mark is back to participating in these hijinks, since he actually got a job hosting and producing some other shows.

Rachel: It’s speculated that Rachel will be returning to the Challenge after a long hiatus. She’s been doing fitness stuff for the last few years.

Aneesa: It’s almost for sure that she will be on the upcoming season, though, since she took a day trip to take the required psychology tests for this season.

Wes: What’s a ‘Challenge’ without Wes? He tweeted about taking the required psych and STD tests for the show so it’s almost certain he will be there.

Sarah Rice: I honestly can’t remember the last ‘Challenge’ that didn’t include Sarah. She’ll be back again, of course. The Ashley is kind of happy about this one, since she loves to hear Sarah talk a big game all season long and then totally blow it and blubber like a baby during the final ‘Challenge.’ It’s the little things….

Paula: Of course Paula will be creeping around this ‘Challenge.’ She’ll be doing these things until she’s eligible for AARP.

Mandi: She also took the required psych tests in mid-October. However, she did sleep with CT and Wes during the last ‘Challenge’ so I’d question her sanity too.

Cara Maria: The feathered one will once again be back for another ‘Challenge.’

Abe: Cara Maria’s boyfriend will also be attending the festivities this time around.

Robin: ‘Member her? She was a regular on these shows in the mid-2000s, but dropped out to have a baby, etc. She made her comeback last season (but was quickly voted off). She’s rumored to be coming back again this time around.

CT: It wouldn’t be a ‘Challenge’ without CT grunting around the house, threatening people and banging the girls.

Johnny Bananas: Is it me or is this annoyingly close to the cast of ‘Rivals?’ Just sayin…

Other people you can expect to see this season are Dunbar (yawn), Camila, Priscilla, Vinny, Jasmine, Leroy, Nate and a few other people who I don’t remember.

MTV casting department, I just have three words for you: Bring.Back.Beth. Seriously, pay whatever you have to in order to get that trainwreck back on my TV screen!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. I went to the last reunion taping and Johnny was a complete jerk. My boyfriend even walk in the bathroom to see him pushing Adam against the wall. He is a complete loser and delayed the taping because he was being so unprofessional. I wish they wouldn’t have included him in this season!

  2. My ideal cast lineup is:

    The Miz (I can dream, can’t I?)
    Adam King
    Alton (Miss him!)


    I really miss all the old challenges. I recently watched The Gauntlet, The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes (Okay, maybe i watched every season of the Challenges i could find on the internet…) and i REALLY love the old cast and i miss them and the new casts suck with the exception of a few, mainly only guys. I wish i could find the old Real World and Road Rules seasons online, i was only successful in the Challenges. Boo. I miss my old school casts!

  3. No Laurel? No Evan? No Kenny? LAME…
    And thank goodness Beth doesn’t do these shows anymore. Her evil laugh should never be on tv again…

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