Beavis & Butthead Make Fun of ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham

Apparently, Beavis & Butthead share The Ashley‘s hobby of making fun of Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom!

In case you haven’t heard, the show ‘Beavis & Butthead’ is back! Back in the late-1990s, when The Ashley was just a junior high gal with bad bangs and a flannel shirt, she got great enjoyment out of watching these two make fun of MTV music videos. She’s delighted to see that they’ve made a comeback. Since MTV no longer plays music videos, B & B are forced to make fun of the crappy shows MTV now spits out.


First to bear the wrath of Cornholio & Co? The tarty ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham. You must watch the clip above (God bless whoever taped this off their TV and put it on YouTube. Watch it now, I’m sure it will be taken off soon.)

In this clip, Beavis and Butthead watch Farrah explain to her mom why she needs a boob job. Plus, they make fun of how Farrah talks (must she draw out every.single.syllable?)

Oh, B & B…I’ve missed you so.

(Photo: MTV)

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