Cochran’s Big ‘Survivor’ Move: Brilliant or Bone-Headed?

"I did a bad, bad thing...."

This season of Survivor suddenly got extremely exciting, thanks to Cochran‘s ginormous move last week! ‘Survivor’ fans watched in delight/horror as Cochran betrayed his tribe and flipped at the last minute, giving the other tribe the numbers after the merge and essentially sealing the fate of his tribe members. After being kicked around by his tribe for weeks, Cochran pulled a fast one on his bullies and screwed them over.

But here’s the real question: did he, in fact, screw himself over by flipping sides? The Ashley thinks so, but what’s your opinion? Was this one of the smartest moves made this season, or was it one of the dumbest?

Take the poll and tell The Ashley!

(Photo: CBS)


  1. That was by far the stupidest move he could have made and there is absolutely no chance in him winning this season. Once Upolu votes off all the Savaii tribe, Cochran will be the first to go. Regardless, he won’t win. However if I was Cochran knowing that I wouldn’t stand a chance at winning if even if I stayed with Savaii I would flip on my tribe as well. (The whole if I can’t win they can’t win either) mentality may seem immature but I would have done the same thing.

    But Cochran irritates me so much and I am so sick of the focus of the show focusing on him. And when he ate with Upolu at the immunity challenge I could have slapped him.

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