‘Deal or No Deal’ Returns With New Host, Physical Challenges, Island Setting & “Boston Rob”: Watch the First Trailer!

Raise your hand if you’re pumped for this unhinged reboot…

Deal or No Deal is back!

The gameshow known for featuring briefcases and host Howie Mandel, which aired on NBC from 2005 to 2008, is making a comeback–- this time, with a whole new premise AND a new name: Deal or No Deal Island. 

“The game you know and love is back,” actor and show host Joe Manganiello says in the trailer for the reboot. “This time, on the Banker’s private island, it’s a whole new game with more money.” 

In this ‘Survivor’-meets ‘The Challenge’-meets game show, the contestants will have to compete against each other and the banker.

In addition to getting a new name and host, the gameshow itself will be played quite differently, Entertainment Weekly reports. (While Joe has been tapped to take over hosting duties, Howie is still involved in the show as an executive producer.)

On each episode, contestants will compete in challenges to retrieve the briefcase containing the most money, which will grant them immunity, as well as the ability to choose another contestant to enter the Temple. Once inside the Temple, the contestant will play a round of ‘Deal or No Deal.’ If the contestant accepts a deal worth less than their selected briefcase, they will be eliminated. If the contestant makes a good deal, they will be able to eliminate someone else. 

The last contestant remaining in the competition will compete against the Banker to take home the group’s winnings. 

Swamp water and alligators? No Deal. No way.

“Hidden throughout the island [are] cases filled with cash, you just need to find them,” Joe tells contestants in the trailer. “Win the cases, face the Banker; it’s an opportunity to make the deal of a lifetime. 

“ … Work together or sabotage another player,” he advises the contestants. 

The ‘Deal or No Deal Island’ cast features a couple of familiar faces to fans of reality TV, as well as the addition of Banker’s Assistants, Ben Crofchick and Kamari Love.

‘Deal or No Deal Island’ Banker’s Assistants, Kamari Love and Ben Crofchick…

Check out the cast of ‘Deal or No Deal Island’ below! 

Boston Rob Mariano, Perdido Keys, Florida 

Survivor fan-favorite (and Survivor: Redemption Island winner) “Boston Rob” Mariano joins the cast, following his many ‘Survivor’ appearances.

The 47-year-old reveals in the upcoming trailer that he is determined to take home another reality TV competition win while on the island. 

“I wanna figure out a way to control the game,” Rob says. “And that’s it!” 

Claudia Jordan, Dallas, Texas

Returning to the ‘Deal or No Deal’ franchise this season is 50-year-old Claudia Jordan, who appeared as one of the briefcase models on the OG show. (See below, holding Case No. 1.) 

“I was a model on ‘Deal or No Deal,’ I know what a good deal is, I know what a bad deal is,” Claudia says in the trailer.

(Claudia has also appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.) 

Also appearing are:

Dawson Addis (25) of Muskego, Wisconsin: “Gym Rat” and Bodybuilder 

Aron Barbell (26) of Champaign, Illinois: Tax Accountant and “Loyal Romantic”

Jordan Fowler Bull (29) of Nashville, Tennessee: AI and Tech Expert

Brantzen Wong (31) of Tustin, California: Professional Poker Player

Miranda Harrison (30) of Fort Myers, Florida: Pest Exterminator 

Alyssa Klinzing (26) of Kansas City, Missouri: “Professional Princess” and Beauty Queen

Jamil Sipes (47) of Grand Prairie, Texas: Divorcé Turned World Traveler

Nick Grasso (29) of Brooklyn, New York: Sanitation Worker & Former College Athlete

Kim Mattina (63) of Anthem, Arizona: Cancer Survivor & Veteran 

Dr. Stephanie Mitchell (41) of Gainesville, FL: Teen Mom Turned Doctor 

Amy McCoy (42) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: “Tough Country Mom of Three”

‘Deal or No Deal Island’ premieres February 26 on NBC. Watch the official trailer below! 

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