Exclusive Details! Farrah Abraham Gets Sued Over 2022 Assault of Nightclub Security Guard; Former ‘Teen Mom’ Star Files Her Own Lawsuit Against Club

“If you sue The Number One Celebrity Of Our Nation, you’re gonna get a lawsuit filed on ya!”

Farrah Abraham is starting her 2024 off with a whole lotta lawsuits: PER LAW!

TMZ broke the news this week that the fired Teen Mom OG star was being sued by a female security guard at the Los Angeles nightclub that Farrah was arrested outside of in January 2022. 

As The Ashley told you at the time, Farrah was bounced from Grandmaster Recorders restaurant after she reportedly slapped one of the club’s security guards. After she was removed from the venue, Farrah went on to be arrested for battery– but not before finding herself face-down on a sidewalk after being placed under citizen’s arrest. Shortly after the incident and arrest, Farrah (naturally) proclaimed her innocence, and the female security guard posted her injuries allegedly caused by Farrah to Instagram. 

Now, that security guard has filed a lawsuit against Farrah— and, in turn, Farrah has filed her own lawsuit against the nightclub and others— and The Ashley has all the exclusive details on both lawsuits!

On January 8, Farrah was served with paperwork that stated that the female security guard (whose first name is Megan) is suing her.

In court documents obtained by The Ashley, Megan states that the Backdoor Teen Mom committed “intentional bodily injury/property, intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery and assault” against her. Megan states that she suffered loss of wages, hospital/medical expenses, general damage and a loss of earning capacity because of what Farrah allegedly did to her that night, and now she wants the The Big F to pay up— in an excess of more than $25,000!

“I am not guilty, PER LAW, of this celebrification of a security guard batterment issue!”

In her complaint, Megan states that she was working at the restaurant as a security guard when she was told by other security staff that a fight was going down at the rooftop lounge. She went up there and worked with other security guards to escort Farrah off the property due to her “assaultive behavior with other customers.” 

“[Farrah] physically assaulted [Megan] when [Megan] approached. [Farrah] struck [Megan] on the side of her face,” the court doc state.

“The incident caused serious bodily injury and damages to [Megan] by reason of the foregoing. [Megan’s] injuries include, but are not limited to, an eye injury and injuries to her face for which [Megan] seeked medical treatment, as well as psychological trauma and emotional distress. 

“[Megan] has and will continue to incur medical expenses for hospitals, doctors, lost earnings and other expenses and damages in an amount to be proven at trial.” 

(In a deleted 2022 Instagram post, Megan posted a photo of herself with a black eye along with a caption explaining that she was already blind in one eye, and cannot see out of the eye she was allegedly hit in.)


Megan— who has retained an attorney— is set to go head-to-head with Farrah at a Case Management Conference that has been scheduled for May 8 in Los Angeles. 

After her arrest, Farrah continued to claim on Instagram that she was innocent, while also stating that she planned to sue the nightclub for the alleged damage they caused her.

“Grandmaster Recorders is to blame for my assault, my body is in pain and I will never normalize abuse or violence like this. Wrong is wrong. Crime is crime….

“I was attacked on the rooftop and tried to leave for safety and was then assaulted by a security guard and lied about on the sidewalk,” Farrah posted in January 2022, along with photos of injuries she said were caused by the security guard. “Charges are being pressed— no customer should be attacked.”

“Damaging my body is serious and legal protocols were not followed on a public sidewalk awaiting police,” she captioned a photo of scratches she claimed she received during the incident. “This is against the law. Charges will be in full effect as no one should ever have this happen to them. Stop normalizing abuse!” 

In a Yelp review written by Farrah shortly after her arrest, the ‘Teen Mom’ star accused the club and its employees of “batterment, racism” and hate crimes. 

On January 9, Farrah made good on her vow to sue the nightclub. She filed her own lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Grandmaster Recorders, as well as the hospitality group that owns the restaurant and the restaurant’s head of security, George Velasquez

Interestingly, Farrah is not suing Megan, the female security guard who is suing her, at this time.

Farrah has hired her own attorney, and in court documents obtained by The Ashley, is demanding compensation of more than $25,000.

In the court documents, Farrah states that she is “a known celebrity” and that she was having dinner with friends at the restaurant when she “was invited by staff to enjoy after-dinner drinks at the upstairs bar.” 

She then claims that, while at that bar, a random customer “suddenly attacked” her, “shoving her violently multiple times and swinging her purse at her.” In the hubbub, one of Farrah’s friends was hit, and the whole incident was allegedly seen by the club’s security staff. Farrah then claims she was “physically grabbed from behind by the arms” by a security guard and was “forcibly taken away from the bar and escorted out of the restaurant.”

Farrah says that the head of security, George, and other staff members then “roughly and rudely escorted her out of the restaurant.” 

“In the words of Stephanie Tanner from ‘Full House,’ HOW RUDE!”

From there, Farrah says she was outside the restaurant, innocently waiting for her friends when the security guards again came over to her and assaulted her.

“[Farrah was] then physically roughed up by…[George] Velasquez, an overly aggressive male security guard who then wrestled with [Farrah], flung her down to the ground like a ragdoll, handcuffed her, and then held her down on the ground, at times using his knee to do so, repeatedly saying ‘You are going to jail.'”

(There was actual video footage of this scene, however, which is posted below. In her court paperwork, Farrah omits the fact that she was belligerently and sometimes incoherently screaming during this time and that the security guard told her to “please be calm” and asked that Farrah not try to bite or hit him again.)  

In her lawsuit, Farrah writes that this “horrific scene” was videoed by one of her friends as “the shocking cruelty unfolded.” 

“As a result of Defendants’ heinous and appalling behavior, [Farrah] has suffered irreparable and permanent damage…” she states.

Farrah lists this “permanent damage” as “serious physical, mental and emotional injuries as a result of the battery committed” by the Defendants. 

She is suing all of the Defendants for assault, stating that Head of Security George was “unfit and incompetent to perform work as security personnel” and that he and the others intended to “cause a harmful and/or offensive contact” with her. 

Farrah says that she has suffered and continues to suffer “severe physical injuries, severe anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment, great pain of mind and body and disgrace.”

She also claims she has a “loss of enjoyment of life.” 

“Perhaps you need to watch a few of my delightful rap videos, to bring the enjoyment back to your life?”

The fired ‘Teen Mom’ starlet is also suing all of the Defendants for battery, claiming she did not consent for Head of Security George to touch her in the way he did.

“[Farrah] can be seen in the video writhing on the floor in pain, screaming in sheer terror, and doing all that she could to get away from Defendant Velasquez’s vice-like clutches,” the court paperwork reads. 

“Any reasonable person in [Farrah’s] situation would have been offended by the shockingly harmful, callous and heartless way in which Defendant Velasquez flung [Farrah] to the ground like a ragdoll, wantonly disregarding [her] safety, then forcibly holding her down on the ground using his knees, hands and body weight.” 

All Defendants are also being sued for “General Negligence,” “Negligent Use of Excessive Force,” “Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress” and “Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.” 

She claims Head of Security George “vented his frustrations on [Farrah], thereby unnecessarily traumatizing her.” 

“I know a thing or two about being unnecessarily traumatized. Also, neigh.”

All Defendants (except Head of Security George Velasquez) are being sued for “Negligent Training, Hiring & Supervision,” as well as “Premises Liability,” with Farrah stating that they are responsible for the harm that Farrah suffered because they “negligently hired, supervised and/or trained Defendant Velasquez, whose outrageous and egregious conduct harmed [Farrah].”

She also claims that Head of Security George had invalid and/or cancelled security guard license at the time of the incident, and that the other Defendants knew or should have known this. 

Farrah says she suffered “special damages” that include “physical harm, medical bills, relocation costs and other special damages” that will be proven at trial. (As The Ashley previously reported, Farrah moved from Los Angeles to Texas shortly after the incident occurred.) 

“They should be charged with DISFUNCTIONING a public figure! PER LAW!”

In another part of the paperwork, Farrah states that she suffered “scars and disfigurement and other intangible losses.” 

Farrah is also suing everyone but Head of Security George for “Respondeat Superior,” which basically says an employer is responsible for the actions of its employee. 

Finally, Farrah is suing everyone for “Punitive Damages Pursuant to Civil Code 3294.” (California Civil Code 3294 says that, “with respect to a corporate employer, the advance knowledge and conscious disregard, authorization, ratification or act of oppression, fraud, or malice must be on the part of an officer, director, or managing agent of the corporation.”)

Basically, Farrah says that Head of Security George’s employers didn’t intervene and prevent George from allegedly harming Farrah, and that they knew he had an invalid security guard license and still allowed him to “physically and excessively abuse [Farrah] even though she had already left the establishment and was no longer on company property.” 

“Defendants…knew that [Farrah] was vulnerable given [Farrah] is a female weighing less than 120 lbs. Defendants…took advantage of the vulnerability and weakness of [Farrah],” the court docs state. 

“FYI, this will probably be the only time I will ever describe myself as ‘weak.'”

Farrah then names multiple other instances where similar “maltreatment” incidents against other patrons had occurred at Grandmaster Recorders restaurant. 

In her lawsuit, Farrah is asking for compensation in a sum to be proven at the time of trial, as well as: payment of her costs and attorney fees; pre-judgment interest at the legal prevailing rate; the costs of the lawsuit; and other relief that the court deems proper.

She is requesting a jury trial. 

After filing her lawsuit, Farrah took to Instagram to boast in her signature “Farrah Speak” manner and seemingly act like she already won her case. (As per usual, The Ashley has left all of Farrah’s grammatical and spelling errors intact to preserve the genuine “Farrah Speak” goodness.)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by F A R R A H A B R A H A M (@farrahabraham)

“JUSTICE IS SERVED, count it #10 counts with camera footage, pictures, court evidence, fans submitting evidence, as always take care of yourself first,” she wrote. “#trauma center and I thank my center and doctors for helping me overcome #ptsd and #recover. I won’t ever go out to LA again due to this, don’t trust untrained pretend security with no licenses. Companies need to be held accountable for harming customers with their untrained criminal staff.

“Thank you to my team, court and fans who brought evidence forward in this case and I will make a change to help others in civil law cases as such,” she continued. “I will not tolerate their staff continueing harrassment, defamation, criminal behavior. #Winning THANK YOU GOD.”

And then, because it’s Farrah, she hashtagged her post “#mlkjrday” and “defence.” 


The Ashley will continue to update on these cases. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; TMZ; Yelp; Instagram)


  1. What Farrah the moron can do with some innocent vowels and consonants is CRIMINAL! (AND COMPLETELY INCOHERENT)

  2. When will they actually file for conservatorship over this psycho I mean in all honesty, she needs a conservatorship more than a human being. I’ve ever known her daughters gone off the rails. She’s a disgusting skank, who does not understand English, or any other language for that matter and continuously causes harassment and physical injury to me and other homosapiens by existing and spouting out this stupidity. Discord better massacre her for this bullshit because any other person wasting the courts time like this would have major issues on their hands

  3. I said it before: Farrah has some serious issues, being them psychological or physical in her brain. She doesn’t think like a normal person or even speak like a normal person. I wonder if she ever got herself tested. Maybe it will be required for these lawsuits

  4. The video of her arrest cracks me up! She went from being a JD Law student, to having a JD law degree. Neither claims are true. She is clearly drunk as f*ck and spewing nonsense. She thinks that screaming “PER LAW” after every accusation holds some kind of weight. It does not and makes her sound like a complete moron. I cannot believe she found an attorney willing to file a lawsuit with this video footage.

    For the record, I attended a tier 1 law school (did not graduate) and have worked in the legal field for over 10 years. Farrah believing she’s an expert in the legal field because she purchased some BARBRI books, meant for student who have completed law school and are studying for the bar exam, that she 100% does NOT understand, is so pathetic that I almost feel sorry for her.

    1. Following up to add that this woman has never even been ACCEPTED to law school! It totally wild to me. She hasn’t even been accepted, she’s never attended, and she certainly did not graduate from law school. Yet she is somehow convince she has a JD. What the actual fuck.

    1. Beyond cringey. I hope that was in reference to the indignities suffered by Megan at the hands of Farrah, but somehow I doubt it.

  5. Farrah needs to actually have consequences to being a complete asshole to everyone around her. One day she is going to smack the wrong person. Having said that I have squinted as hard as I can searching for any injury to the security guards face and can see nothing. I’m definitely not seeing evidence of any serious bodily injury. Let’s be real…she got (wrongly) smacked. She wasn’t punched or kicked in the face or hit with a weapon. I doubt seriously she will win because it screams frivolous lawsuit.

  6. Don’t mind seeing Farah get what’s coming to her, but come on… This woman is just looking to make a quick buck.

    1. I’m normally against frivolous lawsuits and have even had a frivolous lawsuit filed against me which was a nightmare. However, even if the guard’s injuries were minor making the merits of the case questionable, it’s nice to see someone go after the Big F and give her a taste of her ridiculous abuse of the law. PER LAW!

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