Security Guard Farrah Abraham Allegedly Attacked on Night of Her Arrest Shares Photo of Her Injury; Farrah Says She May Sue Club For Allegedly Using Excessive Force While Detaining Her

“Justice will be served, PER LAW! Clearly this is the work of organized crime from the Harvard gang!”

Farrah Abraham is reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against the Hollywood club she was kicked out of over the weekend. (“Kicked out of” is quite generous actually; in fact she was taken out and placed with her face in the dirt by club security and held there until the cops arrived to arrest Farrah.) 

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, Farrah was bounced from the premises after reportedly slapping one of the club’s security guards. After she was removed from the venue, Farrah went on to be arrested for battery– but not before finding herself face-down on a sidewalk after being placed under citizen’s arrest. 

Now, the female security guard who Farrah allegedly hit is speaking out, claiming she received a black eye from the Backdoor Teen Mom!

In a now-deleted post, the security guard whom Farrah allegedly hit including a photo of herself with a black eye along with a caption explaining why she chose not to retaliate physically after Farrah’s alleged attack. The security guard also revealed that she is half-blind, and cannot see out of the eye she was allegedly hit in.

 (The Ashley has chosen not to post the security guard’s name or Instagram user name, in order to protect her privacy.) 

“This is all so embarrassing yet I have to stand up for myself, not physically, by hitting her back because that would cause problems for me,” the security guard wrote. “I really have way too much to lose, I’m a student last few months in my bachelors program, I’m taking care of my mom who has cancer, I work hard physically and mentally. 

“What’s annoying is walking around, or just going to work, it’s the worst, I’m proud of myself for not feeding into my old demons and fighting this woman, yet I’m ashamed because I’m walking around with a bruise on my face,” she continued. “Just embarrassed because I look like a punk. People already look at me weird because I’m blind in the same eye she hit me in and my eye sometimes have a mind of its own. Now I have this bruise. Ugh lord help me.” 

Despite Farrah allegedly hitting another woman, she continues to post quotes to her Instagram Story demanding that others “stop attacking wom[en] who have been sexually assaulted,” and insisting she was the victim of “organized crime.” 

“Justice will handle all who harass & target me,” Farrah wrote in an Instagram Story. “It’s a shame it takes a group to attack me. Organized crime. The End.” 

No organized crime mob bosses have spoken out to take credit for their involvement in the attack against Farrah.

“Go figure…”

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(Photos: YouTube; Instagram) 

22 Responses

  1. Honestly love people like Farrah that don’t know they’re completely stupid and important only in their delusional brains because it provides an excellent model to show my daughter exactly how NOT to act, and show my son the type of women to AVOID like they were the plague. Ugly inside and out and no amount of plastic surgery or fillers will ever change that

  2. I wish dumbass Farrah would sue, just so she could experience losing. Better yet, let the security guard sue her. Somebody needs to bring that puffy-lipped, bobble-headed bitch down a few notches. Per law.

  3. I am deeply saddened by the security guard’s post It highlights the extreme gap between the ‘rich and privileged” and the regular person working hard to raise themselves up who has everything to lose if they react. That has been the black experience for generations and the guard’s post perfectly captures the trap she’s in.

    It’s telling that Farrah’s only complaint about the whole night is her arrest—not what might have gone down before it. Security guards are not in the habit of tackling patrons to the ground unprovoked.

  4. Ah man.

    The bruise will fade but the feeling of not retailiating doesnt go away. This lady will always feel “I should have.. “, knowing the consequences, knowing that she’s above it. The feeling remains that someone bested you.

    Its ok. Farrah is so inconsequential in the world, as a whole. Being the bigger person is hard. Especially when the person is a forever victim and you cant win against them. You cant beat Farrah bc she’ll always twist and turn the narrative to play victim.

    Sue her in court? “The courts are so unfair!” Bankrupt her? “How will she support her baby?”

    Best of luck to this poor woman who was just doing her job and ran across the devil.

  5. “No organized crime mob bosses have spoken out to take credit for their involvement in the attack against Farrah.”

    Hahaha that’s class A snark, The Ashley. Many thanks ?

  6. Narcissism = a chronically warped mind and perception of the world, truly believing every single other human is below you (like waaaayyyyy beneath you) and it is your right to abuse them because you are so far above them. The truth is though, the narc just has to feed that empty dark ego, they cannot look at who they truly are because on some level they know it’s hideous. That need to feed grows and suddenly it takes more and more to build yourself up by putting everyone else down and leaving a destructive path wherever they go. When any consequences arise from the narc’s own ugly actions, it’s time to switch to the victim role. Why meeeeeee???

  7. Maybe the security guard should sue her civilly. Farrah likes to walk around like she is the victim of circumstances that her delusional ass creates.

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