‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Christine Brown Describes the Moment She Realized Her Marriage to Husband Kody Was Over; Kody Reacts to Christine Throwing His Stuff Out

“I’ve put up with that ego and that hair for more than 25 years and this is how I’m treated?!”

Christine and Kody Brown announced in November that they had split after over 25 years of marriage, and now Sister Wives fans are going to get to see how their breakup went down.

In a new preview clip shared by People of Sunday’s episode, Christine explains that she knew her marriage to Kody was over when he told her he no longer wanted an “intimate marriage” with her. Kody told Christine this was because he didn’t like how she was behaving, and because he didn’t feel she had been a good sister wife to his other three wives, Meri, Janelle and Robyn.

Kody— who did the same thing to Meri and no longer has a physical relationship with her— told Christine that he’s “not really interested in that anymore” when she asked him about them having an intimate relationship. A heartbroken Christine explains that this was the final blow to their relationship.

“He goes, ‘I’m not interested in having an intimate marriage anymore. I don’t like your behavior. We’ll see if you can be a good sister wife,'” Christine says. 

The face all of us made when we heard that last line…

Kody and Christine had been at odds for months over the strict COVID-19 protocols Kody had put in place for the family. While her relationship with Kody had been strained, this was the first time Kody admitted he no longer wanted anything “intimate”– whether it be sex, hand-holding, etc.— with his third wife.

“I said, ‘That’s not enough for me. I can’t not have an intimate marriage,” Christine said she told Kody.

Kody explained that plenty of couples are married but don’t have sex or intimacy.

“He goes, ‘People do it all the time. I know couples that don’t have intimate marriages,'” she explains. 

“You think you can ‘Meri Brown’ me and get away with it? You’ve got another thing coming, Frizzle!” 

“And then, that was it,” she continues. “We talked a little bit longer but then I went to bed, alone…

“It’s over…”

Christine angrily tells the camera that it’s not fair that Kody gets to continue to have sexual relations with Robyn and Janelle, but that she must remain celibate forever if Kody doesn’t want her.

“What? So he gets to have an intimate marriage with other wives but not with me? And I’m going to have nothing for the rest of my life?” she asks.

“It’s not as bad as it sounds. It gives you a lot more time to catch up on your reading and whatnot.”

She tells the camera that she’s not sure what to do next.

“I’m heartbroken. My heart is shattered to be honest with you,” Christine– who is the mother of six of Kody’s children– says. 

“I’ve known, of course I’ve know. It’s not that I’m dumb,” Christine says of their deteriorating marriage. “He said a while ago that he wasn’t attracted to me or anything.”

“For a man who still wears a VISOR, you sure think a lot of yourself…”

“I just thought that maybe it would get better,” Christine says, adding, “but it’s over. The intimate part of our marriage is over. To be honest, I’m not OK with that. 

“I’m not OK with staying in a marriage where there’s no intimacy. That’s not a real marriage,” she says. “I’m not interested in a half-marriage, or a partial marriage or whatever we have. 

“And it’s all based on my ‘behavior?'” Christine says disgusted.

Click the link below to watch that video. 

We later find out that Christine packed up all of Kody’s stuff— clothes, bedroom items and hair products— and put them into boxes in the garage. 

Thanks to a clip shared by Entertainment Tonight, we get to see Kody’s reaction to finding out his stuff has been booted from Christine’s house. He appears to think that Christine is playing a “game” with him and is not really seriously kicking him out.

“I guess it’s time for me to talk to her about it,” Kody says as he surveys the boxes. 

“I have been moved out of my house!” Kody says angrily. 

“There’s still plenty of room in my bed, Big Boy!”
“Meri, please stop…”

Kody is still calling Christine’s bluff.

“I don’t know how I feel about this,” he says. “I honestly didn’t know she was this serious. I’ve had times in the past where she’s said something…it didn’t feel like she was serious. I don’t know what it all means.”

Christine tells us that even she doesn’t know what this all means.

“I don’t know what tomorrow looks like. I don’t know what next week looks like. I don’t know. There’s so many uncertainties,” she says. 

A dumbfounded Kody is still wandering around Christine’s garage looking at the boxes.

“I think I need to talk to her about how serious she is, before I decide how I feel,” he tells us. “…I’m not angry. It appears to be a game. But it might not be, I don’t know. Throwing my clothes out, taking my stuff out, everything…I don’t know why. 

“Really Kody? You don’t know why? It couldn’t be because you just tossed me aside like a pair of last season’s novelty leggings?! Boy, bye!”

Kody seems to be concerned about his marriage to Christine crumbling, but then remembers he’s got spare wives.

“I’m baffled, almost don’t care,” Kody says. 

You can watch that clip here.

‘Sister Wives’ airs Sundays on TLC. Click here to read The Ashley’s ‘Sister Wives’ recaps!

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22 Responses

  1. Kody has let it slip a few times that Robyn is the Covid Czar. Like the time he went the Janelles mothers funeral and he dropped his head and said something like Robyn would never forgive him if he was exposed to covid. Cancell the show so that Kody and his Queen Robyn have to get real jobs.

  2. GOOD FOR HER!! He told her he wasn’t attracted to her and didn’t want an intimate relationship with her. What did he expect?!

    1. Right of all the wives she was the best one. What do we expect from him though? Of course he runs off the good one.

  3. So Kody never had multiple marriages, just a harem of women and children he abuses and neglects? *Surprised Pikachu Face*

    I’m happy for Christine, she honestly seemed the most hurt when Robyn came into the picture. And to her credit, I think she started to see that while Robyn is certainly on influence on Kody, at the end of end – it’s just all about what Kody wants. No matter who it involves and no matter who he will hurt. Clearly he gives no shits about the kids he had with the OG wives, mainly because he’s realizing those kids are now adults figuring out how terrible their upbringing and father was/is.

  4. I hope they cancel his show and he has to actually work.

    Cody doesnt want an “intimate marriage”?? Hell, don’t threaten me with a good time lol.

    Christine will be just fine, she is smart, independent(finally!), and a parent who puts her children first.

    Kody, you suck. Hope you and your giant can of mousse will be very happy.

    1. I hope they CANCEL this show, Forcing Sobbin Robin & Kody to get JOBS!
      But Give Christine & Janelle & their kids (ESPECIALLY if Janelle left him too)
      That would be the ultimate show!
      I cannot stand Him or Robin..

  5. For months he’s been saying their kids, her kids.
    Meri Wanted someone else No sex
    Christine Didn’t follow rules No seX
    Janelle Makes Money Sex

  6. So, Kody uses sex as a reward for good behavior and obedience and then takes it away when you do something he doesn’t like…. What a creepy, unhealthy dynamic *shudders*

  7. Kody seems bewildered that his “wife” who he refuses to spend time with, says he never wants to kiss or sleep with again and says he isn’t attracted to wants to move his stuff out of her house. What did he think would happen? She’s supposed to be celibate forever while him and Robyn get to get it on every night while they hire a nanny to watch her kids? I’m so happy for Christine and hope the other two move far away asap.

  8. Dear Kody, It wasn’t YOUR house. Remember how you refused to be on any paperwork with any of the other wives anymore? She didn’t throw it all in a garbage bag or put it on the curb. She was kind enough to pack it. You don’t live there. She’s not your storage unit. BYE!

  9. I’m so glad she left. She deserves so much more than that narcissistic pig. I hope Meri and Janelle follow her lead. He only really wants Robyn.

  10. “I have been moved out of MY house!” Not “our house” but “MY house.” And then he withholds intimacy and affection because he doesn’t like her behavior. Yikes. That’s a whole parade of red flags. I’m glad she saw the writing on the wall and decided to get tf away from this ramen-headed malignant narcissist.

  11. It is hilarious to me that vile Kody acts like he is such a hot commodity that his sister wives are going to change their lives just to be with him. He is used to treating Meri horribly, withholding all affection while beating her down. Meri takes it and stays. He thought that Christine was going to do the same thing. I’m happy that Christine decided she was not going to live her life catering to his needs & wants while ignoring her own. Meri should have left a long time ago but she never will.

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