‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Hints Another Wife May Have Left Him; Says In New Cameo Video He Has “A Few” Failed Marriages


Kody Brown just threw out a big hint that Christine may not be the only one of his wives who has left him.

The Sister Wives star— who got dumped by third wife Christine late last year— may have just spilled the beans that another one of his remaining wives— JanelleMeri and Robyn— has split. In a recent Cameo video that Kody made for a fan, he is asked to give the fan some marital advice. He admits he’s probably not the best person to listen to.

“If you string mine out, next to each other, I’ve got nearly 100 years of experience in marriage. I haven’t done so good, though, a few failures here and there,” Kody says of his four marriages.

The fact that Kody says that he’s had “a few” failures is telling. Obviously, if he were only referring to his split with Christine, he would have used a singular term, saying “a failed marriage.” In another part of his message, Kody throws yet another hint that he may be down at least two wives.

“The most important thing is communication. Force yourselves to communicate and talk about the things that bug you. Talk about the things that are misunderstandings,” Kody said. “If you don’t communicate, your marriage can’t survive. At least mine haven’t.”

“I can’t imagine WHY I keep losing wives! I’m a hoot!” 

Again, Kody uses a plural term, leading the listener to again believe that Kody is referring to at least two failed marriages.

Of course, he could be counting his marriage to Meri as the second failure, as he has made it clear he has no romantic interest in Meri anymore. However, they are still spiritually married and, during recent episodes of ‘Sister Wives,’ Meri has vowed to stay with Kody. 

Kody’s word choice here, though, makes it clear that someone else— either Janelle, Robyn or Meri— has flown Kody’s coop. 

As viewers saw in recent episodes, Janelle and Christine (who was still married to Kody at the time of filming) were growing increasingly frustrated with Kody over his extreme COVID-19 rules and demanding attitude. His condescending and egotistical behavior even caused Janelle to tell Kody to “f**k off” during a recent episode. 

“I said what I said.”

Anyway, this is not the first time Kody has used a Cameo video for a fan to pour his heart out. Last month, Kody confessed in a Cameo that he regrets how he reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic, admitting that his rules for the family may have “been worse than the disease.” 

‘Sister Wives’ is currently airing Sundays on TLC. (Click here to read The Ashley’s latest ‘Sister Wives’ recap!) 

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  1. It was VERY OBVIOUS when K & R recently got a huge amount of money tacked onto their mortgage that it was needed to “buy out” one of the wives who is finally smart enough to get out of that toxicity. I believe it’s Janelle. They didn’t have to do that with Christine as she sold her house, so he probably let her keep “his/their” cut of it when she did in order to release her from anything else she would have coming, like the property they’ve yet to build on. We’ll see lol

  2. Janelle did leave him for about a year several years ago and their relationship is basically platonic now. And his marriage to Meri is obviously just for show too. That’s probably what he’s referring to.

  3. Honestly, he probably doesn’t mean multiple failed marriages, but multiple failures within marriage, i.e. many things he has done wrong.

  4. Let us not contrive things. He could be speaking of Meri or Janelle and the current state of the crapstorm he has created with both of them over the years. These people create more than enough drama on their own. They don’t need any assistance. LOL

  5. My money is on Janelle. If my husband called OUR kids YOUR kids, while demanding I kick them out of MY home (like Kody is actually financially supporting the household of anyone other than Robyn), I would bounce.

    Janelle, you don’t need his ramen noodle haired heinie.

  6. Eh, I think he’s just referring to Meri and Christine. Not that Meri left him, just that their marriage failed. People often mistakenly say ‘few’ when they really only mean two. Janelle and he were in a good place and she doesn’t care if he only goes to her house once in a while anyway. Yeah she gets frustrated with him sometimes but I doubt she up and left. That would be a major decision and she’s not going to make it lightly or do it just because Christine did.

  7. Meri needs to find some self esteem and self worth and leave that bum. She is making herself look pathetic by staying with him.

  8. Pretty sure it’s Meri. He has failed at two relationships so that’s appropriate to say ..even if Meri stuck with him. But on the other hand I remember Jenelle said she left him before for eight months a few year back.

    1. Meri is a sucker for punishment and literally pants if he even gives her a whiff of attention. she is gunning for the D…..its so gross.

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