Kody Brown Expresses Regret Over His Strict COVID Rules That Ruined His Family; Says In New Cameo Video “My Cure Has Been Worse Than the Disease”

No-one puts the “me” in “Cameo” better than this guy.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown admits he may have gone too far by demanding his family obey his strict COVID protocols.

Kody— who has splintered his family, in part, because of his dictator-like demands for blind allegiance to his pandemic rules— decided to randomly open up in a Cameo video made for a fan, stating that he is now “second-guessing” his actions, which led to his family being broken apart. 

He tells the fan who received the video— a $99 gift from someone who ordered it for her over Christmas—that he is “struggling.”

While viewers will get to find out what Kody’s second wife Janelle Brown thinks of Kody’s rules on Sunday’s episode of ‘Sister Wives’ (spoiler alert: she tells Kody and his curls o’chaos to “f**k off”) Kody revealed in the Cameo video that not everyone hates the way he’s cracked the COVID whip.  

“Counting Robyn and the recipient of this Cameo, I officially have two fans!”

In fact, Kody notes that he was told by the person who ordered the video that the video’s  recipient is “really proud that I have been really good about COVID protocols.”

However, it appears that Kody himself is no longer sure he did the right thing.

“ … I don’t even know what to say about that anymore,” Kody says in the video. “I think that my cure has been worse than the disease. That’s just a personal thing. [I’m] struggling a lot, second-guessing myself, which I probably shouldn’t do at this point. 

“But it’s been a long two years, this whole thing, almost two years,” he continues. “Anyway, hang in there. All of us are having to do it. All of us need to hang in there.” 

“Well, not ALL of us…”

In another Cameo filmed this week, Kody attempts to give a newlywed some advice on marriage.

(The Ashley will give you a moment to control your laughter…)

“I’m crying! Gimme a sec! I’m gonna pee myself from laughing so hard!”

Kody himself seems to know that, despite having been married four times, he still has no clue how to have a happy marriage.

“I don’t know what to tell you about marriage. Um…be sincere, be loyal, and talk. You’ve got to talk about every little issue. Don’t let any little issue go unheard. The best marriages are the ones that talk.”

“Kody giving marital advice? What’s next, Robyn teaching classes on how to control your emotions?”

See Janelle’s mic-drop moment go down on the next episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ airing Sunday, January 2 on TLC. 

…and click here to request a Cameo from Kody and (possibly) find out what other regrets he may have: that hair, moving to Flagstaff, purchasing the Coyote Pass property… the possibilities are endless! 

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(Photos: Cameo; TLC) 


  1. I’m expressing regret that he’s still hanging on to every last strand of that stringy mop. Say your goodbyes, bro!

  2. I’m tired of seeing him abuse everyone but Robin. He’s not a real man other wise he’s stop crying about shit and have all them females in one room or none at all

  3. Does Kody really think that someone spent their hard-earned money to listen to him complain about the world he created for himself and his family?

  4. This was about Kody and Robyn and not the rest of the family. Robyn is bitching about being blamed for the rules so we know theres something to it. She’s getting a wake up call when wife #5 is becomimg a part of the “family”

    What dumbasses

  5. All Kody did in his selfish attempt to be ONLY with Robyn was to DEMONSTRATE to his other wives and children that HE DOES NOT LOVE THEM OR EVEN CARE ABOUT THEM! If they continue to try to be a part of Kody’s life, they are FOOLS!!

  6. His problem is his ego wouldn’t let him sit down with everyone and adjust the rules as the year progressed. His rules most likely WERE what his doctor said in the beginning. My son is immunocompromised and we did all of these strict things at first too. But as things evolved, we adjusted our protocols. Kody’s problem was that he had too big of an ego to admit they could ease up on the rules later in the year.

    Gabe was actually the one being the Grade A A-hole in this situation, not believing in the risks to Truely, Janelle, and anyone else not in perfect health (Robyn claims that she and Sol too, but idk what Robyn has and I don’t think Sol having RSV once as a baby makes him a big risk, idk. I think she’s just overprotective, but whatever). He insisted from the start that it’s all BS and got Garrison to jump on board. And Christine too, although with her it’s probably just ignorance. They all wouldn’t stop putting their family at risk (poor Truely) and partly did it as a big F.U. to Kody and Robyn. They weren’t being careful AT ALL.

    But in the end, Kody looks like the bad guy instead of those clowns, because of his over-the-top rules that he insisted were still what they needed to go by so many months in. All they had to do was sit down and discuss like ok let’s still not travel all over the place, let’s still wear masks and sanitize our hands, but we don’t have to change clothes and wipe down the mail or groceries. That would’ve been something they could all handle. Even Christine and Gabe might’ve bent a little, even if they thought it was stupid. But instead both sides wouldn’t budge because of their stubbornness and big egos, and everyone just had big temper tantrums. Now look at them.

    Bottom line though is that Covid didn’t make Christine leave. Christine has been very jealous of Robyn and Kody from Day one which she admits. She hated having to watch them have a good relationship when she and Kody were struggling. At first she was always breaking down over it, but then when she and Kody got into a better place in their relationship she was fine and she and Robyn were getting along great too. As long as Christine is in a good place with Kody, she’s ok. But as soon as they’re arguing or whatever, she can’t handle seeing him in a good place with other wives. So they were ok for a bit but then all this Covid stuff and the surgery and the move to AZ made it so Kody and her were having problems again but instead of working on them, Kody just shut her out and essentially only had a relationship with Robyn for a year. He was too stubborn to try to fix things with Christine and instead just said she’s being a princess, I’m not giving in to her. He never thought she’d leave. Just like how he gives Janelle scraps but he knows she won’t leave. But Christine surprised him and actually left.

  7. Kody is a whole ass stooge. This must have been a dream come true for him to only be with Robyn without too much whining from the other ones (until he refused to go with his daughter for SPINE SURGERY because he couldn’t bear to be away from his family that long). Frankly, the OG kids have it much better now because they don’t have to deal with his pompous pontificating.

    1. While I’m totally on board with a gag-gift, it’s rather telling, no?

      Kody is a full blown narcissist and needs money. His controlling over Covid, which was an excuse, his whole woe is me, the protector of ALL:

      “I think that my cure has been worse than the disease.”

      I spoke in an earlier post how me and my X had to adjust our schedules due to Covid/quarantine. To not see your kid in over a month? Bs… and in over 8 fucking months?! Kody is a POS and Robyn totally deserves that self-serving narcissistic angry-face.

  8. He regrets all the negative feedback from social media. This is another lame attempt to not be hated by the public. Go to the mall with Sobbin Robyn and get photographed without masks again. Hypocritical Ass. I am with Janelle, F off!

  9. His strict Covid protocals were basically his excuse to isolate with Robyn and their kids and act like a normal monogamous family. It was cruel.

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