Kody Brown’s Daughter Ysabel Says “His Priorities Are a Little Screwed Up” After He Refuses to Be With Her During Major Scoliosis Surgery: “Why Isn’t He Coming?”

“But, you know, text me and let me know how it goes, kid!”

Ysabel Brown is calling her father, Kody, out for not being there for her when she truly needs him.

On the upcoming episode of Sister Wives— which airs Sunday— Ysabel is preparing to have major scoliosis surgery and finds out that Kody has chosen not to go, due to how much time he would be away from his other family members. In a preview of Sunday’s episode, Kody blames COVID-19 as the main reason he isn’t going to be with Ysabel for the surgery, which was being done in New Jersey.

Meanwhile Ysabel— whose mother is Kody’s now-ex-wifeChristine Brown— states that she feels like Kody’s priorities are “screwed up” and that he has too many kids to make her a priority, even when she’s having major surgery.

“And I can’t be booging all the way to New Jersey for Ysabel. What if Robyn wants to tango!?” 

After telling Ysabel that he’s not going with her, he jokingly asks if she’s going “to become a bitter old housewife because your Daddy didn’t do this for you?” 

“I won’t be bitter,” Ysabel replies. “I won’t hold it against you.” 

However, in a on-camera confessional later, Ysabel breaks down, revealing her true feelings about her father choosing not to make her a priority.

“I need him to be there, but why isn’t he coming?” she cries. “I don’t know, why wouldn’t he be there? Why wouldn’t he just drop everything for me? I think his priorities are a little screwed up.” 

“He said I don’t need surgery. He thinks a soak in the Coyote Pass lake should clear my issues right up!”

Kody explained why he was choosing to stay home, stating that going would result in him being away from his other family members for too long. As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, Kody has 17 other children and wives MeriJanelle and Robyn. (However, many of the 17 children are grown and have left home. Check out this map to see where Kody’s family members are currently living.)

“The amount of time, because of COVID and quarantining and stuff like that I would have to be away from the rest of the family, and because of the risk of exposure to COVID-19,” he says. “What we’ve been trying to do is make it so I can see the entire family this entire time.”

“Entire family? Good one, Kody.”

Ysabel tearfully explains to the cameras that, because her father has so many children, she knows she can’t be the priority.

“He has a lot of kids to think about. I know I’m not the only kid he has to make sure is safe during this pandemic. It sucks that he can’t be there.”

Kody awkwardly promises Ysabel that they’ll “go do something fun” after she gets back from having the major back surgery.

“When you get back, I’ll take you out to Coyote Pass and let you chop some firewood. That’ll be fun!’ 

Kody mentions to Ysabel and then the cameras that he didn’t want Ysabel to have the surgery at this time, but notes that she has been in a lot of pain.

“It’s hard that they’re doing this without me,” he says. 

Ysabel later tells the cameras that she thinks Kody’s fear of catching COVID-19 is taking over his life.

“He’s letting fear control him,” she says. “How long are you going to stop your life for? How long are you just going to put everything on hold?”

During the last season of ‘Sister Wives,’ Christine revealed that she didn’t have insurance, which was the main reason she had to put off scheduling Ysabel’s surgery. In June 2020, she posted on her Lularoe Facebook page that she needed to raise $50,000 in order to make a down payment on her daughter’s surgery.

“I was out there hocking leggings to help my kid. Now you guys know why I left the frizzy haired goon!”

“I can’t go into tons of information, but one of my daughters needs a surgery and I need $50,000 for a down payment for the surgery, and you guys are making it happen,” Christine wrote at the time. “$50,000 for a down [payment] was so daunting, so I decided to just work hard. Just work really, really, really hard and we’re like halfway there…I can’t thank you enough for all your purchases and you helping my family, and my daughter. I can’t say [which one] is getting the surgery!” 

‘Sister Wives’ fans blasted Kody earlier this year when, during an episode last season, Kody told Christine and Ysabel that nobody should accompany Ysabel on the surgery trip, because it would up the risk of their exposure to COVID-19. (Ysabel successfully underwent the surgery in September 2020 with Christine and two of her sisters by her side.)

‘Sister Wives’ airs Sunday on TLC. Watch the episode preview below! 

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(Photos: TLC)

22 Responses

  1. Kody is selfish and he needed to be there for the surgery . I had two major spinal operations for Scoliosis when I was young . I wore a brace first but it didn’t work and physical therapy did not stop the progression of Scoliosis . It is very traumatic for a teen to go through . My parents were there for me while I went through it all . My Doctor told my parents they needed to be a good support system to me . Thank God Kody Brown is not my father .

  2. She’s really being generous saying that she’s hurt that he doesn’t make her a priority because “he has so many kids”. It has nothing to do with the number of kids he has. He used to go from house to house and balanced it all evenly. The older kids all had a great relationship with him and each other. Back then he would’ve made time to go to her surgery.
    The real issue is that he puts Aurora, Breanna, Dayton, Solomon, and Ariella first, and the rest of the kids behind them. You can see it in every single episode. Not to mention if you read the family members’ social media.
    Robyn is the one who wanted to be so strict with Covid. Which is perfectly understandable, especially because one of her kids is immunocompromised. But instead of figuring out a plan for Kody to safely go from one family to the next, he just stayed with Robyn’s family the entire time. And everyone else just had to accept that. He knows deep down he didn’t feel that was REALLY the best plan, but he acts like he does. Then he can just say well, I have no other choice, I can’t do x, y, or z because of Covid.
    I do think Janelle and Christine and Janelle’s boys traveling all over during Covid wasn’t fair either. They definitely should have at least made an effort. But they thought Covid was nothing, so it gave Kody the perfect excuse not to see their families.

  3. Adding to my original comment, why didn’t Robin step up and offer to divorce Kody, enabling him to marry Christine, so Ysabel would have insurance? I mean, she has the roadmap! Meri did just that, so Robin’s kids could have health insurance.

    Oh, wait… back then Kody actually had a job that provided health insurance. Now, he is just a leach that turns his wives out.

    What a horrible couple of humans the two of you are.

  4. I cannot with this Kody/Robin crap. His preference towards Robin and her children over his own has been clearly visible since Robin came along. Robin’s babe in the wood act is repulsive and transparent.

    I feel like I have more love and compassion for this girl who is a complete stranger to me than her own father has for her. The man has proven himself to be a narcissistic psychopath by his own actions over the years.

  5. Poor girl. It cuts deep when you figure out that a parent doesn’t love you. Glad that she’s away from that asshole.

  6. How sad that this sweet young lady has to realize what a piece of shit her father is, and that her whole upbringing has been a sham. Her entire life has been made up of lies to validate her perverted fathers desires. I am happy for the other children who fleed this disfunctional life style. He goes from woman to woman, to satisfy his perverted needs, while these women tolerate being used. They don’t pay their taxes, which falls on everyone of us to pay their bills. He doesn’t carry medical insurance so these so called wives have to beg us for their children’s medical care. Meri , poor thing, is so ecstatic that he wants to talk to her for 5. Minutes! He is a sleazy pervert, and the women are brainwashed, or so desperate for money or attention that they tolerate his behavior. Not to mention the inbreeding deformities that are now occurring. So sad for the kids. The So called wives now bear the responsibility of their actions. You sold your souls for a few dollars at the expense of your children.

  7. Just watched the latest episode where Kotex made his child’s surgery all about him. He could have easily quarantined for two weeks and get his sorry ass to NJ. Three mother’s would have been left behind to take care of the family!!”who could not survive six weeks without Kotex? What a poor excuse of a father.

    1. Poor kid did she really expect him to go with her. Seriously it sticks out a mile that Robyn and her kids are all he cares about. The sooner Janelle and Meri figure this out the better off they and Thier kids will be. They need to take Thier kids and get as far away from this narcissist as they can.

  8. Kody won’t admit it but his not wanting to be there for the surgery and his Covid protocol is mostly because of Robyn. Her child has lung issues, so he won’t go be there for his bio child. I don’t blame Ysabel for being angry or Christine for leaving him after that. They learned they can’t count on him. He will screw over anyone for Robyn.

    1. Just watched the latest episode where Kotex made his child’s surgery all about him. He could have easily quarantined for two weeks and get his sorry ass to NJ. Three mother’s would have been left behind to take care of the family!!”who could not survive six weeks without Kotex? What a poor excuse of a father.

    2. Then he winds up with covid anyway, brilliant ! Wonder how many he infected?? We will never be told that. Guy is a freakin genius huh? Thought he was above the rest, and could go visit all his bigomy wives. Thanks spreader

  9. Hmmm sounds familiar. Remember when he had three children graduating in Spring 2020 and the school had a drive-in type graduation? Which car was Kody in? Not the one with Gabe, not the one with Gwendlyn. *Shocker*… It was the one with Aurora. Because of COURSE it was.

  10. Ysabel, your father has shown you who he is and where his priorities are… BELIEVE HIM. It took your mother a long time to realize the same. Perfect strangers are more worried about your mental and physical health than your own “father”.

    I sincerely hope in the time this was filmed compared to aired that you’ve reached a better understanding. Your parents will always be your parents, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your happiness and wellbeing for what they want. Stay strong Ysabel.

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