Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“But, you know, a two-week paid vacation in California would have been pretty nice, MTV!”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

Thanks for Nothing, MTV! The Hollywood Gossip: Mackenzie McKee Reveals She Wasn’t Invited to Appear on ‘Teen Mom’ Spin-off, ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’

Where Are They Now? Starcasm: ‘Love After Lockup’ Season 5 Updates– Who’s Stayed Out of Jail?

Sister, Sister! Teen Mom Madness: Briana DeJesus Defends Her Sister Brittany’s Inclusion on Upcoming ‘Teen Mom’ Spin-Off

It’s Over! People: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss Reportedly Call Off Engagement While Taping ‘VPR’ Reunion

New Boo! The Sun: Former ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Confirms He’s In a Relationship with Jordan C. Brown

(Photo: MTV) 



  1. I wouldn’t have wanted McKee there either honestly. Her mouth is too much of a liability. Could you imagine Farrah ripping her a new one? McKee wouldn’t know what to do except tell the cast that she loves them, demand that they repeat it back to her, and then cry about how she’s such a victim. I seriously cannot stand her. She’s a huge reason why I gave up on TMOG. The show already started going down hill, they added her and it’s completely gone to hell.

  2. Brittany is actually part of the cast, so..

    Lol at Chey the forever victim feigning offense for a woman she doesn’t know..

    Yet smiling in all those white faces knowing they have white babies she hates.

    Such a phony.

  3. I would pick Brittany over McKenzie in a heartbeat too, MTV knows what they’re doing. Brittany will say something hilarious and then later she’ll start a fight and jump on someone. Mack will just say something stupid and racist then run away.

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