Robyn Brown Says She’s Tired Of Being the “Brown Family Scapegoat” in New ‘Sister Wives’ Episode Sneak Peek

“If you guys need someone to blame, there is a frizzy haired maniac running amok in Flagstaff who would be perfect! Just sayin’!”

Robyn Brown is tired of being blamed for all of the (many, many, many) problems within the Brown Family!

In a sneak peek shared by Us Weekly of the next episode of Sister Wives, Robyn opens up about being, what her mother calls “the Brown Family scapegoat.” She says it’s not fair that she’s always blamed by her sister wives, their kids (and now the show’s viewers) for everything going wrong within the family. She also expressed that she has never felt truly accepted by Kody’s other wives and kids.

“I’m so tired of this! I’ve been doing it for years, from Day One, sitting here begging to be a part of this family,” Robyn said. “And I’m tired of being questioned. I’m just tired of it.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Robyn— who is the fourth wife of Kody Brown— has caught a lot of flak this season from her sister wives JanelleMeri and Christine over the strict COVID-19 rules Kody has demanded the family follow. Many members of the Brown Family (as well as fans) suspect that it’s Robyn behind the rules, not Kody. 

In the clip, Robyn tells Meri that, despite everyone thinking she’s happy about the family divide, that’s not the case. She says she’s worried about Kody not seeing his other wives Janelle and Christine (who have refused to comply with all of Kody’s rules), as well as their children who aren’t seeing Kody.

“My mom calls me the Brown Family Scapegoat,” Robyn says to Meri, who actually groans when she hears it. 

Robyn, knowing that Meri will somehow turn this into her own problem in less than two minutes…

Robyn tells the camera in a confessional later what her mother told her. 

“I called my mom and she just kind of chuckled and she said, ‘Robyn, all they do is blame you for stuff. You’re just their scapegoat; you’re the Brown Family Scapegoat.'”

Meri— who has been shunned by Kody for years— implied that she wouldn’t mind being the family scapegoat, if it meant she was considered a family member.

“Hey, at least you’re part of the Brown Family!” Meri tells Robyn. 

“Um…that’s not really something to brag about, people!”

Meri then talks about her own complaints with the family.

“I am an outsider, Robyn!” Meri says, later telling the camera, “No, I don’t feel like I’m part of the family. It’s this weird thing…am I a Sister Wife if I don’t have a husband? And I have a husband, technically. But, do I? So it’s weird.” 

Robyn turns her attention to Meri’s plight, telling Meri that she thinks that Kody may someday like her again.

“He says things that really give me hope sometimes,” Robyn says of their shared husband. “Like, ‘Oh I need to go see Meri’ or, ‘I need to go call Meri.'”

Meri points out that Kody may say he’s going to do these things, but he doesn’t actually do them.

Why Kody doesn’t call or see Meri….

“Forgive me for being cynical but it’s really nice that he says it to you but it would be nice if he would follow through and actually call me sometime or come over sometime!” Meri said.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Meri has recently stated that she plans to stay in her loveless marriage to Kody, despite him telling her that they will never have a romantic relationship again, and him not making an effort to include her in family affairs.

She tells Robyn that Kody has made it clear that there will be no rekindling of their romance. 

“He told me that we can be friends, and that’s all,” Meri says. 

Robyn tries to be encouraging, telling Meri, “that’s a door open!” 

Listen, if this is what’s behind Door Number One, I’ll take the boobie prize, thanks!

“I don’t know if [Meri and Kody’s relationship] is ever going to be what it was,” Robyn said, adding, “But it could be something new!” 

‘Sister Wives’ airs Sundays on TLC. 

You can watch the sneak peek clip below!

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(Photos: TLC)

25 Responses

  1. I’ve never actually watched the show (LOVE the recaps though). Has Kody ever had an actual job to support his 4 wives and 76 kids? I’ve seen comments here about Janelle, Meri and Christine hustling to support their kids but what does Kody bring to the family and the table, aside from narcissistic tirades and bad hair? How did this doofus con 4 women to marry his ridiculous head of hair?

    What a piece of garbage of a man to make terrible comments about the children sharing 50% of his DNA. You might be a “father” Kody, but you are in no way a Dad.

    1. Hey! I watched the show in the beginning. Kody never really appeared to have a job that I recall.

      Meri didn’t, Janelle did, and Christine didn’t and seemed to do a good amount of raising the kids. I guess Meri was around (they lived in their shared home in Utah at the start).

      I remember them trying to make it sound like a harmonious family, but I also wondered what Meri and Kody brought to the table, other than the *King* and legal Wife.

      Even in early episodes it was very clear that the wives (the OGs) and children were just a group for Kody to control for his hairbrained schemes. There was always a big disconnect with his kids. I remember one episode, I believe all the older adult Brown kids were under 18 (Jesus Leah I’m old), and asked if they believed and/or wanted to continue polygamy in thier lives. NONE of them, including the males, wanted to stay with that belief.

      To me, then, it formed my opinion on Kody. He, at best, is an absentee father – shown by maybe his kids craving his attention. But I believe him to be a narcissistic abusive douche canoe.

  2. Hey, everyone’s being so harsh on Robyn, but she deserves some credit here: she finally learned it wasn’t “an escape goat”! That is growth 😉

    Soon, she could even learn that “the pink elephant in the room” isn’t supposed to be pink.

  3. If Robyn didn’t make the rules. Why was she the only one upset about the kids being too close? When they were together. Kody doesn’t want Meri because she hurt his ego. Narcissists like to be the one in charge.

  4. I had a problem when Kody said something along the lines of whoever’s kids die that person would be mad at me. As if they aren’t his kids too. HELLO, you dumbass! You have fathered 15 of these children. Being a father isn’t just about biology. It also requires interaction with your children. No wonder several of them don’t like you anymore. I wouldn’t either. You’re a selfish narcissistic creep! You treat women like garbage!

  5. If I never see Robyn’s fake ass crying with no tears coming out again in this lifetime it will be too soon.

  6. Kody does what Kody wants to do. Robyn may influence him somewhat, but basically Kody wants to be with Robyn to the exclusion of all others, including his own children from his other wives, so that’s what is happening. Kody is the one who has changed the dynamic of the whole plural marriage. Robyn is the convenient scapegoat. If Kody finds someone else he decides he likes better than Robyn, he will do the same to Robyn.

    1. I concur. Kody has been this way for a very long time, pretty sure he’s the one who sought out the show. When Robyn came along, she was just something new and shiny, he wooed her with new money and the home life *appeared* stable at that point.

      Then we also find out Kody did a bunch of stuff with Robyn and their wedding that none of the other wives experienced and you could tell there were some real hurt feeling there. Kody totally oblivious as always. Robyn came into a toxic relationship, she has her issues, but Kody really is the only common denominator in this.

  7. If I remember correctly the catfish scandal got them kicked out of their church. Maybe they resent Meri for that.

    1. Why on earth did anyone, Kody to start with, ever believe Kody was a man that was supposed to have multiple wives?
      He failed already when he married his second wife. He never made Meri and Janelle real sister wives and the plural marriage wasn’t stable at two wives. Yet he added not one but two more wives and hoped they would do his job and lead and guide the two and three first wives to being real sister wives and a healthy plural family.
      When you hear them about the past, this has roots in the past. Kody didn’t make sure the roots were planted well so they could grow and that’s his job as a leader and man that believes he is meant to have multiple wives to honor God.
      The ladies didn’t do their part either to make it a success but Kody was the one that told them he was able to have multiple wives in a healthy plural marriage.

  8. At this point Meri is just manipulating the viewers and everyone’s falling for it hook line and sinker. She has gone all-in on this ‘Oh poor me, Kody doesn’t like me’ thing. I’m no fan of Kody, don’t get me wrong, but let’s remember Meri’s reputation a few years ago. She is in fix-it mode now and it’s working. Everyone’s rooting for her and feeling bad for her.

    But let’s be real. First of all, she not only had a LONG, emotional affair with someone who she thought was a hot guy. Then she planned to leave Kody and the whole family for this guy. Through it all she lied to her daughter, Kody, and the entire family about all kinds of things. But then it all came out and she wouldn’t even own up to it. Suddenly she was the victim of being catfished and that’s all she is willing to talk about. Not the fact that she was a cheater and about to peace out.

    People called her out on it and SHE was the one people didn’t like for a long time. She was miserable and constantly crying. Having a beyotch face in every confessional on every episode. Saying mean things about the whole family. Making social media digs at them individually.

    Ok now here comes a new season and suddenly, wow, Meri is head over heels for Kody and just wants to be in her family but they won’t let her. Come on! Why is she suddenly all about Kody again? ONLY because her hot guy turned out to be a psycho lady. She recoiled from Kody back then, she was nasty to him, and she was bitchy to all of them. Now suddenly she’s Miss Perfect who only wants to be in her wonderful family. Puh-lease.

    First of all, if I was Kody, I would be hurt and wouldn’t take her back either. If I cheated on my husband I wouldn’t expect him to take me back. But no one even considers that, because now it’s the trendy thing that HE is now the most-hated one of the show. And again, I’m no Kody fan, but why should he have to be in a relationship with Meri again when she cheated?! And was about to leave?! If she wasn’t happy with him back then, if he wasn’t treating her right, fine…then she could have left. But don’t stay & cheat. Cheat for over a year and then expect him to want you back now just because you’re begging for a crumb? Get out of here.

    This is not the real Meri. She has always been a control freak, kinda mean (but I think that’s just b/c of her own personal issues), and a leader. She was the boss of the family, she was always the one ordering people around during the moves or the planning of events. She put her foot down to have a wet bar in a mansion and whatever else she wanted. She was opinionated, outspoken, and took no crap. This meek little thing begging for a sliver of attention from Kody is not her!! This is Meri repairing her public image and everyone is falling for it. Now Meri is the hero that everyone’s rooting for and Kody is in the spot she was in a couple years back.

    I’m not saying that the family is being welcoming or reaching out to her, but for one thing, they’re in one mess after another and have their own problems. For another thing, she lied to them a LOT just a short time back. And this nicey-nice Meri isn’t how she always was. Remember Maddie’s reply after Meri’s Instagram rant? How she felt bullied and was afraid of her all growing up? We don’t know what the relationships are really like behind closed doors. This is her own fault. Not saying they shouldn’t work on things and fix things with her, but she’s no angel like she’s presenting herself this season. Every single confessional she’s fake-joking about how she wishes Kody would call her, or say hi to her, or give her a s’more. Stop. You’re a middle-aged woman, not a 14 year-old. Stop trying to be cute having a crush on Kody while the viewers cheer you on and get mad at Kody for not wanting you back. You made your bed.

    1. You can’t be serious lol! The whole reason she had the affair was because he treated her like garbage….it’s kind of hard to emotionally cheat on an emotionally absent “husband”.

    2. I’m not so sure about that, I watched the earlier seasons and Meri definitely came across as a sad puppy just following Kody. She honestly seemed desperate for his admiration and attention. Janelle and Christine seemed OK with their arrangements then and also seemed to pity Meri and seemingly resentful of how she had an equal voice/arrangement when C&J had a bulk of the kids and ran the childcare and Financials mainly amongst themselves. Understandable.

      Their lives were far more unstable than we the viewers saw. Kody tried very hard to sell himself as a teacher of “love must be multiplied, not divided”, then when they fled to Vegas, getting separate homes, the disconnect within the families was very clear.

  9. Robyn being the favorite wife is technically not Robyn’s fault. Kody is the one to keep the balance between his wives and he’s not doing that.

  10. I have no idea why Meri stays. She needs to take her stash of unsellable LuLaRoe leggings and GTFO

  11. I love how people think they actually know the people in these reality tv shows. And know them enough to name call them. How is she ruling with an iron first? Has she actually on the show demanded anything? Lol. Nope she hasnt. Its a show people you dont see everything you see snippits of cut and paste. If only you were judged by a little 5 minute fight you had with your family member you would look bad too. We dont see everything….stop being so judgy name callinh is for toddlers.

  12. Sorry sweetheart you are the problem Sobyn. I think you way overstepped the sister wives code. You’ve never done anything for the whole family except rule with an iron fist. Your the favorite wife and everyone knows it. I’m not sure why the others stay,they will never be you and Moody will always be attached at your hip.

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