Janelle Brown Tells Husband Kody to “F**k Off” Over His Strict Pandemic Rules in Preview for Upcoming ‘Sister Wives’ Episode

Janelle, summarizing her marriage to Kody.

It may have taken 16 seasons of Sister Wives for it to happen, but Kody Brown’s wives–- well, at least two of them–- are finally putting the frizzy-haired father of 18 in his place. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, parted ways with her insufferable spouse earlier this year and relocated to Utah with their daughter. While Kody’s three remaining wives have yet to follow Christine’s lead and say farewell to Flagstaff, the preview for the January 2 episode of ‘Sister Wives’ shows Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, doing something every viewer has imagined doing a minimum of 153 times since the show premiered in 2011: telling Kody to “f**k off.” 

Robyn, slowly knocking off the other wives until she’s the only one left standing.

Janelle drops the F-bomb in Kody’s direction after yet another disagreement over Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules. During Sunday’s episode, viewers saw Kody draft a list of protocols the Browns must abide by, which included sanitizing purchased products before placing them inside the house, forbidding his family from going inside restaurants, and demanding they change clothes after visiting shops or other homes, among other things. 

“I’m looking at these rules and I’m astounded,” Janelle says of Kody’s pandemic protocols. “Okay, so there’s the 10 billion commandments of Kody.” 

In addition to Kody’s “10 billion commandments,” Janelle must also continuing dealing with her older sons, Gabriel and Garrison, who are frustrated over not having their dad around. (Kody has demanded Janelle kick the boys out of her home because they refuse to follow his COVID rules. He will not spend time with Janelle until she does.) 

“I’m starting to feel like Meri over here.”

Janelle’s unwillingness to kick her and Kody’s children to the curb mid-pandemic has Kody all in his feelings, deciding that Janelle “would rather have the boys around than me.” 

Other things Janelle would rather have around than Kody: killer bees, a pack of rabid dogs, incurable chicken pox, ghosts…

After Janelle tells Kody she plans to go to Utah for Thanksgiving, Kody insinuates she isn’t taking his “10 billion commandments” or the CDC guidelines seriously, which causes Janelle to get madder than Meri after failing to snag a pair of this season’s most coveted turkey-leg patterned leggings. 

“You don’t think I’m aware? You don’t think I’m being careful?” Janelle asks Kody.

“I think you understand what I’m talking about and I want you to just respect that,” Kody replies. 

Yeah? Well we want you to just get a haircut…and stop verbally abusing your wives…

By this time, Janelle has had just about enough of her hair-brained husband.

“Yeah, f**k off,” Janelle tells Kody while walking off. 


‘Sister Wives’ airs Sundays on TLC.

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(Photos: TLC)

27 Responses

  1. In ‘Before Times, my arranged custody was one week on then one week off. Once the Pandemic started we switched it up to every two weeks. Our logic being we could take all the precautions at our individual homes and within two weeks be able to tell if anyone was sick. This has served us well on top of being vaccinated.

    For Kody not to see his kids for 8 months? That’s just hogwash and he completely deserves Robyn.

  2. I’m all for Covid precautions but like have they not gotten vaccinated yet?? Also the CDC and other health organizations have shown surface contact transmission of COVId is not the main vector. This is primarily airborne virus. If they are masking in properly masking in public and vaccinated then they are unlikely to get sick. No need to sanitize groceries and change clothes. He just wants to have one more thing to control and a reason to avoid the other families

    1. I think this is 2020 footage? By this Thanksgiving Christine was already gone. If she’s still there, it must have been 2020. We didn’t have vaccines yet, but people were still doing some travel while taking precautions.

      1. An that makes more since it being prevax, but still think he was going totally overboard. Like you said with proper precautions there were still ways to travel safely.

  3. Kody creates an obstacle course of covid rules as an excuse to not see his other wices and be a deadbeat to hus kids.

  4. While I understand he wants to be safe this pandemic is going on 2 years now and his kids are fully aware of what he is saying. This is going to have a lasting effect on all of them because he doesn’t want to see them. I am sure everyone is mad and annoyed at his actions and his selfishness. These are his kids too and he shows he doesn’t give a crap about them. They are hurt and they are scared too. It is happening to us all and to his kids and he just pushes them to the side. Idk how he pays for the way him and his family live but his older kids can’t just stop living. They have lives too. They probably have jobs and go to school and just because there is a pandemic doesn’t mean the world stops and pays for everything. They still have to do what they are working towards. They can’t just stop. He has already not wanted to see his child who had to have surgery right? He wants himself safe and the rest to eat shit. If there was a shooter he would save no one but himself. He is a bad father and a bad husband. He will get what is coming to him.

  5. Karen’s gonna Karen. Although he only seems to care sometimes. A lot of people use covid-1984 as an excuse to shut people out. And some people turned in to kapos really fast. Now you know which side you would have been on in ww2.

    1. I noticed in an episode Robin said Sol and Ari can’t go the 2 weeks without seeing their dad. If he ever had to go into isolation. I’m sorry but his daughters surgery was much more important. He needed to go. His older kids need their dad just as much as Sol and Ari!

    1. Didn’t he actually get covid recently?
      Kody please explain to Truely why her little sister & brother gets to see you but she can’t.

  6. I don’t believe anything they say on camera. All the drama is to keep the show on. I can’t believe it’s still on, I haven’t watched it in over 10 years ago, when I saw it was fake. Where’s the proof that Christine is gone??? None of their lies can be called verified.

  7. Once the other wives are gone, Kotex will launch his plan to court younger wives to rebuild his harem. Robber’s delusion will blow wide open at that point. She thinks she will have him all to herself.

  8. Cody tells them to stay home. No restaurants but they will show him in a restaurant next week with Robyn. It’s all smoke and mirrors. He only wants to be with Robyn. What are Robyns oldest kids doing? Are they in college?

  9. Kody’s shocked that he put Janelle in the friend zone years ago and now she’s acting like his friend… not a spouse.

    1. You wonder why Christine talked about Kody’s other full function marriages. There’s only one, that works because Robyn bends her head for the narc while he’s watching, manipulates him while he is off guard.

      Meri is waiting patiently and following Kody’s rules, being a good girl so she’ll get him back some day.
      Would Mariah still live at home and their marriage still intact, she would have the same issue as Janelle and stand up to him.

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