‘Sister Wives’ Star Garrison Brown Buys His First Home, One Year After His Dad Kody Demanded He Be Evicted From Family Home While Saving For House

“I’m outta here!”

Garrison Brown– the 23-year-old son of Sister Wives stars Kody and Janelle Brown—is officially a homeowner. (And no, Garrison isn’t residing on the family’s cursed Coyote Pass property.) The purchase came months after Kody demanded Janelle kick Garrison out of her home, despite him living there in order to save for his house.

According to The Sun, the 23-year-old has taken out a loan in the amount of $336,000 in order to purchase his own house in Arizona. The best part about Garrison’s new crib? It’s a full 20-minute drive from Kody’s primary residence, aka the home he shares with fourth wife Robyn. 

You can say that again…

As fans of ‘Sister Wives’ have seen, the current season has documented the strain put on the Brown family as a result of Kody’s strict pandemic rules, with Kody trying to evict Garrison and 20-year-old Gabriel Brown out of Janelle’s home due to the boys’ refusal to follow their father’s “commandments,” as Janelle calls them. 

Kody’s frustration even led him to tell Janelle he wouldn’t spend time with her until she gave their rule-breaking boys the boot, which she refused to do. She then told Kody to “f**k off”–– a scene we’re likely to replay in our minds indefinitely. 

Unlike Kody’s hairstyle– which was never cool to begin with– this will never get old.

During Kody and Janelle’s argument, Janelle explained to her frizzy-haired husband that Garrison was crashing at her house in order to save up enough money to purchase a home of his own, but Kody still refused to support Janelle’s decision. 

“ … I’m on the verge of washing my hands of it,” Kody said in his confessional. “I’m gonna have Gabriel and Garrison move out of the house. You’ve got a good car, you go get a job, here’s some cash. Bye.” 

“Hey Gabe, are you by any chance a #BossBabe interested in bringing buttery soft leggings to the masses?”

As for Janelle, she argued that their children are being raised in a “different day and age” where you “don’t just kick your kids out of the house at 18 and say, ‘Hope you do good. I’m done. I’m tired.’” 

Fortunately for Garrison, he has since relocated to a 1,441 square-foot home in Flagstaff, Arizona. His new abode boasts four bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Other features of his new home include new wood flooring, natural light, a fireplace, a fenced-in courtyard and a backyard.

More importantly, it’s completely Kody-free. 

“…Leave me alone, dad.”

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 


  1. What does a 23 year old single man need a 4BD 2BA $300k+ house for!?! Anyone know what he does for work? This family has a habit of buying homes they can’t afford, and their kids are following suit. If I was Janelle, I’d have told kody to fuck right off.

  2. That’s for contrary to what KB may believe being a Donor does mean he is a father, dad or anything else. Nor does it mean he is a man because he has so many children. He has made stupid financial mistakes, bullied the wives into believing him, is worse than a toddler as he pouts, has tantrums. I think he has managed to convince the older children to be in mono relationship. They are closer to the Mom’s and siblings than him. The exception to this might be Robyn’s kids; because they have had more time in a whole family status. Although when they are Adult age their opinion may change.

  3. Kody does not have a dog in the fight when it comes to his biological children. Over 73 episodes, I have never seen him be a father to any of the kids. So, asking, demanding, declaring any of them do anything, is not his right.

  4. I hope Janelle is the next who sees the light and dumps Kody for a better life without a loser of a partner. If Meri is willing to stay with Robyn despite the lack of any love or affection, let her. But Janelle deserves better.

    1. I suspect Janelle had a helping hand in this and maybe an honest discussion with her sons about the possibility of her staying at their new place.

      1. I too hope Janelle sees the light. She is too good of a person to put up with his BS. I darn sure wouldn’t be busting it to be able to survive. Quite frankly I don’t believe KB really contributes very much to any of his first 3 wives. Perfect exempt Christine and Janelle didn’t have a Nanny, so what makes Robyn so special and in the pandemic! I don’t understand why Meri continues to act like she’s in a relationship ? Nobody else with any sense would continue to live this way. She should go back to her home in Utah. Establish a new life, she certainly has every right. Her so called BFF & sister wife Robyn certainly doesn’t seem to be quite as devoted. Only if she gains something from it or it gives her yet another chance to play ‘poor pitiful me’. I hope the reason the 1st 3 wives have stayed is because of the money they earn from the show.

  5. You feel the love he has for his children.
    You want a surgery? How selfish, okay, bye.

    I got you a car, get a job, get out, your mom is mine, not yours.

  6. Good for Garrison. He’s miles above his dick of a sperm donor, already. Kody cannot stand his sons once they figure out he’s not worthy of their undying respect. Karma is a bitch, Kody, and it will bite your stank ass and your favorite wife too.

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