‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Says She Will Not Leave Husband Kody, Despite Him Telling Her They’re Just “Friends” & His Wives Ignoring Her

“Maybe if I start wearing my hair like his, he’ll like me better?”

Meri Brown appears to be a ride-or-die wife to Kody Brown— even if Kody isn’t interested in having her as a wife anymore.

In a clip from the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Meri confirms that she has no plans to leave Kody or the family, despite the fact that Kody only considers her a “friend” at this point with no romantic connection, and her sister wives rarely see or talk to her.

“Oh, Kody and I. We had a conversation recently that just kind of came down to, we’re friends,” Meri tells the camera. “Which I guess is a good thing. It’s a good thing. But I guess I just kind of have hope for more than that.”

“Kody will be here any minute, I’m sure. I saved him a seat on my log!”

Meri— who was legally married to Kody until they divorced so he could marry his fourth wife, Robyn— says that she still wants Kody romantically, even though he has expressed that he doesn’t feel the same way. 

“Kody has said some things to me more recently that leads me to believe that there’s no repairing our relationship,” Meri says. “There are days where I get very, very discouraged. But then there’s days where I have so much hope.”

Kody is now down a wife, since his third wife Christine left him and moved to Utah with their daughter. Meri, however, seems to have no plans to do the same thing.

“Come to Utah with me! We’ll go man-hunting for guys without Top Ramen hair!”

“If I quit, if I walk away, it’s not going to get better,” she says. “I’m not going anywhere. You’re stuck with me, whether you like it or not!” 

Kody, Meri and the other wives also reveal that Meri’s basically cut off from the rest of the family most of the time.

“My relationship with Meri is not the kind of relationship where I’m going to talk with her every day,” Kody says. “And my best guess is that her sister wives don’t feel like having any type of interaction with her daily, either.”

“Um…ouch! At least I have my wet bar to keep me company… oh…wait…”

Meri admits that she’s lonely because, due to Kody’s COVID-19 rules, she can’t spend much time with her sister wives or their kids. 

“Like, I live alone. I just miss my family,” Meri said.

Janelle claims that she tries to keep in touch with Meri, but that their communication is rare. 

“Not as often as I should, I do try to at least text Meri or call her,” she tells the camera. “It’s not on the regular. It’s not every week.” 

You can watch the clip of the episode preview below!

‘Sister Wives’ airs Sundays on TLC. 

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. Someone posted this on one of the articles a few weeks ago. Merri needs to leave and go run her B&B. TLC would eat up a show of her striking out on her own and interacting with guests.

    Christine is probably filming a spinoff now. Merri can go get her piece of the pie without that leech.

  2. Meri is the ONLY one I like, Kody is so gross, does he ever wash his hair. Don’t go anywhere Meri, get that TLC paycheck. Has anyone ever checked to see if any of these wives collect welfare and medicaid for their children? Something to look into. He hasn’t worked in years.

    1. Christine did collect food stamps at the start of the show before they got the TLC money. She lied on the forms saying she lived with a ‘companion’.

      1. Technically that is what Kody is to her. They aren’t legally married, so she didn’t really lie about the status of her relationship.

  3. Meri won’t give up that TLC paycheck. She’s in it for the $.

    As for Kody’s so called covid rules, total bullish*t. He and Robyn went to a mall in Scottsdale without masks, and a “fan” took their picture there. Hypocrites, the both of them.

  4. Meh. Just because Meri is *saying* these things, on a show that pays her to portray a certain image, doesn’t make it true. Or that she honestly feels this way.

    Meri has been miserable for years, she tried to escape with the catfisher but alas… I’d honestly be shocked if Meri stuck around once the show ends. I think that’s what finally clicked with Christine. Once Kody wasn’t physically present, it was easier to see she could handle everything on her own.

    At this point I think Meri is just lonely so she’s hanging onto the only thing she’s ever known as “family” and/or friends her whole life. If she hasn’t already started processing leaving some of these people behind, Meri is in for a rough fallout.

  5. She has real love and affection for Solomon and Ari. She has a second chance with these kids and they seem to love her in return. Meri’s current family is not just Kody. Its Kody, Robin and the children.

  6. Since she was the legal wife, when she divorced him she could have gotten half the income, retirement and so on. I assume she didnt do that. Now Robin has those rights. The other women are not wives and have no legal rights. Dumb. I assume part of this is financial but anyway she needs therapy and all the women do really. At least Christine got out.

  7. This is so so sad. Not just Cody but how the other wives are being so uncaring. I have family members/friends too that are having to quarentine alone due to health issues and we all make a point of calling, texting, zoom, etc to help them not feel son lonely. Its because we care. This has to be so hurtful to Meri because the whole idea of polygamy is one big family.
    Cody or the other wives are not going to wake up one day and change their minds.
    I hope Meri is in therapy for herself and not to mend these permanently broken relationships.

  8. Let’s be honest Cody. Cody is older now. Cody cant cut the mustard with all of them now. He only cuts it with Robin. Soon he will be on the outs with Janelle too. Too old to cut the mustard. Lol

  9. Oh, Meri. You can’t MAKE someone love you. And if your husband tells you that he no longer feels romantic toward you, there’s nothing you can do to change that. Especially when there is someone else that he IS currently being romantic with! So get him the hell out of your way so you can go find a partner who DOES love you!

    Easier said than done, I know. You are older, and maybe not in the best place financially. But he shared his lack of feeling for you with the WORLD!! It doesn’t get lower than that! Leave him, get yourself a happy life. Staying “with” him which is really NOT with him is settling for garbage! Get free of him.

  10. Considering the circumstances, I understand entirely why Meri hit the Internet and ended up in the catfishing drama. However, I feel like she has constantly been mistreated and dismissed by all the sister wives. And especially by Cody, who also is a mental abuser.

    I believe that Meri thought she was endearing herself to Cody and the other wives when she divorced Cody to clear the way for Robin and her kids’ insurance needs. I believe if Meri finds someone, she will kick all of them to the curb and experience the life that polygamy robs women of.

  11. The way that Meri pines after Kodi is pathetic. I wish she could find her backbone like Christine did. It’s pretty clear that Kodi’s douchey ass is only interested in Robchin. I don’t know what these heifers see in Kodi. They could marry a hedgehog and it would be an upgrade. But hey , atleast they aren’t Duggars I guess.

    1. I don’t think Meri knows how to be fully alone. Take a look at her history. I think she will find her way to snip that last string.

  12. Meri isn’t leaving purely due to financial stability and self-esteem issues. I’m not saying Kody is financially stable, but it is more stable than being on her own.

    1. This is so embarrassing. What is Meri getting out of this?? It’s not a relationship, and Kody has clearly stated that he doesn’t have any interest in her. Is she just so stubborn that she won’t let him have the satisfaction of her leaving?

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