‘Sister Wives’ Stars Kody & Robyn Brown Ask for Yet Another “Urgent” Loan on Arizona Home

“I bet Christine is loving this… “

Kody Brown can’t seem to keep his wives happyor his bank account full. 

According to The Sun, the Sister Wives star and fourth (but only legal) wife Robyn Brown have requested a $130,000 loan on their $890,000 Arizona home– for the second time.

(Kody and Robyn first applied for a home equity line of credit back in March 2020 for the amount of $150,000.) 

Court documents obtained by the site reveal the polygamist pair have been approved for the “urgent home loan,” with the agreement to had to start paying off the debt no later than December 5. 

Kody— who has been plagued by money problems in recent years– noted in the paperwork that  “time is of the essence.” 

While Kody and his then-four wives (now three, following Christine’s departure earlier this year) initially planned to build on the family’s undoubtedly cursed Coyote Pass property after relocating from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona; however, the wives ended up purchasing/renting homes across the city.

“And you all wonder why I left this hellscape…”

In 2019, Robyn (and Kody) purchased their five-bed, four-bath, 4,395 square-foot home for $890,000. (Kody and Robyn put $225,000 down towards the purchase price at the time.) 

The Browns have yet to break ground on the Coyote Pass property, but plenty of breakdowns have occurred on and as a result of the property. 

“Maybe we should just let Kody and his hair products live here alone…”

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(Photos: TLC) 

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  1. Robyn has 100% been the downfall of this pologomist marriage. She only cares about herself and HER kids. She wants Kody to herself and always has. I wish she would just admit it and her and Kody could go off on their own and leave the rest of them alone.

    1. I think everyone of them is responsible for the downfall, Kody being the clown ringleader. Dysfunctional from the start. The thought of him being with them all sexually makes me want to throw up in my mouth a bit. Maybe covid is not the only disease they should fear.

  2. They really are idiots when it comes to finances. It almost feels like we’re being punked watching one terrible financial decision after another. They have constantly moved, they buy houses way more expensive than they can afford and they don’t really work. Why did they have to choose to move somewhere where the cost of living is so high? Did they really expect to build houses next to each other at this point with only 3 kids at home and live a happy life together? It’s painfully obvious Kody only wants to live with Robyn, I wish he would just tell the others that and let them escape this train wreck.

    1. You mean Another bankruptcy…..guess they didn’t learn from the first few. Seems they have learned to milk the system. Nothing like taking advantage of government assistance when you live above your means.

  3. I don’t watch the show but I keep up with the recaps on here. I think the last straw for Christine was Kody’s unwillingness to help pay for Ysabel’s back surgery, and also that he wouldn’t be there for her during her recovery. What a POS dad he is! I think they should all leave, and let Kody spend the rest of his life with his queen, Robyn. Just let them two of them sink into their bed finances.

    1. Okay, I mistyped a couple of things, but y’all know what I meant to say. “bed finances,” Ummm… Oops!! ??

    2. How ironic that that all are paid well to be on this show, buy huge houses they can’t afford, and then have the gull to beg the viewers to help pay their bills. Get real jobs with medical benefits, pay your own damn bills, and for the love of God, pay your taxes!

        1. No he didn’t pay for it. Christine sells LuLaRoe and is a top seller and she made it all herself from that. Kody didn’t contribute from the ‘family’ money. And also it’s insane that with all those kids they don’t have health insurance. They’re playing russian roulette with their kids’ lives.

          1. Yes she did beg, and how sad is that? These people rake in the money from the show, spend it on cars and houses they can not afford. Then they file bankruptcy. All the while living like celebrities, but can’t pay their children’s medical expenses. Then to make pleas to the “fans” who don’t make a portion of their income is beyond contempt. Live within your means like the rest of us. You made your money from us watching your sad stories on tv, stop expecting a handout now. Sell your shit and pay your bills.

      1. What seems weird about them/Christine not having health insurance is they SHOULD be able to get it through SAG (screen actors guild). I have a lot of actor/entertainment industry friends who have this insurance. It’s some of the best around. Maybe they, once again, made the poor financial decision NOT to pay for health insurance because their living expenses/debt is so high? That is just CRAZY to me. With that many people in one family odds are SOMEONE is going to require expensive medical care at fairly consistent intervals. Pennywise and pound foolish.

  4. Janelle must be so thrilled not to be legally married to Kody. She strikes me as someone who cares just a little bit about her credit score.

  5. I like having TV on in the background since I work from home. I recently started bingeing this show from season 1 (I have watched all along but wanted to start from the beginning again). Something that has jumped out at me is the consistent poor financial decisions. The ridiculous cars for a family of that size with limited income(2 convertibles – one a Lexus) and another Lexus SUV, Mary wanting and getting a large home that she didn’t need when they moved to LV, the buying of all new furniture when they moved to LV and didn’t have jobs, the trips to stay places for holidays, and don’t even get me started on the move to AZ and all the $$ scrambling, etc. I know they get $$ from the show but that can’t (and obviously isn’t) enough to support what Kody wants – and he does seem to be the worst one. The only one who seems to have 1/2 a clue is Janelle, but since Kody is “head-of-household (gag) they all just defer. A few times in the early episodes friends or family members have even commented on how he always wants the most expensive things. If you have that many kids, wives, homes and cars that just isn’t feasible unless you are an extremely wealthy person.

  6. What kind of shady nonsense is this?! HOW are they getting loan after loan after loan?? They are a thousand times worse with money than me and I can’t get a mortgage. Is it just that they have a lot of income from the show coming in? I don’t understand how their bad credit doesn’t seem to affect them and they can get a whole slew of nearly million dollar homes and a huge property and then these cash loans too?? WTH?!

    1. The USS Cody has been listing to the left and taking on water for years. The rats have been hanging on for dear life with their little rat claws. Now that we’ve seen the first rat abandon ship and make it back to land, the others may follow her back to their natural rat habitat.

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