Fitness Equipment Feud! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Sends Nemesis Kail Lowry a Treadmill As Their Defamation Lawsuit Heads to Court

It’s a race to see who is pettier and, honestly, I think we’re tied right now…

The feud between Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus rages on, with the latest dose of pettiness being delivered…along with fitness equipment.

Kail and Bri are set to head to court next month to duke it out in a defamation lawsuit that Kail filed against Briana earlier this year. (Read all about the lawsuit here!)

However, according to new court documents (posted by the @wawamelen Instagram account), the girls (and their lawyers) have been, um, running into some problems, thanks to a petty gift sent to Kail by Briana.

According to court documents, Kail was upset when a treadmill arrived at her home, courtesy of Briana!

“But, to be honest, I’m glad you did because at least now I will have something to talk about at the Reunion!”

She was also mad that an affidavit signed by her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, was filed in court on the day before Thanksgiving. (As The Ashley previously reported, Chris stated in the affidavit that he spent time with Briana in April 2021, and confirmed that he had given Briana information personally about the incident in question, just as Briana stated in court documents.) 


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In an email in which he asks Kail’s attorney for a continuance, Briana’s attorney apologized to Kail and her attorney for filing Chris’ affidavit so close to Thanksgiving, stating that he did not intend to “upset her holiday.” He also addressed the fact that Briana sent Kail a treadmill, writing that, “it seems like an awfully expensive thing to send to someone as an insult.”

“You’re new here. See, we both have basically unlimited amounts of money and pettiness…”

“If Ms. Lowry doesn’t want it, I could stand to lose a few pounds myself,” Briana’s attorney joked.

In paperwork filed in court, however, the tone was much-less humorous, with Briana’s attorney becoming angry that Kail and her attorney refused to consent to the continuance (which he stressed was his request, not Briana’s.)

“[Kail’s] counsel claims that [Briana] sent [Kail] a treadmill. [Kail’s] counsel then claims that [Kail] interpreted this as [Briana] calling [Kail] ‘overweight,'” the court docs read.

“Because I spent all my money on insulting fitness equipment gifts!”

Briana’s attorney appears to be quite upset that, after receiving the treadmill, Kail refused to consent to the lawsuit continuance he had asked for.

“Seriously? This degree of pettiness and schoolyard conduct should find its way into CLE [Continued Legal Education] about how and why the modern practice of law is so uncivil,” he wrote in the court paperwork. “This should have been embarrassing to commit to writing. The reason that [Kail’s] counsel will not agree to a reasonable continuance is because one party believes that a gift from the other was part of a spat over waistlines?”

“If the court wishes to have civility, it should not stamp its imprimatur on junior high level spats and spit,” he added.

“Um…you’re representing someone whose on a show literally called TEEN MOM. What did you expect, Bro!?”

Kail ran right along (pun intended) with the petty fun. On Friday, she posted a video to Instagram showing the box with the treadmill in it. She stated that she is going to use the treadmill in her dog’s room…as you do.

“Update on the dog room: @BrianaSoto thank you so much for the treadmill. My dogs will love it & I’m lazy so now I don’t have to walk them myself.” 

In August, Briana’s attorney filed a motion to have the defamation lawsuit thrown out. A judge is still scheduled to rule on that motion in court on January 14. 

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57 Responses

  1. Brianna is nothing more then a hanger on, a back seat girl only. She will never be a wifey because she has zero class. I can’t stand kail she is the worst but to send her a treadmill is beyond low and I hope you just lost your case because of this little stunt.grow up or better yet go away no one wants to look at that ugly mole on your face anymore.

  2. Bri: I’m going to grow up and do better for myself and my daughers.

    Also Bri on week later: Enjoy your treadmill Kail!

    The pettiness is exhausting! I could not spend my life being like these two. I enjoy my peace too much.

  3. Body shaming now? Jeez, I can’t help wondering how Briana would feel if Kail sent her a year’s supply of facial wart remover.

    Stop this grade school foolishness— and grow the hell up.

    For your kids’ sake who’ll be reading this hopeless b.s one day.

    Good lord.

  4. Imagine trying to body shame someone by buying them a treadmill, when you have a lopsided ass the size of Texas. That was so childish and stupid and a such a waste of money that could’ve went to Novas gymnastics.

  5. This is so immature and full of irony. I thought Kail was the pettiest, now I have second thoughts. It is also pretty ironic and cruel, as Briana has had how many cosmetic surgeries? Another irony is the fact that Briana has claimed many times she has no money. So, she can barely afford bills (or just Nova’s gymnastics) and has treated Devon like crap about money (though he’s been there for not only Nova but Stella); yet she can afford to buy a treadmill to be petty. Grow up! The fact this lawsuit exists is still proof Kail needs to grow up.

    1. I’m sure she didn’t actually pay for it. Whatever company that makes it gave it to her for the publicity it’s going to bring them. Anyone with any kind of platform, be it MTV, lots of followers on SM never pay for things like that. Like when the Bachelor people get engaged post show (former bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristow & her fiancé Jason) they never pay for those rings, Kail prob got all the furniture in her new home free. So not being able to pay for gymnastics makes sense, as I doubt she can get that paid for, like she can certain material possessions.

  6. You didn’t have to write the last sentence, we all know that’s what happened. Brianna, not enough chinos out there for you. Unbelievable

    1. The way she blows through money buying people these stupid “gifts”, first the AR15 for her now EX (who, we all knew that relationship wasn’t going to last), and now a treadmill for her worst enemy Kail, we better not ever hear her come for Devoin about how she doesn’t have the money for Novas gymnastics.

  7. Bri is the Queen of petty on teen mom 2 Bri is so jealous and obsessed with Kail she is just plain ugly . Teen mom 2 has lost rating after bri got on the show . I pray K ail wins law suit its clear bri is trying to defame and hurt Kail im glad bri done this stunt this make the case clear

  8. The whole lawsuit is a petty waste of the courts time. Having said that – Brianna has consistently pretended she’s innocent in every single dispute with Kail. How many other incidents like this have happened behind closed doors? Sending her a treadmill in the middle of a defamation case….sleeping with her ex-husband and father of her child…going to another state and spending days with the father of two MORE of her children…

    Idc if you like Kail or not, this is stalker behavior. It’s just insane how everyone is so bitter about Kails actions (which she continues to make lots of mistakes and make it hard to feel sorry for her) that they are pretending this is any type of normal. Brianna needs therapy to see why she is so hurt by Kail that she wants to infiltrate her life this way….

    1. Agree 100%. She’s obsessed. And no one ever confronts her about it. What an interesting segment that would be for Dr. Drew, but we all know he never would go there.

    2. I’ve gotta agree. People hate Kail so much they don’t see Briana is acting like she has a severe mental illness of some sort. Remove Kail from the equation and replace her with Chelsea, Maci or Leah, Brianna would’ve been off the show long ago.

      To hate someone that much that you sleep with 2 out of 3 of their baby daddies, send them cruel gifts, try to jump them at work (the reunion where her and Brittany tried to tag team Kail), this is not normal.

  9. Maybe it was a sweet gesture.. Hopefully Kail will be inspired to do another naked horse in a barn photo shoot.. pure gold

  10. As much as I enjoy that Kail has met her match in pettiness, it was an expensively immature move on Briana’s part. Like, let it go because this doesn’t help your case! Conclude the lawsuit and move on! Kail isn’t wasting time and money on you (well, she is with this lawsuit) but, the best revenge would be to win and Kail having to pay up. That’s more of a blow than a treadmill. Which, Kail should just sell the treadmill and bought an expensive dinner with it. Lol. Oh, plot twist. MTV sent it on behalf of Briana to boost drama and hopefully improve ratings! Nah. Briana is petty enough.

    I do think both lawyer’s are being immature. I guess Kail and Briana picked lawyers that matched their personalities.

  11. This is embarrassing for both of them.
    You’re both trashy. And you both need to grow up and worry about your kids.

  12. These two fake asses need to just get in the ring and let loose on each other. Like a shitty reboot of Celebrity Death Match: D List Reality Star Edition ??

    But let’s be real. They are both too scary. They would rather sit on Twitter and hire lawyers and shit, wasting everyone else’s time on their middle school bullshit.

    1. I agree, why not have a “celebrity” boxing match, and donate the proceeds to charity? Put the hate to a positive use. I would pay to see that shit! While we are at it, throw Farrah and Jenelle in a ring for the hell of it. If these bitches want to fight, stop hiding behind social network. Grow the hell up, or shut up.

      1. I’ll tell you why. Because when it comes down to it, they’re both all talk. Briana is nothing without the wind of her big mouth sister and screaming Mami.

        Those two in the ring…they’d just circle each other around and around, shit talking and protecting their faces lol.

        So instead, they are literally burning money with this stupidity, and looking petty and STUPID in the process.

        As expected.

    2. Eh, I don’t think Kail would be too scared. I think she’d love to let loose on Briana. And she’s easily win, too. Briana is all talk. She’d just run and hide behind her sister Brittany.

  13. Briana is complete trash. Always mean, childish, and shady. Then turns around and acts all innocent, and will never own it. She’s a coward.
    And not that it’s the point, but I’d take Kail’s body ANY DAY over Briana’s….has she looked in a mirror and seen how she wrecked her body with that awful botched plastic surgery?? Her original 1st surgery bubble butt was the most embarrassing thing ever. And even after she deflated her butt down a little, it still looks ridiculous.
    What a role model for her 2 daughters!! Nova is definitely old enough to come across all of this online. Way to set your girls up for eating disorders and backwards priorities, Briana. Grow up.
    And the lawyer pretending to not understand that the treadmill is not a gift, but a dig at Kail’s weight? This is why people hate lawyers. We all know you’re not that stupid. Stop it.

    1. Completely agree!!!! Then for her to give a HUGE three page post to say that’s she’s taking a break from social media and how she’s grown up!!! Yeah okay Briana!!! If you say that you have grown up why then you send a treadmill to your nemesis?!?! That’s certainly not making any “brownie points” to gain Kailyn’s friendship there will never be any bc you have to do everything that she has done from constantly getting plastic surgery to sleeping with her sloppy seconds!! That’s how ANY MOTHER proves just IMMATURE YOU ARE!!! GROW UP BRIANA!!!

  14. Instead of doing stupid shit with $, like buying treadmills & suing people, these ‘ladies’ need to seriously consider putting this money back for their kids to go to college one day.

  15. Briana is garbage. First, you slept with her exHUSBAND, ok. Kail can be petty, and has made some bad moves too, but this is just women taking down women. Briana really had to do some thinking to figure out what will HURT Kail the most…what will humiliate her and make her feel really bad about herself.. Weight and self image, something Bri OBVIOUSLY is sensitive about herself since she has had HOW MANY visits with a Dr Miami???

    The treadmill was honestly an insult to all women. You’re raising little women ffs. How would you feel if someone sent your kid an insulting gift like deodorant or a brush or diet pills? “Gifts” like that break self esteem, no matter how old you are. I bet Kails kids had to see an upset mom today.

    You’re both petty, but you’re an asshole Briana, and you’re starting to look obsessed.


    1. These two thirsty turkeys will forever entertain me with their sad daddy issue bullshit. They each make such grand proclamation s about their exemplary parenting and how responsible they are to turn around and shit all over their earned good faith with extreme juvenile antics. P.s. my fat ass will take that baby off your hands K.

  16. I’m thoroughly enjoying this. And appreciate Bri’s pettiness.

    Can none of you see the funny side of this?

    Karl is a MASSIVE c**t. She’s so rude to everyone around. Uses people. Thinks she is SO perfect. She deserves all this shit coming her way. PLUS it was Karl’s petty (huge) ass that started this when she lodged the complaint and lawsuit. For something that’s true anyway!

    It’s a huge middle finger to the ridiculousness of it and I’m here for it!

    So what. Bri sleeps around. So does Karl. Neither is worse than the other.

    1. It’s Kail not Karl I think you lost your last Bain cell too late to put down the meth pipe Leah there is nothing funny about being petty bri is trash and jealous of Kail

      1. Sit down love. You’re new here.
        If you want to crawl up Karl’s ass with kiissy comments you best go back to her fan page.

    2. ???????? I really like that Briana is standing up to Kail-ren! She is not use to it, no kids to use as pawns this time!

      1. THIS!
        And this show if for ENTERTAINMENT.
        And right now Bri is bringing it.
        Karl has met her match. And Chris isn’t standing for her BS anymore either.

  17. idk why briana feels like she has any right to comment on another woman’s body like she didn’t need to go to dr miami 1,000 times to get her “mommy makeover” corrected because she doesn’t know how to use a treadmill herself

  18. Kail could use the treadmill, lose hella weight & make Brianna the joke here but she’s sooooo petty that she could never let that happen. I’m looking for new treadmills now, if my enemy sent me one, I’d be thrilled! All she has to do is put down those jumbo sized Starbucks she always has in her hand & move her ass around a little more & she’d be great. But she’d rather blame it on the PCOS. OKAYYYY

  19. Please, I can’t stand Briana or Kail but Briana and her lawyer know damn well that Bri meant it as a dig. It’s petty as shit. All of this nonsense is. I can see Briana and her lawyer laughing their asses off at Bri’s “joke”. Dumb move before a court date but no one ever accused them of being intelligent.

  20. This is a dumb move on brianas part for many reasons but like…. This was obviously a dig at kails weight, but does briana realize she’s basically the same size as kail with matching botched bbls? This wasn’t doing what she thought it was doing. Kails response was also very lame. They both need to grow up it’s so pathetic.

  21. So the lawyer is calling Kail uncivil after his client was so petty and childish to send her a treadmill obviously implying she’s overweight? What did they expect? Seriously. I don’t like Kail but Briana is really obsessed with her, she needs therapy like pronto

  22. KAIL deserves worse… how is ok for her to assault Chris but amber gets shit for doing it?? Hypocrisy is the teen mom fragrance

  23. So…the attorney denies that the treadmill was a dig at Kail’s weight but says he’ll take it because he wants to lose a few pounds? Contradictory, much?

    This is a new low for someone who f*cks all her costars leftovers. ?

  24. I am not a Kail fan but Brianna is completely vile. She deserves nothing but pain and misery in her life after doing this to another woman.

    1. Kail has been, I feel, pretty vocal that the only comments that get to her are the comments about her weight. That gift was by far, a dig at her weight. I hope they throw the book at Bri. She’s always in someone else’s business (just like her buddy Jenelle)
      That comment I read above about them being the same size with matching botched BBL’s was spot on. At least on Kail’s part she cancelled that second one.

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