Kail Lowry Files Lawsuit Against Her ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Briana DeJesus for Defamation; Briana’s Mother Roxanne & Sister Brittany Respond

“Let’s get ready to rummmmble!”

The feud between Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus just took a legal turn!

E! broke the news on Thursday that Kail has filed a lawsuit against her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star (and longtime nemesis) Briana, claiming that an interview Bri gave to a clickbait site last month has caused Kail and her brand harm. During the interview in question— which Briana gave to Celebuzz on June 9—Briana claimed that Kail “physically beat” Chris Lopez (who is the father of Kail’s sons Lux and Creed), and broke into and entered the home of Chris’ mother.

Kail is suing Briana for defamation, according to the court docs obtained by E! Judging by their posts on social media after the news of the lawsuit broke, Bri’s mom Roxanne and sister Brittany are not happy about it. 

“Lord, help me keep my shoes away from that girl’s head. Amen.”

Kail stated in the court documents that what Briana said was untrue and that Briana said it “for the purpose of causing Lowry harm…Defendant used Lowry to gain additional media attention for herself.”

Briana did the interview to explain why she thought Kail was missing from an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that aired in June, stating that Kail refused to film about what Bri says was really going on at the time the episode was recorded.

“Like Kail is sitting on the show legitimately filming about a wallpaper color choice when she could be filming about a domestic abuse situation with Chris that I was told she was trying to hide,” Briana told Celebuzz. “This was back when Lux’s hair was cut and she was allegedly arrested after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with Chris.”

(Back in October, a rep for Kail denied those allegations.) 

Briana then went on Instagram Live and continued to talk about the incident in question.

“Kail did not want to film about the situation with the domestic violence,” Bri told her followers during the Instagram Live session. “About her getting arrested, about her breaking and entering into…Chris’ mom’s house. She doesn’t want to film about her hitting Chris, because Chris cut her son’s hair. She doesn’t want to film about any of that, so it’s not my fault that she got cut from the episode. I was just stating facts.” 

In the lawsuit court docs, Kail and her legal team denied Bri’s claims of Kail breaking and entering and hitting Chris.

“Lowry did not break into and enter the home of Mr. Lopez’s mother. Nor did Ms. Lowry beat Mr. Lopez.”

Kail is requesting that Briana pay Kail’s attorney fees, as well as compensate Kail for damages, following a trial by jury.

Kail’s rep further explained the lawsuit in a statement to E!

“Kail is disheartened by the recent untrue statements made by her fellow castmate, Briana Dejesus, concerning Kail’s absence from a recent episode and involvement in crimes that she never committed,” the statement read. “Kail takes these statements very seriously. After necessary self-reflection, Kail has decided to handle this situation with Ms. Dejesus by exercising her legal right to protect herself and her brand in court.”

Although Briana has yet to comment on the lawsuit, her mother Roxanne and sister Brittany had plenty to say. Both took to social media to give their thoughts on why Kail filed the lawsuit. Roxy simply stated that it was for a “story line.’

Brittany, however, was a bit more graphic with her statement.

“Y’all can come for me all y’all want, this is just my personal opinion and I’m entitled to my freedom of speech, but I think Kail Lowry exudes DRY P**SY ENERGY,” Brittany tweeted.

The Ashley will give you a moment to work through that mental picture…

All of our faces right now as we picture that…

Brittany then suggested that Kail’s reasoning for filing the lawsuit may be race-related.

“A white woman calling for legal help against a person of color… typical Karen s**t. Again… DRY P**SY ENERGY!I’m finna go smoke my weed and chill tf out before she go ahead and sue my ass for speaking my mind lol,” Brittany added.

Kail didn’t directly address the lawsuit, but she did make a very telling post to Instagram Stories after the news of the lawsuit broke.

“Put your money where your mouth is,” the meme Kail posted reads, to which Kail added, “Clickbait this.” 

Briana seemed to be responding to Kail’s post by posting a video of a girl holding a wad of cash. She captioned the video “Strictly business.”

“Bring it, biotch!”

Kail and Briana’s battle has played out for years on social media, in the press and, perhaps most infamously, during a physical fight on the 2017 Reunion stage that included vase-throwing, plenty of screeching and even some hair-pulling. 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter)

62 Responses

  1. This is what you get from a network that hires gutter trash. Time for this pathetic show/franchise to END.

  2. Kail constantly physically attacks people then blames it on being bipolar playing the victim. She has been seen on camera physically assaulting Javi. Physically assaulted Jo for having his girlfriend (now wife) around their son yet took out an order of protection on him when he defended himself. Called Chris abusive, got pregnant by him again even though she also had a protective order against him. Said she would assault him & went over to his house & did just that. She has no case. Once they look up her police record they will see what Bri said, did happen. Just because he didn’t press charges & she tried to hide it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. When is she going to hold herself accountable & actually get help?

  3. If y’all want the more tea go “ The Grace Report” on YouTube Kail is going after her as well for reporting this as well ?‍♀️??
    I absolutely love ❤️ Grace she’s in Paris living currently…… all she does is tell it how it is just like Ashley here……
    Kail needs to hush TF up and mind her own damn backyard instead everyone else’s!!!!!!

    1. Grace Report has the best reaction video lol! She spoke nothing but truth about Kail. I really hope Briana does talk about the lawsuit and Kails arrest next season, as its relevant to the lawsuit.

    2. I love the Grace Report…I want to sit down with her and just talk about TM and TMOG, her recaps are so entertaining.

    3. Grace is from my hometown in Canada and I went to high school with her sister! I’m so happy to see her doing well.

  4. As well documented in my pasted posts, I feel that Amber is the worst human in this series. But then Hulk does something like this and I need to re-think it. Naw, Amber is still number one.

    PS, the coven are straight up hood rats

    stay lit

  5. I am really uncomfortable with all the race card allegations being thrown around. A person of any race has the right to say whether or not they are feeling singled out by someone else’s actions.

    That being said Briana obviously got the information from a producer otherwise how would she know about the riveting interior design storylines. Kail does have the right to decide what she wants to share like the other girls have in the past. BUT it doesn’t mean it isn’t boring or that I wouldn’t rather watch her be messy. Suing cast mates and demanding everyone in her life sign NDA’s so she keeps her dirt tight sounds like she is trying to get kicked off teen mom

  6. How about “The Coven” stop focusing on Kail and focus on cleaning up that messy a$$ house they just bought. That place is filled with more crap than the Dollar General.

  7. They are all trash, but this is hilarious. I see nothing in what Bri said that could be considered defamation. The word “allegedly” was appropriately used, and she was only saying what was on public record. And as for Kail’s “brand”, don’t make me laugh!

  8. Kail will lose. Bri had a reasonable reason to believe this was true; it was in a police report with multiple witnesses. Since Kail is a public figure, that’s all she needs to prove. This is a waste of money. Kail just wants it to seem like she’s some sort of boss when really, anyone with money can file a lawsuit.

  9. is kail bi-polar? this is legit the kind of nosenae drama my mama pulls i want to be friends with everyone and have a peaceful life then a mintue later i wrote them an email telling them how awful they were…… and let me cc everyone so they know
    you know how you have a peaceful life and dont go to court all the time you choose it. bri talking smack whatever it doesnt effect your life or your buisness the trash tastic people who listen to her wereny fans of yours anyway and were never going to buy your product stop playing into the drama.

  10. damaged Kail’s brand? Her “brand” is getting knocked up while raw dogging doggie style while bent over the kitchen island!

  11. I don’t know why Kail wants to go down this road.. She’s going to have to prove that what Brianna said was FALSE, which will lead into an investigation into what actually happened between her and Chris, which will then become public and everyone will know what she doesn’t want out. She can’t blame Briana for “ruining her brand” and losing deals when this story has been out for way longer than when Bri was talking about it. The only person ruining her reputation is herself. If there is any truth to what Bri was saying then the case will be thrown out.

  12. Was on Brianna’s side until her crass, obnoxious sister played the race card. I never liked Brittany and have never found her to be entertaining or particularly smart.

  13. This is why this trash needs to be canceled. Kail has a history of physical abuse… it’s a known fact.

  14. I hope everyone Kail has talked about on her podcast takes her to court then and everyone files a PFA against her lol.

    It was already in the news that Kail got arrested for assaulting Chris, so the fact Briana did an interview about it isn’t defamatory. Castmembers are always asked for their opinions and statements.

  15. Brianna loves to stir the pot. She will say she wants no beef with Kail then does nothing but talk about shit. I can’t stand that whole family. I haven’t watched a single episode this season- the Javilips insta recap is enough for me

  16. A show is done once castmstes start suung each other. They are dragging MTV unti their legal drama at that point becauae MTV is the connection. Hours of film will probably be requested and producers maybe be interviewd for evidence. Mtv is so messy though they are trashtastic enough to film the lawsuit as a storyline.

  17. Brittany is such a disgusting person.
    She thinks she’s all hilarious and sassy with a “don’t give a shit” attitude but it actually just gives me second hand embarrassment every time she talks.
    Whenever she is on camera she tries SO hard to say something “funny”.
    And then she took it way too far claiming race played a part in this.. how do you ever expect someone to take you seriously if race ever actually is the problem if you cry wolf all the time?

  18. Ladies, ladies. Kail and Briana, between you there are six kids and five baby daddies! All of your children need every ounce of your love and attention— you should NOT HAVE TIME for these shenanigans if you are doing right by your children! So mind your business, and leave each other alone! I actually applaud Brittany for not reproducing irresponsibly. She can be a jerk all day and all night; as long as she’s not failing a child, I’m fine with it!

  19. Here comes PFA number four! Kail needs to keep the legal system out of her petty arguments! Grow up and handle your business like an adult!

  20. I can’t stand Kail at all, but Brittany makes her look like the fucking queen of England with the shit that comes out of her trashy ass mouth. Like seriously, no one asked you. Take your forever wearing Rugrat tshirt self off of Twatter. Everyone knows exactly the type of trick you are when you pulled that sucker punch on the reunion.

  21. They are all dumba$$es that need to grow tf up. Briana mind your own business and Kail take some anger management. Damn near 30 and act like 16 year olds.

  22. i hope kail wins since briana loves being an internet thug and needs her mommy and big sister to fight her battles when she gets in trouble for running that mouth??‍♀️ is kail out of line? maybe, but just remember brianas the one making jokes about chris beating up kail which is not funny or ok

  23. I thought that Brianna and her Trash talking sister should of been off Teen Mom 2 back in 2017. There was a physical fight and they
    came out on camera to start it. And now Brianna holding cash, hmm that looks like a way to say Ha ha your losing money. Get rid of the Florida family. Kail should of charged them years ago.

  24. Briana and her coven need to stop playing the race card already. If she didn’t talk so much trash then she wouldn’t get sued, it has nothing to do with race. If someone accused me of something like that I’d sure as hell sue her and make her pay and I don’t care what color that person is. Prove it or pay, Bri. Or even better, mind your own f*ckin business and stfu already

  25. Ah ha! Now we know why Kail-pectate is forcing everyone to sign NDAs and dispensing fake public apologies for getting physical with Javi. This girl is her own worst enemy. The only person ‘damaging her brand’ is Kail.

  26. How about Kail cutting Chris’s dreadlocks off? Everything seems to be swept under the rug when it comes to Kail. If it were a man doing this to a woman. He would be in jail. Domestic violence can go both ways.

  27. On one hand I’m like Kail is kinda outta pocket for suing this girl, especially after just congratulating her on her engagement…on the other hand, Briana does love to antagonize the hell outta Kail and is constantly making jokes (that are not funny at all) about Kail being beat up by Chris and being a victim of DV. I guess Briana won’t be doing that anymore…

  28. Good, I hope Kail wins. Briana is such a shit stirrer, but she won’t own it. She just sits back and plays all innocent, like “What? I was just stating facts!” Like she doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing.

    Then she runs and hides behind her mother and sister.

    1. You are definitely correct!! At Kali knows how to stick up for herself and she doesn’t hide from “her mom and sister” whenever she doesn’t get her way!!! Grow up Briana you are a immature little girl just like Mack on Teen Mom OG!!!

    2. Kail is an abuser. She has abused all of her baby daddies and then files PFAs against them when she’s the one who hits them (I think Kail and Chris abuse each other). Nothing Bri said was false. And Kail already has a shitty reputation!

      Kail stirs plenty of shit on her podcast!

  29. Karl just wants to have her cake (mtv money) and eat it too (have privacy).
    Guess what? You don’t like being a public figure? Either get off TV or learn to be more likable you sloppy bear.

  30. Yup, the only reason Kail is suing Briana is because she’s latino?‍♀️?‍♀️.

    Why is it always about race and not the fact that some people just don’t like each other for personality reasons or experiences with that person??? I don’t like Kail or the coven because they’re all a group of miserable women.

  31. Why does kail have to involve the court system EVERYTIME she has a problem with someone?! Grow up and stop using our court system for your petty middle school fights. There are people who are actually suffering in the world. Jesus.

    1. DRY P*SSY ENERGY LMFAO! Kail deserves that. And Brianna deserves to get sued although Kail ENOUGH w running to court for every damn thing! They’re both at fault but I gotta say Brianna is a sh*t stirrer for real!

    2. Because shes bully and thats what bullies do. Kalyn is throwing around her money hiring lawyer to attack people.

  32. They are all ignorant cows but kail doesn’t want to film anything that puts her in a less favourable light as usual. As if all other assaults weren’t filmed or discussed. Lady we know about your transgressions, you not talking about just shows your guilt honestly. Which we already knew. Just tryna put it behind her. So she can sue everyone and anyone but they’d have nothing to say I’d she wasn’t such a beast to others. Also who’s tryna watch wall paper choices. I stopped watching this trainwreck of a show years ago

  33. don’t blame kail for this, if briana likes talking that much crap about her and others she should get ready for the consequences including the financial part that she likes to complain about and as a latina woman, can the dejesus’s stop trying to portray kail as a racist like they’re not the ones starting physical fights and always talking about kail? before jade nobody wanted to associate with briana because of how messy she is except for jenelle which says a lot ??‍♀️

  34. I hope Kail wins. Not because I like her, but bc Brianna needs to stfu. This is shit that’s easy enough to prove, if kail was arrested etc, there will be a record of it

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