Nick Cannon, Who Recently Welcomed His Seventh Child, Claims He’s Not Having Kids on Accident: “Trust Me, There’s A lot of People I Could’ve Got Pregnant That I Didn’t”

The man with the plan – and a whole lot of kids.

Nick Cannon’s offspring count is seemingly increasing by the day, but the Wild ’N Out host assures everyone it’s all part of the plan. 

On June 23, Nick welcomed his seventh child, a son named Zen, with his fourth baby mama, Alyssa Scott. Zen made his arrival just two weeks after his half-brothers, twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, whom Nick welcomed with Abby De La Rosa. Six months before that, Nick welcomed daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell. (Nick and Brittany also share a son, Golden.)

Nick first became a father back in 2011 to twins Monroe and Moroccan, whom he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey. 

The number of hands Nick needs to count all of his kids…

The babies just keep on coming for The Masked Singer host, so it came as no surprise when Nick was advised to “wrap it up” by JT of the rap duo City Girls recently on his Nick Cannon Radio show. The suggestion came after Nick asked the duo if they had any advice for him. After hearing JT’s words of wisdom, Nick clarified that his efforts to single-handedly increase the birth rate are completely intentional. 

“I’m having these kids on purpose,” he said. “I’m not having them on accident.” 

Nick went on to say he actually could’ve brought more babies into the world if he really wanted to. 

“Trust me, there’s a lot of people I could’ve got pregnant that I didn’t,” he said. “The ones that got pregnant are the ones that were supposed to get pregnant.” 

In a 2017 interview with Howard Stern, Nick talked about how, since being diagnosed with Lupus kidney disease back in 2012, he has had a new outlook on life – one that doesn’t include condoms, apparently. 

“I got to a space now where [I can say] I’m probably gonna die sooner than most people,” he said. “I mean, that’s what the doctor said… But I’m living life like, ‘F**k, I might die in the morning, so let’s f**k all night!’ So why wear condoms? I might not be here tomorrow!” 

“Here’s to gettin’ WILD…and (not pulling) OUT!”

While Nick is presumably settling into his new role as a father of seven, Abby (aka Cannon Baby Mama No. 3) opened up on social media Tuesday about her new role, revealing she’s “learning to have grace” with herself as she fights the “baby blues,” The Sun reports. 

“My twins are worth these new challenges,” Abby said in her Instagram Story. “God is good.” 

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  1. All these kids are on purpose and he could have had way more….gross. Dude wants to be a big name but the only thing he’s going to leave behind is creating a new std named after himself ?‍♀️

  2. He’s disgusting. Only what a narcissist would do. Raw dogging randoms, possibly spreading diseases, all because he wants a ton of kids that he cannot possibly take care of physically or emotionally. How can he devote what those kids need from their dad? Like my own father, he thinks as long as he takes care of them financially, his job is done. Bad move!

  3. I would love to know how INVOLVED he actually is in these kids’ lives. Being a PARENT is more than just showing up to the birth and naming your kids some ridiculous self-absorbed names. You won’t be leaving them “zillions” if you keep reproducing at this rate, Nick!

    I would love to know how Mariah feels about all this, lol.

    1. I would bet that Mariah’s handlers were onto Nick’s antics from way back, and her team of lawyers locked him in financially in favor of HER children as part of their divorce. But she’s certainly not the one who’s hurting financially— these other women are much more vulnerable. If I were Mariah, I’d be somewhat pissed that his behavior is embarrassing to my children, and encroaches on THEIR time with him, but I’d be happy af to be DONE with him!

  4. “I may not be around tomorrow, so let’s make a bunch of babies that I may not be around to raise” is one hell of a take.

  5. He should also think about the possibility of his kids, having lupus, selfish pos as he is.

  6. Nick is a dingbat. That’s a given. But WHO ARE THESE WOMEN who are going along with this??? It’s frigging hard to raise kids on your own! (Especially the mamas with twins— two of mine are twins, and it’s exhausting beyond words, even with a helping partner.) I can’t believe they’re not insulted as hell to be a part of this “harem!” Have grace, my ass, have some self-respect! Why would you want your kids to have NO DAD right out of the gate???

  7. Of course it’s not an accident…He’s making all those babies with all those different women in hopes that one of those kids will be a donor of some sort when his Lupus starts getting worse.

  8. This has been a wild story to follow, but I’m starting to think he’s maybe in some sort of manic state…like he’s really scared about dying so he’s kind of freaking out and acting out, doing “out there” things…I don’t know. At the beginning it was kind of funny but at this point it seems just sad, like he might be putting on this fake “oh hey, I’m just living life to the fullest, I don’t care, I’m doing whatever I want” facade, but really maybe inside he’s scared and panicking.

    Lupus can be mild and non life-threatening, but it can also cause life-threatening symptoms and a shorter life span. It sounds like his doctor told him he may die young. Hopefully the doctor gave the full spectrum of what might happen and not just “worst-case scenarios”. And if he really is going to die young, he needs a therapist before really getting out of control.

    1. You’re absolutely right! One of my best friends was diagnosed with lupus when we were in high school (nearly 25 years ago now). She was given a lot of worst case scenarios, but also given best case scenarios. With diligent personal care, and with the help of excellent healthcare providers, she has been completely medication free and considered to be in remission for almost 7 years now. It was a long, sometimes tough, road to get her there, but she’s proof that lupus doesn’t equal a death sentence.

      Nick can afford the best healthcare. He can afford to eat organic foods, work out in the best gyms, explore every treatment available, etc. *IF* he truly is having all of these children as a response to his lupus diagnosis, he needs someone to help him get his head on straight. It doesn’t matter how many kids he has with all of these “carefully selected women” if he isn’t going to be around to raise them. He can live a long, healthy life if he takes care of himself! That’s way more important than the money he will leave all of these children when he dies. Children can carry your name, but it’s hard to carry on a legacy when they don’t get a chance to really know their father.

  9. So Nick thinks he might not live long so the logical thing is to bring a bunch of kids into the world who would then be fatherless? Holy selfish.

  10. And the focus of birth control is usually on women. A woman can go out and have sex every day for 30 days and will only result in one pregnancy. A man can go out and have sex every day for 30 days and potentially create 30 new pregnancies. So….

  11. Lupus isn’t a death sentence. People who have lupus have the same life expectancy as everybody else

  12. I’m sorry that’s absolutely ridiculous. Just because your going to die doesn’t mean make as many kids as you can. Despite having the money to care for them, the time that’s needed with all the others and varying shows, would he even have enough? This man is silly. Like what immature thinking is this and who isn’t talking to him to fix it. Alot of ppl have auto immune disorders, me included, I however don’t feel the need to over procreate to compensate for anything. Terrified to pass it on even. Granted ppl think differently and approach differently, this ain’t it. Period. Anyone can die any moment. Having illnesses isn’t an extra excuse to be this loose. What about the women? All the special chosen women that have to deal with this blended life. We are to assume they are ok with this as the chosen ones? Who’s next ? Disgusting

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